Thursday, March 24, 2011

2 yrs old Zara

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my girl, Zara!
Gotta get u a yummy beautiful buttercream cupcake today as ur aunties and uncles finished up ur rainbow cake while mama is not around.
It just feel weird not to have a cake on ur birthday, eventho we have celebrated it early.
Even a cupcake will do.
Kesian Zara x dpt abiskan rainbow cake, anyway..her poop is purple coloured last Monday. LOL! Must be due to the colouring.

Love u much Zara!

P/S: Ibu Yatt is in the hospital right now, struggling to pop out a baby sister for u on ur birthday! A perfect gift kan? U are gonna have 2 baby sisters to bully play with.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'll bake a thousand rainbows for her

Continuing where i left from my last entry..
Nope, we didn't celebrate Zara's 2nd birthday at SJMC as her dad refused to celebrate her daughter's birthday there.
So, we celebrate at home with four of us witnessed by my amused dad.

Here's the pic of my birthday girl who refused to blow the candle, she just smiled and successfully dipped her finger on the icing. Haih! cake is a a Pisa Tower cake, see..senget a bit. Lol.

This is how Zara's rainbow cake looks like...


Vibrant colours kan? Love the colours so much..

And, this is how she celebrate her 2 yrs. Get to eat a cake on her own. Zara simply refused to be spoon fed. She enjoyed eating the cake on her own.

The best thing is, she loves the cake! With every bite she said "dap..dap.." whilst nodding her head several times. Hahahaha.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

She's like a Rainbow

I'm so excited and i cudn't sleep.
I made this rainbow cake for Zara. It's for her early 2nd birthday party. That is today!
It's a shame we have to celebrate it early because i have to attend a conference this weekend.
At first, i planned to order this cake from ga-teaux. But, she was'nt available to bake Zara's rainbow cake:(
So, i decided to bake one for Zara! It took me about 7 hours and luckily Khaleef is such a cooperative good boy tonite as if he knew mommy's has a big project to complete.
It has 6 layers - red, orange, yellow, green,
blue and purple.
Ya..i know rainbow has 7 colors, but i can't find any indigo colouring in store..
Zara loves buttercake and buttercream frosting instead of chocolate cake.
I hope she likes my rainbow cake.
Auntie Ya, Unc Adam, Adib and Zara's Grandma will not be around today, they have to be at Sjmc as early as 7am for Auntie Ya's minor surgery:(
I know..why not we bring the party to Sjmc instead after the surgery!
Ok..i need to sleep's 5am, or else i wudn't be able to get up at 7am.

P/S: We decided to make Zara's 2nd birthday as a family only celebration, however we will throw an invitation for Khaleef' 1st birthday in Nov 2011.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Daddy + Mommy = Me

Khaleef's milestone at 4 months:

Apart from he can laugh, smile, cry, grab an object (such as one of the colorful spider's leg, small pillow, ur finger and his handkerchief)...
He can roll on his tummy.
When i'm about to sleep he'll roll around and look at me with a big grin on his face, as if to say "see mama i can roll!". Sgt cute! tp Yes..darling but u can't roll on to ur back. So, i have to roll him back to his sleeping position, but then..he'll roll on his tummy and give me a big grin on his face. Naughty ni..

He can lift up his head as well.

He loves his fingers sooo much. U'll find him staring at his fingers for a good 20 minutes!

He loves sucking his fists and chomping his fingers! sedap kot..

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Spoon

Hello March!!
I'm going to start my March entry with FOOD!

Location : Fat Spoon, Uptown Damansara (near Wondermilk)
Corum: Aina & Urs truly

See the door handle! Yes - One BIG SPOON

Children Story Book??? It reminds me of my kindergarten days...

Nope! It's the menu! Cutekan?

The crowd and the written menu's

More colourful Children Storybook menu!

The decor - Baju sape tah

Look at the decor above my head - a hanging pots & pans!!

U can see Aina's famished face behind that smile!

Finally, our food...

Nasi Kampung- White rice, Chicken curry, tamarind prawn, long beans, salted egg and pappadom. Sedap!

Pic: Courtesy of Kim (My camera fail to capture Aina's food)

Nasi Goreng Ulam - Kunyit chicken, nasi ulam, and pappadom. Sedap dr Nasi Kampung!

Our drinks - Ice Lemon Tea. Very refreshing and lemony (haha..ade ke ayat lemony?)

Eh! Aina stop reading a novel, jom balik! I'm full.

Owh! u r reading our bill;P

*the end*

Wednesday, March 2, 2011