Monday, July 21, 2008

Shocking News

me: ko buat ape tu

princess: duk termenung tgk calender nk pk sape lg yg nk pg MAnjung kalau ltk aku kt ceruk selangor pun tkper melaka or seremban stil bleh tolerate.

princess: b rase nk nangis

jgn weh. jgn nangis. k.mah tak ckp ke ade org lain ke nk pegi ke?

princess: die kt tkder n tmpt tu urgent nk org

princess: b ko pun kene transfer ni jd Mg kt KL

iye ke??? serious???serious?????? ko main2 ke ape ke

princess: serius aku nmpk ni aku br dpt surat

me: nama penuh aku ke

princess: ade nama ko skali. yup

Above is the conversation i just had wiv one of my close friend. I'm on MC today, and the news is shocking! Me..transferred as something that i'm not ready to be??? I'd rather be pregnant and jump into the mommy wagon, at least i hv DH wiv me. I just told DH and SIL that i'm not ready to be a mg, when they suggested the idea.

I'm still absorbing the news. The transfer is effective in the month of august. That's like in 2 weeks time!!! Eeekss...crazy. I shd be thankful, at least my new place is in KL, that's what my close fren + my preggie angel told me.

....i need to calm down & go to the clinic to get my mc.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

"I do not believe in a fate that will fall on us no matter what we do. I do believe in a fate that will fall on us if we do nothing."


"Dah takdir...nak buat macam mane?"

Let's talk about something serious shall we? Did u read the quotes above? The 1st quote is from Ronald Reagan during his 1st inaugural address in 1981, while the 2nd quote is..well..the famous malay quote speaks for itself. I bet, u can see the attitude differences.

Me & DH talk about this looong time ago while we r still courting. One of his allegedly- self-profess - religious friend whom previously studied somewhere in Egypt raised this issue. The conversation might be something like this:-

Mr Self-Profess: So, u r with B now?

DH: Yes

Mr Self-Profess: Both of u looked head over heels. Aren't you afraid if ur fate said u will end up with somebody else?

DH: We thrived our best to end up together.

Mr Self-Profess: But if fate says the other way around. U can't do anything. [*go on to advice not to be so close to me]

DH: *speechless..

So, DH questioned me about it [*perhaps to test me or to see how far the conversation cud go]. I said..dear, it's true that the 6th pillars of iman is believe in qada' & qadar. But, does it mean we hv to just follow the fate and do nothing?? No, we can't do that. We have to do something to get what we want. Just look at the simple stuff u do every single day, in order to eat, u hv to buy food, cook, then eat. If u leave it to fate...will the food falls down on ur table?? No, isn't it? As simple as that. Anor example, jodoh. Most ppl said, jodoh dah ditetapkan. So what? does it mean u just hv to wait at home until jodoh comes knocking at ur door?

We r gifted with brains to think between positive and negative. If we hv to 100% put our faith in fate, then what is the purpose of prayer?? Why do we need to pray for something positive to happen to us??

So, i tell u what..the 2nd quote is a no brainer. It's all in the attitude. If u want something, work for it. If u can't get it, don't blame it on fate, blame it on u.

P/s: Don't use this for something negative tho'. Eg: U can't snagged anor woman's husband or fiance just bc u want ur r/ship to work out and blame it on fate. Think before u act.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

"How much of human life is lost in waiting."

Do u hate waiting? I do. I believe that no one enjoyed waiting, but love being waited for. Right??. Like me, i love when DH patiently wait for me to get ready. But, i lost my cool when waiting for DH. Right now, I'm still waiting for DH to get back from work. While waiting i've done cooking dinner, washing clothes / cleaning the house, watching my fave tv show, YMing / IMing and surfing. But, DH yet to come home.

Ppl who knew me wud asked me these famous question:

Mr A: DH da balik?
Me: Not yet.
Mr A: Pity u, kene tunggu ur DH sorg2 @ home.

Mr. S: Ko sorg ke kat umah?
Me: haah.
Mr. S: Tak balik lagi? da kol bape ni? always like this ke?
Mr: haah.
Mr. S: kesian ko...

Miss D: Dh da balik?
Me: still working
Miss D: cemane ko leh thn?
Me: He's working??

Miss N: Dh da balik ke?
Me: not yet.
Miss N: Hahaha..kene tinggal sesorg.
Me: no choice.

Mr A, Mr S, Miss D & Miss N are the example of ppl who's concerned about me. At least i guess?? hehe. Well, fyi i found it a bit hard the first time waiting @ home alone. But, later i'm enjoying my quiet nice home all to myself. I can hog the tv and watch my fave channel [*if DH is around, ESPN is forced to be my fave channel], I can surf the inet & chat with my angels, close frens, siblings [*if DH is around..i hv to fight for the table cuz both can online @ the same time, we hv router], I can skip washing dishes [*sape lambat dia basuh], and i can be on the phone talking & talking to my close frens.


