Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No..it's not Blood!!

Girls will always be girls..

I was folding linens..while zara is playing behind me with something (i didnt bother looking) while talking in her own language.
Suddenly all was quiet..i turned to look at her wondering 'apsal baik sgt ni'...I was shocked looking at her face at first, then i looked at her hands n screamed ' Zara!! NO!!! Stila mama!!!'
My lip stila pallette is ruined bc of this girl's artwork. 

tgk..budak calit lipstick kat muke

ade hati tgk cermin, admiring her artwork..a narcissist?

She giggled after being scolded

I just hv to capture zara's first lipstick moment. 
*sigh..i hv to be more careful next time..how on earth did she get her hands on my make up bag? I guess..i under estimate her height. Huhu

Friday, October 22, 2010

Auntie B in da houz!!

I'm officially an auntie today:)
Introducing my 1st nephew...

                                                                                   1 day old

Now, zara has a playmate!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mode: Nangis sampai bengkak mata

I miss my baby daughter...
Everyone's gone to Putrajaya bc my sister's at the hospital n gonna deliver her 1st baby anytime.
Everyone's camping at my MIL's house, except me & dh bc we hv to work tmrrw.
My parents decided to bring zara along as nobody going to look after her after we r off to work.
This is my 2nd time being far fr zara:(
I hate this feeling.
I went bawling after seeing her curly hair bobbing out from the car window while waving gbye at us..
....i cried looking at her pampers..
....i cried looking at her playpen..
....i cried looking at her favourite toys..
....i cried looking at vitagen bottles..that's her favourite drink..
....ok, i think i shd stop crying. I don't need a puffy face n eyes tmrrw.
DH been sweet, trying to console me..sorry dear, i don't know why am i so emotional.

Zara..mama miss u so bad;,,(

p/s: perhaps i shd blame my pregnancy hormone for this outbreak.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Weird thing happened after 4 days of misery.
This morning, i woke up and the contractions were gone! Lalala...
I slept peacefully last nite and woke up this morning feeling energized n painless.
Even thru out the day till now, i only felt contractions thrice, x every hour n mins like the past 4 days.
I guess bun #2 changed his mind;)
Just to scare myself, i read that when u've reached 2cm-4cm dilation, the regular contractions that
u've been hvg for several days will suddenly stop. It's a way for your body to rest, until active labor sets in several
days later. They called it prodromal labor. *gigit jari..
Owh well...whatever it is, i'm relieved that i'm x delivering anytime soon and i'm happy that i'm painless.
I can go to work happily n hv great lunches with my colleagues.
It's time to enjoy my final weeks with lots of food n quality time with zara.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Timing Contractions

In case u r wondering...i'm still here!
Despite the contractions and all the toilet drama, i'm still baking bun #2.

Went to the hosp yesterday to check on the contractions.
Dr said it might be braxton hicks or pre-term labor. But, since the baby seems active, water bag pun full lagi and everything seems nice except that my tummy is really low and the shooting pains, Dr said it might be braxton hicks la.

OK..kalau braxton hicks kenapa sgt sakit mcm nk bersalin ni?? pls...go away pain! i wanted to enjoy my final weeks.

Dr gave me 3 days mc to time the contraction in order to determine which is which.
Eventho i'm on mc for 3 days, being a workaholic me..kononnyer lah, i am in the office right now and perhaps langkah kanan masuk ct, bc after 2 hours of trial..parties wanted to resolve the matter. GOOD!! I like that.
Now, i need someone to fetch me home.

On Dr's instruction: to time contraction.
I'm a failure lah on timing my own contractions....when the pain comes, if i can bear it, i'll bear it. If i can't..then what choice do i hv? still kene thn jugak la kan? i'll grip on anything that i cud or i just bit my lips till the pain goes away.
I've uploaded contractions timer application yesterday, however, when the pain comes i failed to push the start button because i am too focus on handling the pain.
I'll try my best to time it today or tomorrow.

I need to lie down.
I want to go home now.

Hope that bun #2 cud hold on tight until our anniversary date.

p/s: Betul la org ckp experience pregnantkan anak 1st and 2nd is diff.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Yesterday evening, i had a mild contraction.
Around 3am onwards, i woke up thrice due to diarrhea.
I am not sure whether it's food poisoning or if it's the onset of labour?
However...the weird and funny thing is..all i cud think of before entering the toilet on the 3rd time was "I am FAMISHED!! What shd i eat ek.. after i'm done with tis??"
Err...correct me if i'm wrong, in a normal diarrhea situation...u wouldn't be thinking of food what more having an appetite kan??? Plus, no one who had lunch n dinner with me yesterday seems to be complaining of diarrhea.
I googled about my situation and found that some women goes into labour 2-3 days after experiencing diarrhea. Some women pulak 1-2 weeks after that.

