Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wehooo!! my crave for middle eastern cuisine da fulfilled!! Tho i didnt get to eat any pita bread straight from the other part of the world / it's shawarma. But, i'm grateful with what i hv:

Little did my mom knows that i crave for shawarma [i didnt tell my parents / DH about my middle eastern cravings pun, as i dont want them running around searching for the food]. My mom went to KL and happened to pass by the delicious shawarma stall and bought me some because she remembered that i love shawarma;>>>


Yesterday, all of us including MIL & SIL went to our fave middle eastern restaurant [Al-diafah] and i stuffed myself full of its delicious hommus, lamb, aden tea, almond milk, bread and kabsa rice. I think the lil one enjoys it as much as i do [it's been kicking softly to arab songs during dinner. I take it as his/her way of enjoying;>].

Now...i am craving for victoria sandwich cake!!! Dear lil one, of all days..nape today? Sunday, Teapot Cafe is closed la. Huhu.

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