Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Week 21


  • You may be able to see your abdomen ripple as the baby moves.

  • Although being a little out of breath right now is probably because the uterus is pushing up against your lungs, it is a good idea to make sure your iron levels are high enough. Anemia can also cause breathlessness.

  • You should be feeling more emotionally stable now.

  • You may notice some swelling in your legs. Try to avoid standing for long periods of time and put your feet up when you sit down.


  • Your baby should be moving vigorously by now and can be stimulated or soothed by you.

  • Baby's legs have grown longer and are now in the proper proportion to the rest of his body.

  • The baby is hungry even if you are not, so try not to skip any meals.

Ok...that explains why i'm hungry seconds after having my meal. Lapa dan lapa dan lapa aje. Lil one, are u really hungry??? or is it mommy's tummy crying for food??? huhuhu. I think, it must be u & not mommy's poor tummy, since u r kicking vigorously in here but behaved like an angel when mommy is having her meal 15 minutes ago. If like this lil one, mommy will be H-U-G-E by end of trimester.

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