Sunday, March 22, 2009

I really wanted to update an entry and in the midst of editing pics to be updated together wiv the new entry. But then, i feel belly started giving me this period pain like since this evening & this SE cable won't tolerate well wiv me today [stupid cable..tukar fon kang baru tau]. So..i guess, i shd just continue reading my book (bought looooadds of books fr the latest MPH warehouse sale) wc left a big damage to our accounts. No regrets tho..i enjoyed reading, and Kb Jr seemed to enjoy it whenever i read it outloud & started to kick like crazy whenever i stopped. I bought a touchable baby book as well. I almost bought a narnia story book, but DH wanted me to wait for the next sale until Kb Jr cud read;P ngehehe..

I'll update the new entry later ya.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On Sunday morning, our iron lady (that's my mom) was hospitalized for the first time due to sickness. Ok, serious kelam kabut everyone. All these while, my mom would make sure that everything is in order for everyone. I was sooo used to being manja2 tak buat keje byk2 & berat2 since i'm pregnant (giler mengada....i know) i almost forgot how to manage a household *Ngehehehe (cemane nk jadik a good mommy ni?). Thank god...i hv a helpful DH, together we managed to make sure everything's in order and mama gets a good rest with my lil sister accompanying her at nite.

On Monday, we (me & Kb Jr) accompanied my mom the whole day. While waiting for the doctor to make her rounds...i read a book, and see what happens below?

Someone menyibuk2 nk baca buku sama2...

Kb Jr enjoyed reading as much as her mommy:) *chuckles

P/S: My mom was discharged on Tuesday and thank god..the MRI result turned out to be ok. However, she's still left with a vestibular balance disorder.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Crazy Talk??

More like a crazy need. This pregnancy hormone made me bought these.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Check up Day
  • Mommy's current weight : 54.7kg and Kb Jr's current weight: 2.4kg
  • Semua ok, except that i got flu and my BP when up a bit high (Dr said maybe because i'm too active)
  • Kene inject ATT- Sakit! (*maybe because nurse itu men psycho ckp : sakit tau bile ubat ni masuk)
  • We asked our Ob-Gyn on her opinion regarding cord blood. She's against it with a valid reason & not bc of the conservative thinking as the stem ppl told us she is. So...we r still thinking on whether to continue with the cord blood thing or what. Currently, we r reviewing the agreements.
  • We met a stemcell agent before we went for a checkup. I was so amused went she told me that my Ob-Gyn is always against the rule. She has her own set of mind & did not care what ppl said. *I like her even more.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Your Pregnancy: Week 35
Now that D-day (that's delivery day) is sneaking up on you, you may start to get nervous about what a literal pain in the you-know-what it'll be. But instead of focusing on the "ouch!" of it all, focus on the "oooh!" of it: meeting your baby for the very first time.

What You're Thinking:
"Should I bring my cute bathrobe to the hospital with the matching furry slippers or is that just crazy talk?"

Hahahaha..serious betul, i've been thinking of bringing a cute pink bathrobe and a matching furry slippers. Mmg a crazy talk, bc when i thought about it out loud infront of la senza shop, my sister said "Ko ingat ko nk buat fashion show ke kat hospital?". Ngehehe..ok..ok..tak jadik.

U see the baby gaga calendar up there? i always wonder bile la nk sampai kat baby yg last sekali tu. Lambatnyer nk sampai. Today...finally da sampai kat baby yg last. Scary thoughts: EDD is around the corner. *shivers..

Monday, March 9, 2009

"I'm afraid that i'll be helpless and can't take it when i see my wife in pain during delivery. I'm attending ante-natal class with her so that i know what to expect and to prepare myself not to scream at the doctors or nurses when i see her in pain." ~my DH~

On weekends we went to ante natal class kan? As promised, here's the review secara briefly:

SATURDAY (8:30am-5pm) *No Pics were taken during the class kerana sleepy ketika talk & due to aksi2 blue ketika ber exercise;P
  • Ini dia goodie bag that we received as soon as we registered. Lots of gifts including baby apparel, milk and etc.

  • Talk about breastfeeding - How to breastfeed ur baby and byk jenis talk lagi which i can't remember now. But, the conclusion is "BREAST IS GOOD". [DH seemed so interested with this topic..i wonder why???*lol]
  • Exercise during pregnancy, prepare ur body for delivery and post natal. (Time ni yg paling fun). Ade several type of exercises to prepare u for delivery. Antaranyer: SQUATTING (If u can squat 5 times with a BIG & LOWERED BELLY, both heels on the ground (tak ternaik la tumit tu) means ur body r fit. PROUDLY ANNOUNCING THAT I AM FIT!!;)))) DH silelah berbangga ur wife yg cute ini fit, KEGELS (this is exercise for the inner muscles in your vagina (the ones that help you not to pee when you want to), ANGRY CAT POSTURE (Imagine kan kucing tgh nk gaduh or marah..camtu la posture yg u shd be doing) and PROPER BREATHING (Deep, Low & Pant).
  • The sessions ends with the exercise. However, our schedule masih belum end. We went to MV bc DH nk cari ape tah. We had our dinner there and went straight home. Tp still i can't rest!! bc DH pegi booked ticket to see The Legend of Chun Li itu at 9:15pm & ade attempt merajuk when i refused to go. I was deprived of good rest & sleep till 12am and hv to wake up early for another session tomorrow morning.

SUNDAY (8:30am-5pm) * No pics again, bc Kb dgn jayanyer merajuk for the first time selama 10 jam. Wow..rekod nih first time ever merajuk selama ni mmg tak pernah merajuk with DH. Reasons? blame it on the sensitive pregnancy hormones.
  • We turned up half and hour late for the class. Tp the most amusing thing was, our OB-Gyn (lil that i know that she's going to be one of the speaker) turned up even late than us. Thank god my Ob-Gyn gave the talk on least i know what to expect from her. I like her even more!! [Despite the non approval look given by one of the gynae that i met when i mentioned my Ob-Gyn's name, I completely trusted my Ob-Gyn for this delivery:)))]. u r allowed to eat/drink in labour room to boost up ur energy [of course when u r in excruciating pain, u won't be having a lavish meal..a slice of apple or a kurma wud be all u need and some water], She won't performed episiotomy if she saw that u don't need one, She will guide u thru delivery and stressed on the husband to be there-assisting her, coaching the wife and reciting adzan as soon as the baby is crowning [cool], and the best part is she wants the husband to clamp the cord [ala2 perasmian gitu].
  • Mostly Sunday talk revolved around Breastfeeding again (crucial topic..they really want us MOMMIES TO BE out here to breastfeed our baby and A BIG FAT NO to formula)- As for me it's ur choice, u know that breast is good..but not everyone can commit up to 2 yrs kan? Let's try our best shall we?, Preparation During Delivery and After Delivery, Types of Drugs (i was not surprised when the anaesthetician promotes sgt2 the usage of epidural - iye la epidural boleh senyap kan the patient and eased the pain away itupun, if u r not the 1% yg can still feel the pain eventho epidural da jalan -then's ur choice. DH said he preferred me to hv epi so that i won't feel any pain. * :)) such a darling..well, i refused as for now) and Caring for baby -bathing, cleaning, massaging.
  • A cord blood talk by Stemlife- The talk is very brief, mostly i've read in their pamphlet and via research (maybe because they r running out of time). However, our conclusion is: In order to secure ur child future and the family too in terms of health and financial...let's store our baby cord blood into the stem cell bank. Which bank did u wanna choose? is up to u. But we chose this bank [reputable, fully licensed, recognised by MOH & a public listed company too].
  • most anticipated session in ante natal class- visiting the labour room, the nursery and post natal room. I really really wanted to see the labour room-the ctg machine, the bed, the lighting and etc. Curious ek? (I wonder if there's anybody like me out there?). All these time, i imagined that labour room must've looked like those in the drama less privacy-chaos everywhere, ppl cursing in pain, baby crying and what not. I was soooo relieved as soon as i saw their labour room yg sgt privacy, each room per person, thick walls & doors, a chair for one person (preferably for Daddy to be), Ayat2 Al-Quran and etc.

Pegilah ante-natal class, it's never too early or too late i.e, eventho ur pregnant belly is still not showing or ur edd is near (I think...i'm the only one there with a super low belly (org lain yg belly besar still belum lightening ade yg 7 bulan, 6 bulan, 5 bulan, 4/3 bulan pun ade) sampaikan the midwife touched my belly and asked me bile due ni? nmpk cam tak lama lagi ni. *Ngee. .).

I personally think that attending ante-natal class is good to prepare both mommy&daddy to be mentally and physically. SO, i STRONGLY RECOMMENDED each and every mommy & daddy to be to attend ante-natal class. Preferably, at the place where u r going to deliver so that u know what to expect. *Shooh..shooh those who did not sign up lagi, pegi cepat2 sign up now.

I like the hospital bc they really stressed on breastfeeding and on the importance of Husbands to be there during and after delivery (WAJIB ADA SAMA) tak kire normal delivery or c-sec :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Tomorrow & Sunday we will be attending ante-natal class!

According to Dr Delaila, we r late for ante natal class already. We r supposed to attend the class during 28 weeks lagi. Hehehe. Doctor, my DH ialah seorg yg sgt busy..he worked during weekends. We've got no time to enroll into any classes for the last three months. Now, we r free..jadik rasenyer it's never too late lagi. Besides, i always reminded Kb Jr not to come out early until all of us (mommy, daddy & baby) attend the ante natal class.

**Good girl (patting my tummy). I am scared of early delivery sbnrnyer.
I really love shopping during pregnancy


I bought these 3 sets only today:

But..i got these gifts!! including an extra gift: a white watch (i think i must've looked really cute & adorable during pregnancy;P).

And...i got this cute bunny (with ears) pink pillow as a gift too from Pn to Kb Jr!! CUTE & SGT SGT SOFT!

I just realized this evening that, i've lots of vouchers & free gifts [pics of other free gifts tu rasenyer tak perlu lah nk amik & tempek sini kan?] during pregnancy as compared to not being pregnant phase (sampai bole kasik vouchers to Aqeel's mommy). I think Kb Jr is one lucky baby, she brings luck into our lives:>>>

P/S: I'm one happy shopper today sbb dpt beli brg utk diri sendiri.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

  • I've done packing my belongings for Hospital! DH forced me to pack everything ready.
  • On Saturday since my gynae is not around, we went for a check up with Dr Delaila, SJMC (she's good & i like listening to her explanations which is very the very detail. Our lil one di measured from head to toe-yep, that kind of detail). So, if any of u is planning to go to SJMC, go see Dr Delaila. She has her own clinic too in Subang SS19-we went to her clinic.
  • She confirmed that it's 99.99% a Kb jr. Yaaay..i'm soooo happy to include in the cute pinkie blanket in my hospital bag!! Suke sgt :)
  • Again, DH insisted on organizing all baby belongings. So, we've folded all baby gear and baby care into a separate plastic container.
    Hmmm...DH nesting instinct is stronger than me ke? as i don't really feel like organizing baby stuff yet. that everything is in place i hv less work to do and more time to relax & enjoy the few weeks left. Stuff my face silly with every fattening food that i want, cuz i'm about to be deprived off it for 2 months or maybe a year on certain food. Well..u hv a good excuse to be fat healthy chubby in order to conceive and during pregnancy kan? (Biarla sampai org tak kenal sbb too chubby ke ape ke kan? *lol). But i'm not going to forgive myself if i cant fit into my red tab super low hip levi's (I missed u bunches suar jeans!!) & not able to walk my fave high heels after delivering Kb jr.
  • Now..the cepumas question has come from our family: Dah ade nama ke? Hmm..well, we r finalizing on the names. We want our lil one to hv a B like ours KBZB, but later decided against it biarla nama kitorg jek got B's but our lil ones ZK. Any suggestions? ;>

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm craving for this since waaay before pregnancy and during 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

Akhirnye, on Friday i'm able to locate the baker after a year and 8 months of searching for this particular baker. TQ Auntie for the delicious 1kg carrot cake with cheese on top and in between layers, lots of grated carrots, raisins, and walnuts. It's a sinful (sbb ade cheese) healthy (sbb ade carrot) cake. Tho' i missed the tembam tiny baby carrot deco/design. Well, what matters is the taste is waaaay delicious and yummier than secret recipe or la manila carrot cake.

p/s: Elin, ini la carrot cake yg aku craved kan itu =>