Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oleh kerana...i hv no other stuff to do. Da masak porridge for lunch and due to Ezany's request :

Masak Lemak Cili Api Sardin (I'll post the pic after cooking dinner ok) UPDATE: MIL & SIL came yday nite secara mengejut and the sardin da selamat tak sempat nk amik pic. hahaha. Sorry!!)

Bahan2 (for two):

1 tin kecik sardin
1 kotak kecik santan (i loike my masak lemak pekat2, kalau tanak pekat sgt..make it half)
2 sudu kecik cili padi (blended/tumbuk till hancur)
2 batang serai (dititik)
1 asam gelugur
Sikit serbuk kunyit
Garam ikut suke


1. Goreng sardin dlm minyak sikit sampai masak/garing sket (sukati prefer yg mana).
2. Ikan da masak, masukkan santan, cili padi, asam gelugur, serai, serbuk kunyit, garam
3. Masak till mendidih, and kacau2 sket tanak pecah santan. Tp jgn sampai ikan hancur lak.

Happy trying Ezany

Note: n9 masak mmg tak pakai bwg besar/bwg putih for masak lemak..in case u r wondering apsal takde bawang? Kalau nk masuk gak bawang boleh je..no hal. Masuk dlm 3 ulas kecik and tumbuk2.
...I'm on leave [Yay!!]

...We hv the WHOLE house to ourselves [Double Yaaaay!!]. Currently my parents & sibs are away on holiday.


...I'm down with a painful sore throat and flu. I refused to see any GP...their medicine cant cure me (seriously, the medicine will only make it worse). I tried to cure myself by..drinking glasses of barley (hasilnyer asik nk terkucil), eating cold jelly cincau (it helps.....temporarily), drinking LOTS of water (...terkucil lagi). Actually the cure for this kind of sore throat is a liquid chlorophyl. I made myself a BIG glass of chlorophyl yesterday...but didnt drink it, after i found that the herbs is not recommended during pregnancy (...devastated).

Conclusion: I'm on leave but DH is working today, so I'm all alone in this house with a sore throat and flu [isk..isk..mama papa balikla cepat!], blogging while cooking a Teochew porridge for myself and thinking to cook masak lemak cili api sardin for dinner.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Entry wiv pics :)

Celebrating 26th Birthday at the office on 19th December. A surprise birthday celebration thrown by my sweet staff. I looked pretty slim kan? My belly is hidden by the HUGE cake:)


We went for a light dinner at Italiannies. I just wanna try their 4 pasta bowls at RM29.90. Satisfied kah? yes...sgt satisfied, the classic carbonara is yummy creamy, the chicken lasagna sgt tomato-ish, the chilli shrimp-shrimpnyer sgt juicy, and the angel hair - well..i'm not a big fan of angel hair-no comment. Tgh syok mkn chilli shrimp pasta baru teringat, eh lupe snap gambar - sbb tu la bowl yg berisi chilli shrimp da abis. hehehe. The grape shake rase sgt sgt fresh:) However, the NY strawberry cheesecake which made my nite- i walloped most of the HUGE cheesecake by myself.


Yay!! dpt new flat screen pc today!!! Finally la kan, after 3x tukar2 PC. What happened to the old TV-like PC?? iye....ia dibiarkan duduk diam2 di tepi corner almari ofisku.


Ain't lil Aqeel nmpk sgt mcm pit kat pic ni??
and he looks so cute & adorable?
[NOTE: lil Aqeel yg nmpk cute, not the mummy]

P/s: Excuse the blurry pics. These pics disnapped via handphone yg dah byk kali jatuh dlm toilet.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Baru lepas buat cocktail pudding!! with lots of evaporated milk, custard, and condensed milk (in replace of sugar) Ini adalah my resepi sukati based on observance of other almost similar recipes, to save time (no need for a separate custard sauce, no eggs) Easy & simple ikut rase sendiri nk manis and creamy tahap mane:)

Ingredients ialah as follows:

1) 1 tin cocktail (asingkan buah2 dr air)

2) Air cocktail.

3). 1 tin susu cair

4) 1/2 peket agar2 (serbuk)

5) 2 cwn air

6) 5 spoonful of custard

7) 3 to 4 spoonful of sweetened condensed milk (sbb malas nk buat air gula)

Masukkan bahan-bahan 2-7, dlm periuk. Sila kacau2 sampai sebati so, dia tak berketul....keep on kacau2 sampai mendidih and bhn menjadi kenyal. (Bukak api kecik ok).

Sediakan loyang, letakkan buah2 cocktail, then tuangkan bahan2 yg dah sebati tu.

Cool it, and masukkan dlm fridge supaya lebih yummylicious bile sejuk.

Happy trying!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Today is Friday!!!

I got the book that i wanted yesterday;P After searching for it via online, physically and at the info counter at Borders, Kinokuniya, Times and finally found it at MPH, The Curve - the only one left menggigil2 on the bookshelf waiting for me to rescue. Hehehe. I'm contented! (sorry Aqeel's mommy, tershopping awal smlm)

My spacious black bag (for future use) is on the wayyyyy. I can't wait!

I bought 2 Venti Choc Cream Chip Starbucks yday (1 for me & 1 for my brother) & their delicious English Fruitcake!!! I'm in Cloud 9:))))

I bought 1 black cardigan wiv ribbon & button at MNG yday & almost memborong the bags (but...my brother stops me) - Well, I hv Aqeel's Mom today with me..hahahaha..and we r heading towards The Curve. Wait for me MNG or maybe LC. Nothing stops me today!!!

P/s: Read the baby quotation's above:
I'm getting my cute baby fat. I guess Mommy's finally decided to share the wealth

I hate to admit it, but...i think i hv to admit that i'm getting .... huwaaaa...chubby.....isk..isk: I planned to wear my fave skirt today and bile pakai pagi td, getah kat pinggang skirt ni terus terputus (ini tidak menyebabkan kb rase sedih, hanya terkejut and dlm hati...alamak..i hv to find a new skirt sah2 longgar kat pinggang ni, terlondeh nnt)...ttp, ape yg menyedihkan hati ialah apabile...skirt ini tidak longgar LANGSUNG altho getah dah terputus tapi FIT COMFORTABLY at my thick waist. *speechless* i need a shopping therapy [a good excuse isn't it?]

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Cant Wait for Friday to Come Because of ...


Avent Express Steam Sterilizer
(a gift from Aqeel's mommy for the lil one)


Haagen Dazs Chocolate Fondue
(Heheh...kidding je Aqeel's Mommy)


(u know..i'm happy enuff with a LARGE size tub ;P)




I'm going to give the idea of natural birth a chance
(due to Aqeel's mommy positive perspective & after reading this blog, eventho i still need that ONE particular important answer from Aqeel's mommy)

p/s: I'm happy because of the above and not because of

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's a BOY or it's a GIRL??

We went for our regular checkup yday to see the lil one. What we saw: the butt, the strong thigh bone, the cute nose & the chubby cheek (serious can see clearly pipinyer chubby dah!!), the lil one is sucking/biting its thumb (olololo...lapa kan?? mommy knows..), and the lil one gave the OB-gyn and mommy a strong kick [marah kot, kacau dia tgh lapa]. hehe=> However, we can't see the gender due to the lil one position! hahahhahahahaaha...

So, what do u think... is it going to be a shy prince or a shy princess for us? Is it true that what u ate and ur behaviour cud indicate the baby's gender? If so...what do u think of these:

  • First trimester - i cant tolerate spicy food, fast food, oily food. I ate bread, rice [just like that], clear soups, vege [sawi and bayam je], meat-chicken, fish, beef & a lil seafood - shrimps. Hate chocolates and milk! but love soya bean drinks. Fruits: red apple, dried guava, peaches and mangga mude.
  • Behaviour during first trimester - tidak socializing, i hate strangers or ppl -i will snapped at u even if u r closed to me bc i just dont feel like myself, emotional [crying at 2am sbb tak dpt nasi ayam and etc], anger managament went off a lil bit, mild morning sickness [bermula dr evening till 12 midnight], x suke mandi especially morning, cerewet yg teramat & suke nk melawa2 everytime nk pegi checkup [i can changed into 3 blouses kalau rase tak cantik].

