Thursday, June 24, 2010

@ home on this beautiful Thursday morning

I hv several entry due to be post..everything is ready cuma maaalas nk upload pic.
I'm still on EL and right now having a delicious moment on the bed watching my lil angel sleeping.
Can i hv this moment everyday? At this time jugak???
Ooops..lil angel just farted while changing her position. Hahahaha. Tido pun leh kent*t.
She's doing ok, i guess her stress level is normal than when in the hosp.
Iye, baby pun ade high blood pressure ok bile stress. Her highest bp during stress was 192 and ape tah lg satu tu.
Itu bile dia nmpk nurse dtg nk check her fever, bp and give her meds.
I hope she will heal faster at home.
Next entry will be on segamat trip and on zara's hospitalised since sunday to wednesday.
But..wait till i feel rajin tu upload the pics.

Monday, June 14, 2010

We went to see our gynae last saturday.
My lil girl is no longer afraid of the doctor.
When the doctor greeted her with 'assalamualaikum' my surprise
She ran after the doctor and without malu2 she barged into the doctors room.
Luckily we r the first patient of the nite.

On bun #2,
He/She is healthy.
We dunno about the gender yet as the umbilical cord is in between his/her leg.
I hv an irritable uterus..hence the frequent contractions i get.
I hv to be on medication to relax dear uterus.
Our gynae suggested that i be put on bed rest, but i dunno what the hell am i thinking?!!!
Shd hv accepted it happily, but instead, i told the doctor if i can't stand it no longer then i'll request for it.
Heh!! Am i crazy or what? Bukannye best, i regretted for holding the offer.
Bun #2 is kicking right now..mcm tau2 je tgh blogging pasal dia.
I'm on mc today due to cramping at 3am and a migraine which refused to leave me at peace since yesterday.
Tanak dgr lg ckp doctor utk bed rest.

P/s: Lil pipi pau, get well soon. I know the hosp fud tasted yummy 2 u,
but Ibu's wedding is this wiken. Sihat cepat2!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I left my car at the office and went back home with DH. Kan best if everyday he cud fetch me. Eheh. Malas drive. Sampai rumah je, tgk Zara tgh tido..alhamdulillah. Hehehe..masing-masing b'kejar masuk bilik online. DH via laptop & me via hp. Haha..blissful. Owh..tibe-tibe ade ketukan di pintu, rupenyer Zara dah bgn, nk masuk bilik., i have to stop blogging. huhu..

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Yay!! i love wireless streamyx. I can connect to inet anytime, anywhere in the house via my phone. Shd hv thot of it earlier. Another good thing of online via phone is lil zara won't be bothering me. She's so into laptop. She'll step all over it, play with the screen, play with the mousepad, step on the keyboard and even successfully dig out the letter 'Z'!! I heart U wireless.       

Monday, June 7, 2010


CONGRATS!! to the newly wed - Dam & Shariel.

Shariel, welcome to the family. It's a lifetime membership;>

Below are the pics (Thanx Yatt) of the beautiful Bride & handsome Groom..of course our pics -the gorgeous mommies, 1 Mommy to be and 1 Bride to be with our adorable minis: