Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Do u know the difference between 2D,3D & 4D ultrasound?

2D (2 dimensional) image is the flat black and white picture that looks like an outline or skeletal image of your baby you get at your diagnostic ultrasound.
3D (3 dimensional) image will look more realistic, like a detail photograph of your baby.
4D (4 dimensional) actually uses the amazing 3D technology to view your baby in "live motion" like a video. 4D is when you get to see movements, such as kicking, waving, sucking their thumb, or even smiling.

Me? I only know about 4D bc of its orangey color and the baby pic is clear. I've heard of 3D but not 2D ultrasound (konon terlalu advance la sampai 2D tak pernah dgr). All i know is, all black and white sonograms is a sonogram la kan?...i dunno whether it's 2D ke, 3D ke except that i'm planning for a 4D at 26 weeks. Rupenyer, all these while my sonograms semuanye in 3D. Ape rasenye buat in 2D ek?? i wonder..

So, the plan is to get a 4D later. Ttp, God has something in stored either for us or maybe my mom (whom we dragged along so she can see her future cucu in action). Dgn bestnyer, at 15 weeks da dpt 4D without me having to seek for it and it's cheap like RM90 shj!! mungkin bc the gynae know i spent too much already or am like a loyal patient ke..tataula. U see, at other places..the price is quite expensive, depending where'd u go: kat KL 3 diff hospitals aje ranged around rm150-rm200. Expensive jugak what? Tp, i guess..all 1st time parents wouldnt mind spending their dime for the lil one insidekan? As long as we cud see the face, the lil hands wiggling, and the movement.

Jdnye, my mom seronok sungguh dpt tgk her future 1st cucu yg sgt active (pusing2, melompat, dan 2x percubaan utk menyorok) in 4D. A shy & active baby. We agreed that our lil one has a prominent feature like one of us (siapakah itu? me or the daddy? itu di rahsiakan dulu..until we r 100% sure of it = until our lil one is born ;P). And...about the gender? well...not yet confirmed kerana our lil one is too active moving inside. Perhaps by the next scan baru boleh nmpk clearly, itupun if our lil one tgh relax2 tak active. Yaaay!! we r using 4D after this to see our lil one:):):) To me, it's the best technology so far for someone like me whom is always worried about the lil one's condition

Note: About my job? tidak perlu bercerita pjg lebar. It's stressful giller for the mean time. Thank god i hv a godsend colleagues yg sedia membantu.

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