  • Second trimester - i can eat everything [malay food, indian food, chinese food, italian food] except fast food specifically : burger & hotdog (but i can eat KFC da!!), i love chicken and red meat [beef & mutton], so-so shj with seafood except really really fresh big shrimps, i love potato & bread!! craving for mid eastern cuisine , craving for something sweet [scones and strawberry jam, victoria sandwich cake [consists of strawberry jam] and fruit cake, i love iced/hot chocs, choc covered almond and i began to drink milk again. Fruits : i like citrus fruits [mangga mude, mangga tak mude, oranges], grapes, honeydew, guava and red apples.
  • Behaviour - civilized byk sikit dr 1st trimester, i socialized but i dislike strangers touching my belly, not bitchy / snappy anymore, 80% cool & controlled dr segi emosi, love shopping to the soul, excessive spender [mmg boros thp tatau nk ckp. No i'm not proud of it..huhu], i love make ups with nice smells & make sure that i wont look grubby with unkempt brows and facial hairs.
If this cud be of any help:

  • lil boys love me [i think..], bc they wud smile and giggle at me without reason. Example: Lil Noel will giggle like crazy/shy2/smiling when he saw my face or even turn at me for comfort if my mom is not around and refused to be comfort by my sister or brother. [if u know me better, kb sbnrnyer tak reti nk babytalk or comfort babies - i can perfectly handle 1yr & above kids shj].
  • lil girls always always dan always cries whenever i'm closed to them. Hey!!! i didnt do anything ok...tegur je pun nk nangis. Example: Hi Iman!! [my attempt nk bermesra dgn my cousin's daughter about 6months...terus budak ni menangis sampai teresak2]...err.....
  • DH found me sexy during pregnancy..my mother said my belly is sexy when i wear tight fitting clothes & she wud hurriedly find a loose blouse for me to wear [hahahahhahaa???] but i dont feel sexy at all-my cheeks are chubby & i am gaining weight 1/2-1 kg weekly.
  • I am easily jealous during pregnancy. hahahaha. Kesian DH..hv to put up with my questions and jealousy.
I can't think of anything else dah...because i'm hungry. My next check up will be next year. Perhaps by the next checkup, the gender will be finally revealed?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Lil one is 23 weeks today. Tomorrow nite we'll hv a scheduled appointment. Am wondering whether the lil one will reveal the gender or wait until 26 weeks or wanted to keep it as a surprise until delivery day. Anyway, i hv a wedding to attend tomorrow at serdang, i just hv to make sure that i will not tempt DH to any shopping malls AFTER the wedding ceremony.

Despite my worrisome & several reminders by DH to slowww down. I tend to forgot all about it once i saw a shopping mall!! Yesterday, i got a braxton hicks for almost one hour at the office during courtesy call [i hv to walk fr one end to anor end of the this HUGE complex]..sape kata braxton hicks tak painful? it's painful ok..i cant focus, breath, talk, sit or walk properly. I almost called my ob-gyn, but i changed my mind when the pain decreased after relaxing and eating. And today, me & aqeel's mom went to Ikano (me: without telling DH) for lunch. Mcm tau2 je [i'm having anor bouts of mild braxton hicks] DH called and asked my whereabouts. Ngeh2!! [Sorry DH, the lovely wifey cant sit still. She tried, but apparently the pain feeling did not make her feel serik yet & besides she has to walk the new clark sandal u bought to test its comfortability;)]. Anyway, thank god me & Aqeel's mom went to Ikano and found a discounted Avent Sterilizer [NAK JUGAK TAU!!].

Lets read about Braxton Hicks:

What Do Braxton Hicks Contractions Feel Like?

Braxton Hicks contractions can be described as tightening in the abdomen that comes and goes. These contractions do not get closer together, do not increase with walking, do not increase in how long they last and do not feel stronger over time as they do when you are in true labor.

How Do I Know When Contractions Indicate I am in True Labor?

To figure out if the contractions you are feeling are the real thing, ask yourself the following questions.

Contraction Characteristics

False Labor

True Labor

How often do the contractions occur?

Contractions are often irregular and do not get closer together

Contractions come at regular intervals and last about 30-70 seconds. As time goes on, they get closer together.

Do they change with movement?

Contractions may stop when you walk or rest, or may even stop if you change positions

Contractions continue despite movement or changing positions

How strong are they?

Contractions are usually weak and do not get much stronger. Or they may be strong at first and then get weaker.

Contractions steadily increase in strength

Where do you feel the pain?

Contractions are usually only felt in the front of the abdomen or pelvic region

Contractions usually start in the lower back and move to the front of the abdomen

If you are having Braxton Hicks contractions, you really don't need to do anything unless they are causing you discomfort. If they are making you uncomfortable try the following:

  • Take a walk. False labor contractions often stop when you change position or get up and walk.
  • Get some sleep or rest.
  • Relax.
  • Drink water, juice or herbal tea.
  • Eat a snack or small meal.
  • Get a massage.
What i'm having is definitely a BH. I think i dont need to remind myself to slow down. Let's try a reverse psychology instead?. Why dont i pay a visit to alllll shopping complex in Klang valley? Hmmm...mane lagi shopping complex belum pegi ni????

Thursday, December 11, 2008

When she first felt her son´s groping mouth attach itself to her breast, a wave of sweet vibration thrilled deep inside and radiated to all parts of her body; it was similar to love, but it went beyond a lover´s caress, it brought a great calm happiness, a great happy calm.

—Milan Kundera´s "Life is Elsewhere".

Breast pump is one of the equipments in my long list of baby stuff.
The dilemma : Shd i buy b4 or after delivery?

Why do u need a breast pump? to collect your milk so your baby can have it when you're not around, and to maintain your milk supply when you're together. This is essential if you're going back to work but want to continue nursing. A breast pump is used to stimulate your milk production and increase your supply, to collect milk to feed a premature baby or one who can't latch on to your breast, or to relieve the pain and pressure of engorged breasts.

Ellanie posted:

Berdasarkan pengalaman...kalo mommies ade niat nk fully bf baby yg bakal lahir..elokla sediakan pump..jgn riso @ takot susu takde & fikir beli pump tu takut tak guna nnti..sbb secara tak langsung kita mcm tak percaya yg kita boleh & ada susu yg byk utk baby...tanamkan dlm hati...yg kita MEMANG BOLEH fully bf..be positif..(semangat nih!!)..kalo tak yakin/takut membazir jugak..beli la yg murah...asalkan ade..sbb commonly baby kena jaundice & admit ward..in case kita takleh temankan..kita still boleh supply BM utk baby kita..ni kisah benar sy...masa sy beli sume kelengkapan baby..including breastpump..mak sy cakap..sumenya nk beli..guna ke nnti?biasela org2 tua..kan kalo ikut org2 tua, tak elok beli kelengkapan awal2..tapi sy ni jenis nk lengkap sume..sbb husband tak brape pandai memilih ni..sy plak jenis yg cerewet..nak tak nak sume nya sy kena beli sebelum bersalin...nk suruh husband beli sorang2 masa sy lps bersalin..takut salah beli plak kan...hehe..nk jd kan cerita..baby sy kena masuk ward 2 hari sbb jaundice..nasib baik dah beli breastpump..& alhamdulillah sepanjang 2 hari tu baby sy menikmati susu badan sy.husband ulang alik sepital anto supply...sblm bersalin mmg sy dah beli sume yg ade dlm list..alhamdullillah..tak membazir pun brg2 yg sy beli..sume fully utilized..

Ummi posted:

setujuuuu dgn ellanie... mindset tu penting..
saya dulu pam guna hospital nye tapi kene share dan leceh la.. kalau hospital x de pam kan ke susah.... jadi beli le breastpump awal2.

Mami posted:

Mami rasa nak cakap pada mak2 yang rasa dia takde susu lepas bersalin tu.. Cuba lahirkan anak premature.. Dia tak dapat direct feeding.. Kena exclusive expressing je, stimulation dari pam je. Dari hari pertama dah kena susukan, kalau tak ada susu, ape nak bagi dia makan? Kat hosp ni, nurse cakap "kalau u tak hantar susu, baby you tak makan ape2 lah". Macamana?.

Ok..enuff la, just the 3 comments. Other comments pun almost similar like these three (i chosed the best comments shj). The vice comments wud be wat ape beli awal, mane tau susu takde ke? or sikit ke? tak gune the breast pump ke? the baby tak mau bf ke? buat rugi je beli and etc...

I think...it's up to you. If u really intend to bf ur baby & u hv the money to buy a breastpump...why not? ala2, mcm sediakan payung sebelum hujan [anything can happened]. Takde la last minute br nk tercari and survey which one is the good one. Konon2 sblm baby kuar..u can look at the breastpump and bersemangat waja gitu nk bf. U hv a good intention what? if let's say, all goes wrong...end up u cant bf ur baby- u can auction ur breastpump at ebay / donate it to ur pregnant frens ke ur sister ke / keep it for ur 2nd baby / donate it to the charity ke hospitals ke. At least u know deep down, u've tried ur best to bf ur baby.

There are many brands out there for a breastpump (i only search for a single breast pump bc double breastpump is soooooooo pricey RM1k++-RM2k++, but if u got the money+a working mother to be/mom-go for the double)

1) Medela -
: tho Medela Mini E looks cute but i'm not interested bc the salesgirl told me it's quite noisy. So, i asked her noisy cemane? she replied: org boleh dgr la if u tgh breastpump, sbb bunyi mesin nyer kuat. Hmm..i intend to do it discreetly ok.
:the Medela Harmony is ok (based on its name la, harmony)...tp dia manual. I need manual/electric/battery.

Michelle for Medela Mini E
Score: 1 out of 5

"I thought since the hospital used Medela that it has to be a great product Boy was I wrong It is loud Heavy and tends to leak in to the lines. Plus the plastic seems cheaper then other pumps. This product was a pure disapointment. Was so painful. Im actually going to find myself another one for my second child.

Ain for Medela Mini E
Score: 3 out of 5

Bunyi medela saya ni bising.. kawan cakap macam mesin rumput, ada yang cakap macam blender.. saya tak kisah.. jasa dia banyak.. sebelum ON, saya akan balut dulu dgn telekung... baru mulakan projek.. tak la bunyi dia bising sgt....

Hani for Medela Harmony
Score: 5 out of 5

"I have seven children and have breastfed all of them. I've had to use pumps on occasion when I could not nurse and this was by far the easiest breast pump that I've ever used. I've used 6 different brands and types and this one is tops! Milk flow is produced quickly, the assembly is very simple, it is light weight and extremely portable -- just really a great product."

2) Spectra
: There are ppl who gave two thumbs up for this brand. Perhaps it's really good and affordable. Tp looking at the size of the machine itself is a turn off for me. It's too bulky. I need a compact and a small one. Urs truly is small to carry this bulky machine to work.
: Oleh kerana kebulky-annyer, i didnt do any research on this brand.

3) Tommee Tippee (u can get it at mothercare-ade satu model je so far yg nmpk kat situ)
: the breastpump kelihatan unik and cute. Ttp it's manual. The price is around RM199. However, it's for occasional use. I read a comment somewhere that excessive use akan menyebabkan sore nips.

Mother of one
Score: 4 out of 5

an easy to use pump ideal if you're travelling as it has its own carry bag, my let down came quickly too, and it was comfortable to use, my only downside is that its not really for frequent use(like all handpumps!)but its ideal for mums who just need to express occasionally, or as a spare pump for those reliant on an electric pump.

3) Avent
-Ade several Avent: Avent ISIS (Manual), Avent ISIS IQ UNO (Electric/Manual/Battery, variable control, electric memory, ultra quiet, powerful motor.)

Abby for Avent ISIS
Score: 5 out of 5

"Easy to use. Lightweight. Fast clean up. I chose this pump because it had everything I was looking for in a pump. Using the Isis is very convenient for me because I can pump right into the Avent bottle that my son will eat from. There’s no need to pour the milk into anything else after pumping, which makes things so easy for me when I’m in a hurry."

Jennifer R. for Avent ISIS IQ UNO
Score: 4 out of 5

"I've been using this pump for about 6 weeks. I chose it over the Medela because I like the Avent bottles and wanted to stick to one product and be able to pump directly into the bottles I'd be using. I think it works great - when I had my daughter 4 years ago I tried the Avent manual pump and liked the design, but found the manaul pumping a little tedious. This has the same design, but does the pumping for you. I have found the motor strong using both electricity and the battery pack. The only drawback is that the motor is attached to suction cup, so you're holding both while pumping and it gets a bit heavy - but I'm fine with it and like the overall simplicty of the design better than the Medela."

I hv my eyes on Avent ISIS IQ UNO. It has all the features that i'm looking for: electric/battery/manual (3 in 1), and ultra quiet. So far i heard good reviews of this single breast pump. It is quite pricey. However, i know a place where i can get it at a lesser price for year end sale:> **Ngee!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Wooden Cot vs Playpen

DH adored wooden cot, while i'm always interested in Playpen. So, wc one shd we buy? Can we just buy both? white wooden cot seems adorable too. Besides i found several that can be turned into bed. It's cute!! Well no matter how adorable it is..i still prefer a playpen. At my mom's house..she has both wooden cot & playpen [tp wooden cot itu telah patah after my cuz climbed in it]. I dont remember my tolerance towards wooden cot..but i think i remembered the uneasy feeling whenever i looked a my own wooden cot. However, for the playpen [sememangnyer 80's baby tak sempat nk rase] but i tell u..it do wonders to Loqman and currently Noel- they love it. Both these lil tykes are quite active and baran. Bile marah, or nangis..suke nk menggeliat2 and hempas2 bdn kat lantai. Wudn't it be dangerous...if these tykes did that in a wooden cot?? mau tak terbalik the cot or maybe patah or they wud injure themselves. Safety is important..i wudnt want our son/daughter gets hurt.

Lets see...the dilemma & comments i found:

I recently began putting my 7 month old daughter in her playpen in her room for naps and nighttime sleep, just to try to train her to sleep in it. This is because she refused to sleep in it before and wouldn't nap at my mom's when being babysat or when my husband and I would take her places. After the first day she caught on quick and has been sleeping in it for a whole week. She actually seems to sleep better in it than in her crib! With her crib she had been trying to yank the bumper off, and if I take the bumper off she smacks her head on the rails and gets her legs and arms stuck in the rails. Plus, she loses her pacificer through the rails and screams bloody murder until I come back in the room and give it to her. Having her in the playpen has eliminated these problems of the crib. Has anyone else had their baby sleep in a playpen? I worry that it may not be very comfy for her, but she seems to be sleeping great in it this past week. What do you think? -posted by Supermom

My daughters baby is due in Feb., should I get a baby bed or playpen for my house. I will keep the baby some when she works? -posted by Granny

Public Comments:

as long as the baby is safe and comforted it is fine. i have twins and there were times they slept on the floor, couch, in a chair, playpen, crib, carrier, and even a box with a pillow in it. my daughter was a very finicky sleeper and there were times she would fall asleep in her car seat and we would leave her in the seat and carry her in the house in it and sit the whole contraption in the crib and leave her sleep. most playpens i have seen/used have a small pad that fits in the bottom of it. trust me the baby is fine. she is safe and no hazard of falling or hitting anything. my advice is pick your battles, sleeping in a crib vs. a playpen is not a big deal. there are much more important things to really worry about. your baby will be fine no matter where she sleeps (as long as it is safe). good luck and congrats~~

my son slept in his play pen for a long time, he seemed to sleep better in it than in his crib. But, now that he tries to climb out of it, he is back in his crib. So, I think that if your daughter sleeps better, you should let her and then later on she shouldn,t have a problem with sleeping in her crib.~~

Playpen. I'm due in Jan. and my mother has a playpen for the baby, she says its easy to work with. Because when the baby leaves she can fold playpen and place to side and still have plenty of room to due her everyday activities. God bless~~

You will likely get more use out of a pack and play and they take up less space than a playpen. Many of them have bassinet and changing table attachments that come with them, as well. These are very handy. It is nice not to have to change them on the couch or bed, as they are bound to pee while you are changing them more than once! ~~

:) See..playpen wins!!! ok..ok. I admit i might've searched the positive side of playpen shj;P I think DH wud agree with me bc the most important aspect besides safety is we need a portable cot. U can't travel with a wooden cot right? So, the best choice for us is a pack & play!!! we hv our eyes set on Graco Pack & Play.

PS: Eventho' my mom has a playpen at home & currently we r staying with her. We still need a playpen bc Noel conquered the big playpen to himself and besides we need one that can travel with us when we go back to DH's hometown and Putrajaya or anywhere we go;>

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Is it safe to eat a lot of chocolate during pregnancy?

Been wondering the same thing. I'm a chocoholic before pregnancy but during my 1st trimester - i totally hate them. However, in 2nd trimester...i started to heart choc again;> i can't do without milo (at least minimum 2 large cups a day), almond covered choc once a week, hazelnut hot choc fr starbucks/choc cream chip fr starbucks twice a week [*drooling* eventho i just drank half cup hazelnut choc].

This lil one of mine wud react secara hyper mins after i consumed choc. Over stimulation ke? The lil one will kick non stop like 15-30 mins and there's one nite [after 2 cups of milo and quarter of choc cream chip] the lil one been headbutting, poking & kicking inside about an hour until i was asleep. I found it cute at first ttp, rase scary pulak after 30mins had passed and the lil one is still kicking actively.

So, choc ni is safe ke tak sbnrnyer?

I went to the hospital last week because I was having contractions. I was so uncomfortable. I have a history of preterm labor so I had to know what was going on. It turned out that all the Christmas chocolate I had indulged in was causing the baby to be in almost constant motion. Which caused Braxton Hicks like contractions. I wasn't in labor but I was so uncomfortable. It didn't harm the baby but I felt guilty about stimulating her that much.
posted 1/04/2008 by bandloki

After about 6 months, chocolate gave me lots of contractions. While they were Braxton-Hicks, they were quite strong. My OB had to check me once and advised I lay off for the rest of the pregnancy.
posted 5/01/2008 by amy_hoover70454

-Err??? contractions?? adakah those BHs i had were due to choc sbnrnyer and x fr too much of walking? or...hmm...maybe both??

Unless you're eating about a truck of chocolate it's not harming anything. And as for all the women that think it's the caffine in the chocolate that makes the baby move. It's not, it's the sugar! Just like when you want to check movement they tell you to drink a juice or a sprite. Since I can't get any other caffine- there's no way I'm going to give up my chocolate...even if I can't feel it's effects, it's the treat I like.
posted 12/17/2007 by China-Doll

Scientists in Finland say eating chocolate during pregnancy may make for happier, livelier babies. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/3604275.stm I ate chocolate the whole time I was pregnant with my kids and they did great. My son was sleeping the whole night through 2 weeks after he was born and my daughter was sleeping through at one week old. My kids are happy the are 3 and 4 now and I am still eating chocolate with this pregnancy. I have no more than 3.5oz a day that is about 2 chocolate bars a day.
posted 3/18/2008 by turtle_78

-Note that!!

Conclusion: i think...i better watch out my choc intake and slow down my shopping activity [bukan aje energy is running out ttp juga duit;<]

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Week 21


  • You may be able to see your abdomen ripple as the baby moves.

  • Although being a little out of breath right now is probably because the uterus is pushing up against your lungs, it is a good idea to make sure your iron levels are high enough. Anemia can also cause breathlessness.

  • You should be feeling more emotionally stable now.

  • You may notice some swelling in your legs. Try to avoid standing for long periods of time and put your feet up when you sit down.


  • Your baby should be moving vigorously by now and can be stimulated or soothed by you.

  • Baby's legs have grown longer and are now in the proper proportion to the rest of his body.

  • The baby is hungry even if you are not, so try not to skip any meals.

Ok...that explains why i'm hungry seconds after having my meal. Lapa dan lapa dan lapa aje. Lil one, are u really hungry??? or is it mommy's tummy crying for food??? huhuhu. I think, it must be u & not mommy's poor tummy, since u r kicking vigorously in here but behaved like an angel when mommy is having her meal 15 minutes ago. If like this lil one, mommy will be H-U-G-E by end of trimester.

Monday, December 1, 2008

We hv been surveying for infant carrier and baby car seats. Hanya survey aje, for our future convenient (tau mane nk pegi & terus je beli). After surveying, we decided to buy infant carrier first..later2 baru beli car seat. Because infant carrier cum car seat is like 2 in 1 (carrier+car seat) until our lil one is 1 yr++. That gives us loads of time to save for a good car seat.

There are so many choices from the cheapest to the expensive range. Of course, the one that caught my eye..is the colourful one and errr...expensivenyer la pulak mcm graco, peg perego, maxi cosi. The one yg reasonable like safety 1st, the models in m'sia tak byk pulak. Halford is sooo small..same goes to sweet cherry [i don't mind whether it's a local or imported brand, but the most important thing is i prefer an infant carrier with a big space like safety 1st]. Anyway...we still haven't found the right brand for infant carrier cum car seat since we can't find the right one.

So, i googled for infant carrier and car seat reviews, and found this comment:


In my opinion, there is no need to get baby car seats that are too expensive or branded (unless you have a lot of money to spare), for few reasons:

1. Baby outgrows it very quickly.
My baby is only 3 months old and already reaching the limit of 60 cm (in terms of head-to-toe length) of the infant car seat. So I think by 5 months of age, he can’t fit into his infant car seat anymore.

2. When a baby is in the car, as a responsible parent, we will naturally take precautions and be more careful when driving and keep out of the way of aggressive/dangerous/reckless drivers.
Take all precautions like rear facing, etc. Even the most expensive brands of baby car seat will break apart if the crash impact is too great!

3. Whether it’s Sweet Cherry or some unknown brand, this kind of thing is all OEM products (but for imported brands, I dare not say lah). E.g. I went to Jusco and saw a Sweet Cherry infant car seat (selling for RM130). So I read the car seat’s manual leaflet to see how to install etc. Then other time, I went to Tesco and saw this infant car seat by the brand Otomo (selling for RM90, then later a 3-day promotion selling for RM50!) and saw that the manual leaflet is exactly the same kind of printing and sentences as Sweet Cherry’s!

August 13th, 2008 | 11:39 am

As much as i hate to admit [krn the graco seems so cute and adorable] but i hv to agree with the comment, especially comment no 1 and 2. However, for comment no. 3.....is it true ade infant carrier selling at rm50??? Murahnyer?? So, my conclusion is...try my best to find a cheap but wide space infant carrier cum car seat (yg ade base) if i can't find a wide space one, perhaps i shd just opt for a cheap infant carrier so i can buy other important stuff. So, if u saw anywhere a wide space infant carrier (yg tidak kecik spt halford/sweet cherry), do tell me. Why do i prefer a wide space one? mcm comment no. 1 la, i dont want my lil one outgrows the infant carrier by 5months (if the lil one is my size it wud not outgrow the infant carrier but if the lil one mcm the daddy?? mmg akan outgrows.) Perhaps here it means, i still hv to look for an imported brand yg mane it is usually bigger in size and space and huhu..expensive.


Ok..i know this is weird, because i'm the first person to get the monday blues without failure. However, not this week!! :> I'll tell u my secret:

1. I took EL on friday. Partly because of DH close relative is in a critical stage of coma (actually, we've visited the relative the nite before..but that can be a good excuse enuff kan?). Anor part is bc i'm so DESPERATELY and ITCHY-LY in need of an EL (why?...bc i found it hard to take EL in my job). It's a perfect timing for EL-i've no files & with a good excuse.

2. I shopped from friday to sunday!!! What makes a girl happy?? shopping:)))) [eventho i got a braxton hicks on saturday - either kerana am too active/the lil one is soooo active like the mommy/not enuff rest & a temporary almost fainted moment on Sunday due to not enuff rest jugak] am still a happy pregnant lady.

3. Utk lebih happy tahap elated that wud lasts until monday??? when u got loads of stuff for urself and u dont have to pay for it!! DH is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo darlingly wonderfully sweet. I went to this one boutique, and almost tried half of their wardrobe (hasil drpd eager sales girl who maybe cud foresee that she'll benefit fr me & DH). Enuff said, i got everything that i wanted:)))))))))))))

4. The lil one responded to my touch [blissful]. When i bled during my early pregnancy, i'd always softly put/pressed my palms at my womb area [i read somewhere that the lil one cud recognize the touch which cud make it feel at ease and safe]. Since working, i didnt do it anymore [it wud seem weird to my staff if i was caught with my hands in my skirt & besides, i'm always super tired at nite and slept early]. However, last nite i put my palms above my op scar-the lil one kicked softly and then i moved my palms upward and stopped just below my navel and guess what??? the lil one followed. It rolled towards the warmth of my palms. Hey lil one...u really really steal mommy's heart this time. [i guess, my motherly feeling started to kick in]

Friday, November 28, 2008

Lets go shopping!!!

ngehngeh..da start sale ni:) i vowed hanya utk window shop for baby stuff surveying the price. Unless, i cant resist myself, i'll be back with loads of stuff (most probably stuff for myself or if lucky stuff for our lil one). Some ppl said..not to shop for baby stuff early-it is considered as bad luck. Hmm??? tp, kalau tgh sale and got loads of discount ain't it shd be considered a good buy? My mom & MIL totally dismissed the idea of us shopping for baby stuff. Yup...me too at first, Err...but mama & mak....just look at the discounts!!!!...i think we shd ignore the pantang larang whatsoever. After all, am heading towards 6 months..that's mean anor 3 months to go [Gasp!!]...

I think let's just shop and don't count the weeks/months that's left.

Our lil one:

The lil one inside wushu-ed my sister last nite when she put her hands on my tummy. Dgn ganasnyer the lil one kasi tendangan yg kuat ..perhaps it's a "hello" or "don't touch me" signal. Anyway, it's so funny watching my tummy with the lil one kicking vigorously (boleh nmpk ek..tertimbul2 setiap kali tendang. I can't imagine adakah akan nmpk tapak kaki or tapak tgn soon when the lil one gets bigger?). When i put on Katy Perry's song and Quranic verses, it started to roll towards the sound (hahaha..sungguh comel, utk lebih comel lagik..the mommy lari2kan the headfon from left to right, right to left. Muahahaha). However, the lil one started to slow down when DH got back home and saying hello to my tummy [OOoo..that's the trick, the lil one takut daddy ek??].

Monday, November 24, 2008

This entry is dedicated to ezany whom is constantly worrying for her lil one:

There is no truth in the old saying that pregnancy means eating for two. The extra energy needed is only 200-300 calories a day for nine months. This is equivalent to two slices of bread with margarine or a jacket potato with baked beans or cheese. Some women do feel a lot more hungry than this and if they are gaining weight at the right rate, they should eat according to their appetite.

0-3 Months
Women usually feel different and may experience tiredness as well as a feeling of sickness particularly in the morning (see advice on morning sickness). Calorie needs are only about 100kcal more in the early stages of pregnancy and some women do not experience much increase in appetite until the end of this period.

3-6 Months Appetite usually increases after the first three months and this period requires about 300-400kcal extra calories a day. Extra calorie needs should be met by cereals, pulses, nuts and seeds, dairy products (unless vegan) and starchy vegetables such as potatoes.

Based on my previous 3 months, i lost 2.5kg and didnt hv much appetite. My food preference consists of a half-filled glass of milk, 4 small glasses of water, red apples, white bread, white rice, fried rice with eggs, vege soup [sawi shj], ayam masak kicap, and clear soup. I can even eat white rice shj without any lauk whatsoever [lagi putih lagi better]. Kesian my mom kene masak separate lauk due to my fussiness. Akibatnyer, i lost 2.5kg and imagine my weight prior to pregnancy is 39kg shj(mmg tak pernah reach 40kg pun all my life) and turun sampai 37.5 kg or perhaps 36kg la nk round figurekan penurunan berat. Ringan ek leh kene tiup angin.

I gained my appetite at the end of 2 months yg nk masuk 3 months. My OB-Gyn didnt even fret when she saw that i didnt gain weight at all. She said it's completely normal. Cool Ob-Gyn:> nurse kat situ pulak yg asyik2 sibuk2 tanya apsal berat tak naik? [no wonder la jadik nurse jek..huhuhu;P]. Anyway, lepas je 3 months my appetite dah balik normal. However, i skipped what i labelled as forbidden food [McD burgers, A&W burgers/hotdogs, KFC'c chicken, Maggi and those fast foods - not because i'm health concious but due to intolerance of those foods by my lil one.]

Skang...i started to gain weight and began to eat for two [but, every now and then i watch my food intake la jugak (bile teringat je) sbb takut after delivery, weight susah nk turun?..u never know right?].

So, dear Ezany...don't worry. Awal2 pregnancy u+ur lil one cume perlukan 100kcal aje. Just make sure u dont miss ur acid folic intake, fruits, water and milk for calcium:))) and carbo too for ur energy. By 3 months or if u r lucky, sooner than that u will feel like urself and gain back ur appetite;>

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wehooo!! my crave for middle eastern cuisine da fulfilled!! Tho i didnt get to eat any pita bread straight from the other part of the world / it's shawarma. But, i'm grateful with what i hv:

Little did my mom knows that i crave for shawarma [i didnt tell my parents / DH about my middle eastern cravings pun, as i dont want them running around searching for the food]. My mom went to KL and happened to pass by the delicious shawarma stall and bought me some because she remembered that i love shawarma;>>>


Yesterday, all of us including MIL & SIL went to our fave middle eastern restaurant [Al-diafah] and i stuffed myself full of its delicious hommus, lamb, aden tea, almond milk, bread and kabsa rice. I think the lil one enjoys it as much as i do [it's been kicking softly to arab songs during dinner. I take it as his/her way of enjoying;>].

Now...i am craving for victoria sandwich cake!!! Dear lil one, of all days..nape today? Sunday, Teapot Cafe is closed la. Huhu.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I wonder how do pregnant woman cope with work?

I did it for almost 1 month plus...and it didnt get any relaxier pun? Last 2 days, i felt my body weakening, mcm nk demam...and today i think i looked sloppy and not well (bdn da start panas nk demam+throbbing headache). While doing research for cases, I found these tips for pregnant working mom. Applicable ke for my kind of job? let's see....

# 1 Don't be a 'superwoman'!

Get rest when you are not at work and reduce household chores, especially when approaching the delivery date. Studies show that one and a half hour of extra rest makes a lot of difference; uterine blood flow increases, and the supply of oxygen and other nutrients to your baby improves.


# 2 Relax when possible

If at all possible, lie down on your left side for ten minutes during your lunch break on a floor mat. Else, just rest your head on the table or elevate your feet. Relax your mind and body.