Well...the conclusion is, if it's gone within 24 hrs then perhaps it's just a stomach bug, but if it persists with contractions...then i hv to be prepared...uhuh.
Bun#2 we r just 34 weeks 5 days dear, 37 weeks is in 2 weeks time la!! Sabar la...

The most common signs that labor may soon begin include:

  • The baby "drops" or engages into the pelvis, which is called lightening. Lightening may occur two to four weeks prior to labor in first-time mothers and often not until labor begins if you have previously had children. - Checked
  • Your abdomen usually appears lower and more protruding - Checked n even more obvious this morning.
  • You may experience a greater ease in breathing, relief from heartburn and an ability to eat larger portions. - Checked
  • Frequent bowel movements may be experienced within 48 hours of labor, cleansing the lower bowel in preparation for birth. - Was it??
  • Diarrhea or flu like symptoms without fever. Indigestion, nausea, or vomiting are common a day or so before labor begins. - Hmm...
  • Increased vaginal discharge during the last few weeks of pregnancy as the body prepares for the passage of the baby through the birth canal. - Checked
  • Increased Braxton-Hicks contractions during the last weeks of pregnancy, which are "practice" contractions that prepare the uterus for labor and may cause some effacement and dilation (thinning and opening) of the cervix. These contractions do not ordinarily cause pain but may be sufficiently strong and regular to be confused with true labor. This is referred to as false labor. - Checked, been having this since 1st trimester bc i hv an irritable uterus..i can't differentiate the two anymore.
  • Possible "bloody show" or the release of slightly brown, pink or blood-tinged mucus from effacement and dilation (the thinning and opening) of the cervix, causing the mucus plug to be released from the cervix. - Not yet
  • Some women notice a sudden burst of energy, sometimes called a "nesting instinct" approximately 24-48 hours before the start of labor. You may feel a strong desire to clean the house and prepare for the baby. Try not to tire yourself as nature gives you this extra energy to help you during labor. If you must be active, be careful not to overexert yourself! - OK..we've cleared our room since last week n i've packed our hospital bag.
  • A loss or leveling off in weight may be noticed in the last few days before labor begins. It is common to lose 1-3 pounds of fluid before labor begins as a result of hormonal shifts. - I lost half a kg. Does it count? hehe
  • Mother just feels "different," not quite herself. - I feel different today...i just wanted to sleep. Eh..wait, bukan everyday ke mcm ni? but i do feel a lil bit different today..got headache and feels seram sejuk perhaps from lack of sleep.
  • The bag of water may break. Depending on the location of the break in the amniotic sac, the break can feel like a gush, or an uncontrolled trickle of fluid coming from the vagina. - Unchecked
10 out of twelve were checked.
Adakah bun #2 has its own plan??? nk keluar on 10.10.10??? or deciding to hv his own birth date tanak share with grandma & mama pit? or tanak kuar on our anniversary date which falls on 2.11?
We'll just wait n see...as i'm typing this i felt so sleepy and still having a mild contraction n mcm ade bowling bowl nk terjatuh down there.

P/s: I didnt experience this with my 1st child...uh..i need to go to the toilet again..

Monday, October 4, 2010

I am extremely tired.

I wish i'm not at the office right now but having a sweet dream in my bed with lil zara.

We finally managed to fulfill invitations of open house and beraya last weekend - aqiqah+open house and meeting dh's best friend.

Ye....dua rumah je pun, but I've 2 energizer bunnies - inside and outside my body. Handling both of them is a handful and tummyful.

I can't imagine handling these two in the near future. I noticed that bun #2 is all excited when zara's at her utmost active behaviour or when she's talking loudly in her i'm-not-a-baby-not-yet-a-toddler language. Bun #2 will be kicking vigorously, rolling and making tsunami inside like nobody business. Sakit ok mcm nk terberanak je.

Oh..minus this week, i hv approximately less than 3 weeks (if bun #2 is like zara who came out 3 weeks earlier) until i met our latest addition of lil energizer bunny.

I gained 2 kilos within 1 & 1/2 week and believe me the gaining process won't stop until delivery day because i'm constantly hungry towards the end of third tri. Err...bukan ke, towards the end u'll filled up quickly because u dont hv much space?. However, not me... i can eat a full course meal during dinner time, and can still stuff my face with roti canai, roti tisu and a glass of teh tarik... or during breakfast, after filling myself with a full plate of nasi kerabu and a glass of hot milo, 15 mins later my stomach is growling for food. I just hope, i won't turn into a BIG BABY WHALE by delivery time.

I've packed our hospital bag!!! it's to prevent myself from getting caught off guard like last time (my thought was to check up saje2 for mc and off to pavillion but instead to the labour room i went).

Our hosp bag refers to me, DH and baby. I almost packed zara's clothing but then i realized, hey..this is not a vacation. I do wish she cud be there with us all the way, but it's impossible. I don't think the Dr will allow a toddler in the delivery room eventho i cud convince her that zara's naughtiness cud speed up the delivery and pushing process.

Few more weeks until delivery but then isn't it wonderful if we cud do this: