Thursday, December 11, 2008

When she first felt her son´s groping mouth attach itself to her breast, a wave of sweet vibration thrilled deep inside and radiated to all parts of her body; it was similar to love, but it went beyond a lover´s caress, it brought a great calm happiness, a great happy calm.

—Milan Kundera´s "Life is Elsewhere".

Breast pump is one of the equipments in my long list of baby stuff.
The dilemma : Shd i buy b4 or after delivery?

Why do u need a breast pump? to collect your milk so your baby can have it when you're not around, and to maintain your milk supply when you're together. This is essential if you're going back to work but want to continue nursing. A breast pump is used to stimulate your milk production and increase your supply, to collect milk to feed a premature baby or one who can't latch on to your breast, or to relieve the pain and pressure of engorged breasts.

Ellanie posted:

Berdasarkan pengalaman...kalo mommies ade niat nk fully bf baby yg bakal lahir..elokla sediakan pump..jgn riso @ takot susu takde & fikir beli pump tu takut tak guna nnti..sbb secara tak langsung kita mcm tak percaya yg kita boleh & ada susu yg byk utk baby...tanamkan dlm hati...yg kita MEMANG BOLEH fully positif..(semangat nih!!)..kalo tak yakin/takut membazir jugak..beli la yg murah...asalkan ade..sbb commonly baby kena jaundice & admit case kita takleh temankan..kita still boleh supply BM utk baby kisah benar sy...masa sy beli sume kelengkapan baby..including breastpump..mak sy cakap..sumenya nk beli..guna ke nnti?biasela org2 tua..kan kalo ikut org2 tua, tak elok beli kelengkapan awal2..tapi sy ni jenis nk lengkap sume..sbb husband tak brape pandai memilih plak jenis yg cerewet..nak tak nak sume nya sy kena beli sebelum bersalin...nk suruh husband beli sorang2 masa sy lps bersalin..takut salah beli plak kan...hehe..nk jd kan sy kena masuk ward 2 hari sbb jaundice..nasib baik dah beli breastpump..& alhamdulillah sepanjang 2 hari tu baby sy menikmati susu badan sy.husband ulang alik sepital anto supply...sblm bersalin mmg sy dah beli sume yg ade dlm list..alhamdullillah..tak membazir pun brg2 yg sy beli..sume fully utilized..

Ummi posted:

setujuuuu dgn ellanie... mindset tu penting..
saya dulu pam guna hospital nye tapi kene share dan leceh la.. kalau hospital x de pam kan ke susah.... jadi beli le breastpump awal2.

Mami posted:

Mami rasa nak cakap pada mak2 yang rasa dia takde susu lepas bersalin tu.. Cuba lahirkan anak premature.. Dia tak dapat direct feeding.. Kena exclusive expressing je, stimulation dari pam je. Dari hari pertama dah kena susukan, kalau tak ada susu, ape nak bagi dia makan? Kat hosp ni, nurse cakap "kalau u tak hantar susu, baby you tak makan ape2 lah". Macamana?.

Ok..enuff la, just the 3 comments. Other comments pun almost similar like these three (i chosed the best comments shj). The vice comments wud be wat ape beli awal, mane tau susu takde ke? or sikit ke? tak gune the breast pump ke? the baby tak mau bf ke? buat rugi je beli and etc...

I's up to you. If u really intend to bf ur baby & u hv the money to buy a breastpump...why not? ala2, mcm sediakan payung sebelum hujan [anything can happened]. Takde la last minute br nk tercari and survey which one is the good one. Konon2 sblm baby kuar..u can look at the breastpump and bersemangat waja gitu nk bf. U hv a good intention what? if let's say, all goes wrong...end up u cant bf ur baby- u can auction ur breastpump at ebay / donate it to ur pregnant frens ke ur sister ke / keep it for ur 2nd baby / donate it to the charity ke hospitals ke. At least u know deep down, u've tried ur best to bf ur baby.

There are many brands out there for a breastpump (i only search for a single breast pump bc double breastpump is soooooooo pricey RM1k++-RM2k++, but if u got the money+a working mother to be/mom-go for the double)

1) Medela -
: tho Medela Mini E looks cute but i'm not interested bc the salesgirl told me it's quite noisy. So, i asked her noisy cemane? she replied: org boleh dgr la if u tgh breastpump, sbb bunyi mesin nyer kuat. Hmm..i intend to do it discreetly ok.
:the Medela Harmony is ok (based on its name la, harmony) dia manual. I need manual/electric/battery.

Michelle for Medela Mini E
Score: 1 out of 5

"I thought since the hospital used Medela that it has to be a great product Boy was I wrong It is loud Heavy and tends to leak in to the lines. Plus the plastic seems cheaper then other pumps. This product was a pure disapointment. Was so painful. Im actually going to find myself another one for my second child.

Ain for Medela Mini E
Score: 3 out of 5

Bunyi medela saya ni bising.. kawan cakap macam mesin rumput, ada yang cakap macam blender.. saya tak kisah.. jasa dia banyak.. sebelum ON, saya akan balut dulu dgn telekung... baru mulakan projek.. tak la bunyi dia bising sgt....

Hani for Medela Harmony
Score: 5 out of 5

"I have seven children and have breastfed all of them. I've had to use pumps on occasion when I could not nurse and this was by far the easiest breast pump that I've ever used. I've used 6 different brands and types and this one is tops! Milk flow is produced quickly, the assembly is very simple, it is light weight and extremely portable -- just really a great product."

2) Spectra
: There are ppl who gave two thumbs up for this brand. Perhaps it's really good and affordable. Tp looking at the size of the machine itself is a turn off for me. It's too bulky. I need a compact and a small one. Urs truly is small to carry this bulky machine to work.
: Oleh kerana kebulky-annyer, i didnt do any research on this brand.

3) Tommee Tippee (u can get it at mothercare-ade satu model je so far yg nmpk kat situ)
: the breastpump kelihatan unik and cute. Ttp it's manual. The price is around RM199. However, it's for occasional use. I read a comment somewhere that excessive use akan menyebabkan sore nips.

Mother of one
Score: 4 out of 5

an easy to use pump ideal if you're travelling as it has its own carry bag, my let down came quickly too, and it was comfortable to use, my only downside is that its not really for frequent use(like all handpumps!)but its ideal for mums who just need to express occasionally, or as a spare pump for those reliant on an electric pump.

3) Avent
-Ade several Avent: Avent ISIS (Manual), Avent ISIS IQ UNO (Electric/Manual/Battery, variable control, electric memory, ultra quiet, powerful motor.)

Abby for Avent ISIS
Score: 5 out of 5

"Easy to use. Lightweight. Fast clean up. I chose this pump because it had everything I was looking for in a pump. Using the Isis is very convenient for me because I can pump right into the Avent bottle that my son will eat from. There’s no need to pour the milk into anything else after pumping, which makes things so easy for me when I’m in a hurry."

Jennifer R. for Avent ISIS IQ UNO
Score: 4 out of 5

"I've been using this pump for about 6 weeks. I chose it over the Medela because I like the Avent bottles and wanted to stick to one product and be able to pump directly into the bottles I'd be using. I think it works great - when I had my daughter 4 years ago I tried the Avent manual pump and liked the design, but found the manaul pumping a little tedious. This has the same design, but does the pumping for you. I have found the motor strong using both electricity and the battery pack. The only drawback is that the motor is attached to suction cup, so you're holding both while pumping and it gets a bit heavy - but I'm fine with it and like the overall simplicty of the design better than the Medela."

I hv my eyes on Avent ISIS IQ UNO. It has all the features that i'm looking for: electric/battery/manual (3 in 1), and ultra quiet. So far i heard good reviews of this single breast pump. It is quite pricey. However, i know a place where i can get it at a lesser price for year end sale:> **Ngee!!!


Anonymous said...

sila lah beli avent isis IQ tu ye...
heard mmg very good n less work
die akan imitate the way ur baby suck so dat milk supply will not cease..
personal experience...kalau 100% pump tanpa baby directly feed akan stopkan suply sbb tak sama sucking rhytam...
sob sob
takleh nak bg aqeel bm dah...:<
kalau boleh afford silalah beli

so dat i can borrow for my 2nd baby...
hahahahahahhahahaha ;p

Anonymous said...

:P Sbnrnyer entry ni adalah draft, Masa finalise this entry, i already hv it at home. Hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

so i can borrow first before aku mmg nak bf sendirik anak aku..klw di berikan keizinan dari Allah

Anonymous said...

Pit: Since u said this is a good one. Lega rase, sbb i bought the right one for now. Cuma, tatau future use akan successful or not.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha..berebut nk pinjam la;p