# 3 When exhaustion overtakes you, leave work early

If you are commuting to work using public transportation, don't be afraid to ask for assistance with regards to a seat, if necessary, from the conductor or driver.


# 4 Negotiate a flexible work schedule

Work out a schedule that suits your health. If you suffer from morning sickness, ask about coming in later and ending your workday later. On the other hand if you are an early riser and get tired easily in the afternoon, ask to come in early and end your workday early.


# 5 Telecommute whenever possible

Try and work out such that you can group assignments and attend office 2-3 times a week. The balance days of the week when your presence at the office is not necessary, you can work from home. Another alternative is to work part of the day at the office and part of the day from home but ascertain you are always open for office contact.


# 6 Ask for help

If a project or assignment is causing your health to suffer, speak up to your boss about getting the help of a coworker or even a temp worker to fill in for you. If need be, request the project be reassigned to someone else and take a less stressful assignment.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

I hv rashes over my belly. It started with 4 tiny dots on the left side & 2 dots on the right side mcm lil bugs gigit. Mmg itchy, but i didnt scratch cuma gosok2 lembut dgn kain. After a few days, the dots multipled and it became terribly itchy!!

I met my ob-gyn yday & i was right after all. This type of rashes will only go away after i deliver my lil one. It's a hormonal reaction during pregnancy or known as pupps. Anyway, it won't harm the mommy or the baby cuma..the mommy will itched like crazy. One advise fr my ob-gyn: No matter how itchy the mommy feels, the mommy musnt scratch the poor itchy belly!! bukan sbb takut stretch mark, tp because it might cause a secondary bacterial infection. That wud spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e. So, now i hv to deal with the unattractive looking red rashes [my belly nmpk mcm tgh blushing], and the itchy mitchy till delivery [my ob-gyn provides me with calamine lotion and pirithon if the itchy got worse at nite].

Our lovely lil one is sleeping during ultrasound. Tired kot, bc 2hours b4 my appointment i went shopping for brassiere and bags [..i am officially a bag-aholic ...i just feel like i need everything from clutch to oversized bag including travelling cases...uh..how bad is that?]. OK..mari continue b4 i start yapping about bags.

Our lil one is probably sleeping peacefully during ultrasound and in a sujud position [how angelic is that? my ob gyn said our lil one tgh solat sujud. Perhaps our lil one is praying for the mommy&daddy:):):)]. So, we didnt get to see the gender or the face this time. However, the growth & weight is perfect= the lil one is in a good condition. The mommy is in a good condition jugak - the alarming nyeri2 feeling at my stomach: kalau kete lalu bumper or langgar lubang / secara tibe2 masa tgh diri is just my healing nerves due to my operation.

We hv to wait for 4 weeks till our next scan. I thot, it was only me, rase 4 weeks mcm such a long time. Rupenyer DH feels the same way too. DH said kan best kalau ade ultrasound machine at home. Hahaha.

ps: MIL is coming today with my fave asam pedas. Yayy!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I am craving for middle eastern cuisine!!

Nk lagi best i wud be so extremely happy & contented if someone cud fly me straight to jeddah/medina/mecca at this point of time bc i really missed the HUGE round pita bread that i'm soooooooo in love with [i got my first bite at 12 yrs old, fell in love instantly & i cud still remember the taste & now aku nak pita bread itu!!]. No pita bread here ever taste like that and i want shawarma too!! My last bite of that pita bread was like 10 bulan yg lalu krn MIL baru balik haji & brought back the pita bread for me. NAKKKKKKKKKK!!!! tp cemane??? gile ape craving ni:(

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Latest news:

My staff [the one that i always complained about] is being transferred out effectively ASAP / serta-merta, as i'm blogging inside (mcm aku da takde keje) dia tgh packing her stuff outside.

Am i happy? I dunno. Am i relieved? i got mixed feelings- sad, relieved, scared, happy, etc. I do sympathize her for all the fuss that i made over her. She didnt know that she was transferred out bc of me. According to her, someone up there told her that her mission for this ct has accomplished and she claimed that her countless previous transfer was due to her ability to settle any problem that the ct or the registry is facing. Now, she is needed elsewhere for a new task.

Hmm...sounds like Mission Impossible cross James Bond pulak.

Well, what am i to say? except just try my best not to give her my questionable look & politely say thank you for everything.

p/s: i am hungry...pit let's lunch!

Monday, November 10, 2008

I got the Monday blues

"Scientists have discovered a cure for the dreaded Monday morning blues - stop sleeping in on weekends."

Really? eventho' i didnt sleep on weekends i still got the Monday blues. Scientists ni salah la.

Masa kecik2: i hate Monday, bc i hv to go to school. I hate going to school (primary+secondary). I'd do whatever i can during primary to skip school antaranyer: sengaja lari2 in my stokings yg licin & jatuh sampai berdarah2 my lips, & pretend2 demam muntah2 ttp my strict mom sent me off to school. Huhu. But, during secondary (boarding school), there's no mom aroundkan??..ngehngeh i attend morning class, and was gone by lunchtime. Hasilnyer, my parents were called by the discipline teacher/HEM and i was sent home to be under my parents supervision. Huwaa...tiap2 pagi kene bgn pagi kol 5:30am kene travelled by commuter from PJ to Klang. Well..i'm relieved my school days were over...Tp, i shd be prepared, mane tau this lil one pun nnt hates school?? I totally will understand u dear, but....u still hv to go to school. Huahaha.

[Sunnguhpun, malas pegi class tp still berjaya gak score spm and study law. Yes, i hate school, but i love reading;> Think again, maybe berjaya sbb berkat doa my parents and grandparents agaknyer.]

Masa uni: i still hate Monday bc i hv to turn up for classes. What i did back then is, jgn fixkan kelas yg WAJIB pegi on Monday, so that i can skip Monday classes and suh sesape yg rajin pegi Monday class to sign up my attendance. Brilliant;)

Masa keje: Bukan shj Monday, i also hate Tues and Wednesday. Hahaha. Especially if u got loads of stuff to do on Monday. Tues & Wednesay toksah ckp la...mmg peak hour utk keje to pile up like mountain. But, i hv no solution in my current situation. No matter how much i hate Monday, i hv no other alternatives to skip Monday except if it's a public holiday. Why...why me??...Friday cepat2la dtg.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

What a tiring weekend. Rase mcm cuti sehari je: Sunday. Because i hv a ct duty on Saturday which i dragged DH along and in return i was dragged to his office pulak until evening. I sat at the office sofa, dan ade colleague2 DH yg kepochi cube utk bermesra & melihat the wifey. Sorry babe, am not in the mood to ramah tamah with ppl. U can labelled me "sombong", "stuck up" or whatever. Saya seorg yg sgt berat mulut dan kelihatan sombong serta susah untuk tsenyum pd org2 yg tidak dikenali atau especially yg dirasakan mempunyai aura kepochi yg kuat & tau the person (except ME) sgt suke menyusahkan DH. Bukankah kepochi namanyer, kalau tibe2 nk menyibuk baca suratkhabar (when u have loads of work) which i took fr the office pantry yg dated like jumaat dua minggu lepas?? Dan kepochi itu terserlah [my instinct was right after all] slps soalan "u ni wife zb ye?" DUHHH...do i look like his mother in a tube top with this pregnant belly??

Hish...when i read back what i typed, teruknyer haku, sounds judgmental & langsung langsung tak peramah. Ngee...membetulkan keadaan [eventho i know, i dont hv to justified what i feel here..tp nk jugak justified] : i'm judgmental mengikut instinct. Rarely my instinct went wrong. Most of the time..i'm ok with lots of ppl and my staff loves me..even, the OYDS pun likes me i think, krn diorg boleh tersengih2 (sampai kene tengking la dgn the IO's) when i gave them long detention order. Huahahaha ;P

My lil one progress news:

Our lil one wakes up when i wake up in the morning, sleeping while the mommy is browsing thru files after files, ttp kicking2 ketika the mommy on the bench dan tido balik after the mommy moving around signing files after files and selalunyer akan wake up in the evening sbb tau it's his/her tea time if lucky enuff it cud be dinner time.