I do miss DH @ times..& wishing he gets back early. But, i know..he has to work for us...or else i can't enjoy my fave comfy food @ our fave restaurants or holidayin' or shopping for new clothes or receiving surprise gifts. Eheh...for those treats i cud tolerate waiting:) & greet him wiv a sweet smile when he gets back. Err...not all the time tho...most of the time when he gets back i was asleep. Smiling while sleeping perhaps?? ;P No....seriously, i hv to be understanding, cuz this is the only time he has to work hard while he's still young. Saving for our future:) Besides, i believe, if given choice..he wudn't keep me waiting. Who wudn't want to be @ home where everything is comfy???
My Msia and its political chaos. Got fed up of reading newspapers. I don't know about u but, i found that the same issue being raised again & again with a different twist. Until when? tatau. I stopped buying the newspaper for about a month already. Until they bring up an interesting, more important issue then i'll start buying 'em.

About the much talk about debate. I was between watching my fave Gossip Girl online - chatting with my one preggie angel - talking to my DH - watching the debate. Guess which one attract my attention the most? Yes..Ed Westwick sexy voice caught my 99% attention, not the Info Minister or the ex-dpm. But, since i'm also on YM chatting with my intelligent preggie angel + talking to my DH at the same time [talk about multi-tasking] so..of course both were so into the debate which caused me to glance once in a while at the tv.

My comment on the debate is simple : 0-0. No satisfied answer given from both. However, credit shd be given to the Info Minister cuz i thot he won't be able to stand up to the much experienced ex-dpm.

My comment on the Gossip Girl: I Lurrve GG. I need to buy the vcd [Penang, wait for me..i'll be coming soon to borong vcds]. I told my preggie angel & my Bride-to-be angel, i hate OC & One Tree Hill, but i can accept Gossip Girl. Watching it just makes me feel younger [reminds me of my younger years particularly during my primary school]. My Bride-to be angel agreed wiv me but not my preggie angel who deceived the idea of watching those series [i think it's bc of pembwkan budak- she's carrying a boy, kene la macho].

Well, i'm happy cuz i hv something to look forward to when i got home - watch GG & online with preggie angel who just subscribed to streamyx. Am waiting for my Bride-to-be angel turning into Mrs and subscribe to streamyx at home, so we can chat & chat every nite while waiting for DH to come home.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Due to my delightness in having to blog again..while surfing thru widgets stuff, i realized something. I forgot to cook dinner for DH!! It was 8:30pm when i realized nothing was on the table. Owh seperti ribut di dapur, me trying to whip up dinner. He's gonna be back any minute.

I think i lost my touch in cooking..bleurrghh, i can no longer eat my own cooking, eventho DH said it was delicious [perhaps..nk jaga hati kot].

This is the result of being a working wife and being spoilt when Mil's visits us-she did all the cooking. And when she's not around... i went back to my parents home to eat or sweet talk DH out to our fave place, whenever i don't feel like cooking. an attempt to be Bree the perfect housewife meets dead end.

"There will be little rubs and disappointments everywhere, and we are all apt to expect too much; but then, if one scheme of happiness fails, human nature turns to another; if the first calculation is wrong, we make a second better: we find comfort somewhere . . . "

We are all apt to expect too much. That is so true.

I expect to get pregnant as soon as i get married but nay..after 2mths of being married i got sick with several diagnosis: miscarriage-infection-an abcess which caused me a major surgery & a wonderful 1 month MC + 1 month away fr coa for induction [that's 2 months-i've never been grateful]. I hv no idea what really caused it, so did the gynae but i managed to passed through it all with lots of TLC from my family.

I expect to recover as soon as possible and start conceiving. Met my gynae without failure every month - still the result is i'm not yet conceive. Disappointed. But, i'm grateful that the result from those appointments turn out to be that i'm healthy and fertile.

I expect to get pregnant after 4 months of operation..but...hey..the red one turns up loyally every month. Disappointment. I stopped meeting my gynae, because we want nature to take its course since i hv no problems to conceive. I'm very thankful because i'm married to a wonderful soul who is very understanding.

But i tell u next next neexxxt month i will keep on expecting. Haha. Sungguh never learnt from a lesson because i found that from disappointment, i will always find comfort in another form. The comfort is in the form of DH spoiling me with my comfort food & i luv it!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Luv Hate Relationship

I hv 2 blogs attempt prior to this one.

First attempt : i managed to keep the blog for almost 2 years (now the blog name was used by somebody else)

Second attempt: create it when my gynae told me i miscarried (thot i need some motivation by writing, but i end up not posting.)

Third attempt: i hope i can hold on to this one just like i did before.

So...hey! i'm back again.