The lil one peak hour is when the mommy tried to sleep with lights on [as the daddy got office work to do], the lil one will start rolling from left to right, right to left, left to halfway mid and then rolled back to the left. Amboi2....happynyer main pusing kat dalam..luas ek?? Until the mommy insists the daddy to turn off the light baru la the lil one will sleep peacefully dgn the mommy. Heheh..Sekian shj progress minggu ini. i'm relieved, eventho a lot of things happened last week..the lil one is actively rolling and kicking inside.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm so happy for you too!!!

Happy Morning Sickness my fren;P

Happy constantly worrying about ur lil one.

Happy gemuks & can no longer fit into ur fave jeans or blouse or ur sexy

Happy excited when u hear the 1st heartbeat & when u see the lil one moving in u

Happy enjoying the moment u experience the lil one first movement/quickening/rolling/butterfly/kick.

Happy enjoying the moment u started to show

p/s: However, i reserved for Happy during delivery..huhu..

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today, kb lost her temper which resulted a purple red bruise on her right thumb [iye..akibat terlalu marah dan telah menepuk meja dgn kuatnyer). My irritating staff (the female one) was raising her voice at me due to some misunderstanding [maybe caranye mcm tu..but sorry la ok, my pantang larang is i cant take it when ppl gimme that high tone: i did warned her not to raise voice] So, akibatnyer dptlah jeritan from me. I may look small and soft spoken...but i inherit both my parents hot temper. Don't try me pls...especially in this preggy condition.

The misunderstanding is about keys. Hello!!! Can u believe it...of all the things in the world...KEYS ??? And then causing chaos to my other staff yg obviously can get along together in a teamwork. I tell u...this entry dont do justice to her gomenly behaviour & i hv no intention to type out one by one of her long list of gomen behaviour which annoyed me. This kind of ppl need to be sacked out of job!

I hv several problematic staff sepanjang my working experience, the stubborn one, the lazy one, the talkative one, the reasoning one, the negotiating one...But this one really makes me off & i cant tolerate no more. I make a vow to myself, tomorrow am gonna pulled any available string and get her transferred out for my safety & my other staff too.

p/s: Am not overreacting...but this one staff has a history of mental prob. A good reason kan?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

So many things in my head, so i'll make things briefly.

1. Remember the story about my staff? Yg 2 org tu...typical gomen itu. This time nk cerita about my male stafff. Last friday, my only male staff ini came to the office after he went mia for 2 days. He claimed he was sick. Ok...no problem [am a sporting boss ok, janji dtg and buat keje (buat2 cam busy keje pun takpe).] After my meeting in a.m, i told everyone to be in the office sharp by 2:40pm. Staff ku yg baik2, mmg mendengar kata, kecuali this male staff. Around 3:15pm one of my staff received a call fr him informing that he will not be coming back to the office. I asked why?? He claimed that he got a time slip from hospital & in fact he's at the hospital. I was like..oo sakit ke? Guess what?? his answer is..."kucing saya mati, sy ade kat hospital". ....erkk??? tell me, how shd i react??

2. I instructed one of my staff to deliver a letter to admin. She went happily sbb takyah masuk ct and she crossed path with the cj. The cj dgn bestnyer asked her where she was going (maybe ingat nk lari dr buat keje), who is she & which ct she belongs too. So, she introduced herself, gestured towards the end of left wing where she came from and told him about my instructions (owh...guess what he called the cj? "TUAN" uh!!! aku tepuk dahi. The cj said "good! sbb rushing nk pegi hantar surat to lawyer". When the cj about to walked away...he stopped and asked one last cepumas question "ur mg ex-sar coa ke?" ...kb almost fainted when her staff told her this story.

3. I put on a headphone around my tummy and put on rocks songs, jazz, sentimental songs & quranic verses just to test whether my lil one wud respond. The lil one responded!!! he/she gave me 3 strong kicks. Yippie!! hehehe..i giddily told DH about it and DH said, "napela g kacau budak tu tgh tido kat dlm tu?" ngehngehngeh..;P

4. Finally, DH cud feel the lil one giving a soft kick. I took DH hand very discreetly and put it on my tummy without giving it a pressure. Kalau ade pressure, my lil one will stop moving and keep quiet (iye la da biasa with the mommy's soft touch kan;P). So, this time DH was like "saya rase da!!".

5. I blame it on pembawakan budak sbb i am not an avid shopper, most of the time am a wise one. But...this time I shopped like mad...dan managed merembat 3 bags tanpa sedar, a 4gb flashdrive(tah nk buat ape dgn flashdrive ni pun tatau..i owned four 1gb flashdrives already), and almost almost get my hands on lingeries and shoes ...ttp DH sempat menyelamatkan keadaan and drove me away fr shopping mall. DH tanya "nk mkn bag ke beli sampai 3 sekali?"..huhuhu.

6. Both of us are lucky shoppers!! we walked in a new digi store at ikano [to buy a mouse krn mouse DH telah rosak and ...i want a button mouse jugak for my office] Guess what?? we walked out with a lucky draw gifts!! Both of us pulak tu and..the lucky draw gifts is a mouse!!!. We r elated, krn kami tidak pernah lucky in a lucky draw before this. I think it must be the baby!!

7. For the first time, my mom got excited and telah meraba2 my tummy with BOTH of her hands krn surprised i already hv a bump. According to her, her bump only showed at the end of 5-6months. I was shocked..sbb during this pregnancy..my mom never touched my tummy [sbb tau anaknyer tak suke dipegang].

8. Today is our ANNIVERSARY!!! cepatnyer da 1 yr. Well, we didnt hv a romantic candlelight dinner or whatever. We did plan for a nice dinner and going somewhere ttp we end up not going anywhere and having dinner at home. Huahahaha. I just dont feel like going out because my body feel super tired(hasil drpd not enuff rest & sleep on Saturday: having to wake up at 5am teman DH hantar mil&sil to lcct & bshopping the whole day after we went to kenduri2), hving a slight fever, and i really need an extra sleep. Well, we can celebrate it everyday or any day kan? The important thing is we hv each other. Thank god, DH is very understanding. Besides, we hv yet to unwrap our ANNIVERSARY pressie. Our pressie will arrive next year. So, this pressie bearer need extra sleep to ensure that our pressie is in a healthy condition:)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I didnt blog for 6 days! It's simply because, i'm supertired out of shopping/attending open house/running away fr open houses/trying to get some rest.

Terase begitu weird kerana i dont hv an appointment with my doctor this weekend. Usually i met her every 2 weeks. But, my next scan is scheduled in anor 2 weeks time. It's either i begin to miss my doctor or i miss the confident feeling that my lil one is happily growing inside. I think both..

4 weeks after the last appointment rase spt 4 bulan lamanyer. Especially, in this busy+supertired mental+physical condition lebih terase mcm I NEED TO SEE MY DOCTOR & MY LIL ONE so i wud be deeply relieved that he/she is ok despite my stress level and work condition.

Actually, during this week..i dont feel my lil one moving that much anymore(kdg2 je terase, itupun wondering..was it a gas or was it the lil one?) Adakah dia tido? krn mommynyer active gerak2..so he/she was rocked to sleep? Even at nite, bukan ke sepatutnyer when u r about to sleep time tu la the lil one shd be moving and rolling around? Bc i did feel this, ttp since working..my lil one seems behaved?? [..hmm...being me..i will keep on worrying until i get to see my lil one moving during an ultrasound] Huwaa!! i want to see my doctor!!

p/s: Kb mmg suke jumpe Doktor dr kecik. It's a no surprise to those who knew her really well.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Your Stress Level is: 76%

You are prone to stress, and you're probably even pretty stressed right now.

Life's problems seem to pile up on you, and this often makes you feel depressed and burned out.

Learn to take time to relax and enjoy life, even if things are stressful. It's the only wa you'll get through the bad times.

That is my stress level for today, and the percentage ain't do justice for what i feel right now and what happened today. Kepala ini berdenyut2 and i can't sleep properly or eat properly for almost 3 days in a row. Why? it's bc of my new job. It's not that i hate my job [but i hate it, in my condition like this - i'm weak for not having a proper rest and not eating well maka jadik la not energetic, less aggressive krn workload yg byk giler selori files perday, energy tlh di sapped for trying to cope with new things, hving to learn fast, decide fast n constantly worried for my lil one inside. To top it off having to deal with 1 typical gomen mkck worker yg berkire, thinks she is the boss, give like ZILLLLIOOooonn answers to my question and talked more than me!!! and also, there's anor 1 typical gomen guy who went m.i.a fr work about 2mths n who's coming back tomorrow as my staff [what? he thinks this is his gfather's office?]. It's a crazy workload and 2 lunatic staff to be given to a coping 1st time pregnant lady whom is petite ok!!! I'm soooo stressed, it's just too much!!! The first day, i cried my eyes out at nite..because my tummy feels so tight & painful -Dh sudah speechless & worried, second day at work was tiring like hell i hv a truckload stuff to deal with till 5:30 which left me with no appetite, vomiting out of stress and cannot sleep at nite due to stress, the third day is getting worse..i was extremely tired in a.m- feel like crying but i know once i start crying (jwpnnyer takkan bole keje today), my brain stops working & i keep calling my good fren Mr S for help like more than 7 times, my low abdomen starts to feel painful like cramp tibe2 in the middle [i was like...uh, adakah ini mcm perasaan nk terberanak?] thank god..after drinking half a bottle of water the pain subside, and now...i'm having a stress headache [the kind of back of neck pain sampai tulang belakang & whole body is aching].

Look..what i found here:

Job stress, noise, long periods of standing and work weeks of more than 40 hours all greatly increase the risk of giving birth to premature babies, a study has found. Dr. Johnson said. "My recommendations to all working women who are pregnant is that they not stand for prolonged periods of time, that they not work for more than eight-hour days or for more than 40-hour weeks."

Barbara Luke, an associate professor at the University of Michigan and an author of the study, said the decision on when to leave work during pregnancy should be based on a woman's job and medical history.

She said it was very important to avoid these risks during the second half of pregnancy.

...See, mungkin betul the cramp today is the first hint sign of contraction. Maybe my lil one is saying "mommy slow down, don't over-test me..don't push yourself too hard, ur stress level is increasing and it's suffocating me". *sigh...even if i hv a doctor's recommendation, what can i do with it???? i hv no choice...bc the workload is fixed for me [if per day there are a truckload of files..i do not hv a choice but to deal with it.] ...I hv no choice except the only alternative is to go for unpaid leave and causing trouble to my colleagues. Hmmm..it's a hard decision to make.

I've been telling myself to hold on, wait & see...but what am i waiting for? for stress to subside or for a strong signal to stop? ...i guess..which comes first. It's very risky tho playing this kind of waiting game.

No, i'm not whiny, or trying to runaway fr work responsibilities, or trying to find excuse to stay at home [i've experienced the worst thing before this job and i survived for 1 year or maybe more if i was not transferred]. I do feel worried if tidak di confirm (tp fhm kalau org tanak confirmkan..krn byk sgt mc tanpa sengaja), i will feel guilty if i cause trouble to my good colleagues, i will feel guilty towards my boss and staff juga. But...i feel lebih worried with my condition+ the lil one's condition. Sekian, my complaint for today.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Do u know the difference between 2D,3D & 4D ultrasound?

2D (2 dimensional) image is the flat black and white picture that looks like an outline or skeletal image of your baby you get at your diagnostic ultrasound.
3D (3 dimensional) image will look more realistic, like a detail photograph of your baby.
4D (4 dimensional) actually uses the amazing 3D technology to view your baby in "live motion" like a video. 4D is when you get to see movements, such as kicking, waving, sucking their thumb, or even smiling.

Me? I only know about 4D bc of its orangey color and the baby pic is clear. I've heard of 3D but not 2D ultrasound (konon terlalu advance la sampai 2D tak pernah dgr). All i know is, all black and white sonograms is a sonogram la kan?...i dunno whether it's 2D ke, 3D ke except that i'm planning for a 4D at 26 weeks. Rupenyer, all these while my sonograms semuanye in 3D. Ape rasenye buat in 2D ek?? i wonder..

So, the plan is to get a 4D later. Ttp, God has something in stored either for us or maybe my mom (whom we dragged along so she can see her future cucu in action). Dgn bestnyer, at 15 weeks da dpt 4D without me having to seek for it and it's cheap like RM90 shj!! mungkin bc the gynae know i spent too much already or am like a loyal patient ke..tataula. U see, at other places..the price is quite expensive, depending where'd u go: kat KL 3 diff hospitals aje ranged around rm150-rm200. Expensive jugak what? Tp, i guess..all 1st time parents wouldnt mind spending their dime for the lil one insidekan? As long as we cud see the face, the lil hands wiggling, and the movement.

Jdnye, my mom seronok sungguh dpt tgk her future 1st cucu yg sgt active (pusing2, melompat, dan 2x percubaan utk menyorok) in 4D. A shy & active baby. We agreed that our lil one has a prominent feature like one of us (siapakah itu? me or the daddy? itu di rahsiakan dulu..until we r 100% sure of it = until our lil one is born ;P). And...about the gender? well...not yet confirmed kerana our lil one is too active moving inside. Perhaps by the next scan baru boleh nmpk clearly, itupun if our lil one tgh relax2 tak active. Yaaay!! we r using 4D after this to see our lil one:):):) To me, it's the best technology so far for someone like me whom is always worried about the lil one's condition

Note: About my job? tidak perlu bercerita pjg lebar. It's stressful giller for the mean time. Thank god i hv a godsend colleagues yg sedia membantu.

Friday, October 17, 2008

It's really wonderful hving pregnancy info at the tip of ur finger. I hv lots of preggie books [inherited from my mom, gifts from my mom frens, and sweet DH even bought me preggie mags apart from his motoring mags - to tell u the truth, as much as i appreciate books tp during this pregnancy...i just cant stand them]. So, what i did almost every week is hop on one website to anor reading about the progress of my lil one. Eventho almost every website is having the same info, tp ape2 jek la..since i prefer surfing over books & i craved for an info. I like this website, it has a baby illustration in 3D static, 3D rotatable and 2D from week 1 up to 42.

Am at my 15 weeks now & it says that:
Although many women don't start feeling the baby move until the 17th week (or later), your baby has been having his own party in the amniotic sac he calls home. If you feel a little flutter in your belly this week, don't discount it as gas or hunger. It could be your babe banging around.

Actually, i start feeling a little movement quite early around 13 to 14 weeks. Once, it felt so solid mcm ade daging yg tgh rotating inside and later it's just a gentle flutter every now and then ikut time (it's waaay different than a gassy/windy feeling in ur tummy). However, am still waiting for a stronger thumping/kicking from our lil one:)

Last nite i caught DH browsing thru baby names while completing his office work. Awww...so sweet la DH ku ini. The person whom i perceived as sgt cool & collected dalam ape2 situasi sekalipun. I never thot this cool person, excited rupenyer for our lil one and browsing thru baby names. I have yet to find baby names bc i think it's still too early, besides i didnt know for sure our lil one gender. Tp, whatever....why spoil the happy party? so, i jumped in and joined DH browsing thru baby names. It warms the cockles of my heart to see him glowed when he suggested a name. Deep down inside, i know..he's going to be a wonderful dad.