Monday, February 23, 2009

My DH & Mama

Diorg dua org ni boleh la berpakat kan behind my back. Complaining & discussing together about ME!!! - kononnyer, Kb yg comel ini tak pernah exercise & kurang jalan, not good at all for her since she's going to deliver soon.

Then, on different occasion masing2 confessed what they've discussed:

Mama - ur DH got plans for u this weekend and every weekend until ur delivery day. Bwk g jalan2 since he thinks u didnt exercise that much. [OOoo...ade ke dia ckp haku tak byk exercise? nk amik hati mama la tu..]

DH - Mama thinks that u didnt exercise byk, jarang nmpk stretch2, so..i'm taking u for a looooong walk this weekend ok. [Oooo...Mama pulak la yg ckp?]

Me *smirking* [Dua2 org ni mmg nk kene]. Ok i'm in!!! ;DDD

SATURDAY.. [Challenges on DAY 1]

1. Kicked off my day with 117 yg raaaaamaaaai gilllerrr gillller fr 10:45am until 1pm (non stop). Since DH got an appointment at 2:30pm.
2. Head straight to PWTC & Midvalley- DH wanted to catch on the property fair.
3. Grab a sandwich and drinks. Tak sempat proper lunch pun.
4. DH's appointment @ 2:30pm.
5. Went home & sleep after proper lunch.
6. Woke up, dinner & went to Putrajaya (to collect a few stuff)-KJ.
7. End of day.

[Tiada rungutan penat fr Kb yg comel except lapa la!!]

SUNDAY..[Challenges on Day 2]

1. Bfast at 9pm, then head straight to Sogo wiv DH.
2. Mom & sister came later at 12pm to join us (ade warehouse sale rupenyer for members & last day lak tu).
3. At Sogo from 11:00am - 4:00pm.
4. DH suggested, anor place to walk iaitu Midvalley. Ok, i'm in..everyone's in.
5. At Midvalley from 5:00pm-9:00pm (because mama dah complaint penat (gune alasan: korg nk keje esok!!) & DH dah tak larat nk jalan (gune alasan: nk gunting rambut la nnt kedai tutup). Dua2 org sudah jalan terhoyong-hayang and stretched2 kan kaki.
6. Accompany DH at barbers shop (hehe..teman dr jauh sbnrnyer bc Kb yg comel rase lapa..mkn2 alone at Syed while waiting for DH.)
7. DH complaint he's hungry & super exhausted to cook maggi. Ok, xpe...kerana Kb itu comel, maka Kb masak maggi kari for him wiv telur.
8. Semua org dah tido by 11:00pm EXCEPT...
9. Kb yg comel, she can only sleep at 4am since ade loud speaker yg ter turn on kat sblh [i think...he's really exhausted].

1. Kb yg comel itu pegi keje walaupun tak cukup tido.

Hahahaha...konon la kan ade plan tiap2 weekend for me la nk bwk jalan2 jauh. Ahahahaha..the plan backfired. I'm in for a LOOOOOOOooong walk for the coming weekend (Ada berani?]. Awww...sweet!! i just received a sms by DH- he's on EL, tayar masuk paku semlm (i know, sbnrnyer he's extremely tired) and he confessed that i'm waaay fit than him. [*chuckled].

DH & Mama forgot that Kb yg comel mmg sbnrnyer kuat berjalan tak kire pregnant atau tidak.

DH & Mama berkemungkinan serik utk bawak Kb yg comel jalan2 pegi shopping mall krn selain account menyusut akibat tershopping ttp juga menyusut di sbbkan Kb kuat makan and minum.

P/S: Masa jalan2 smlm ade sorg Makcik yg baik ati, mulia & ikhlas bertanya kan soklan ini to me sambil tersenyum begitu motherly sekali: Yang, nape comel sgt ni??? Me (automatically): tu lah makcik, saya pun tatau...saya mmg comel? [I think...aku telah terjangkit sikit penyakit Abd Shukor yg confident akan kehenseman dirinyer]

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Can u gain 1 and a 1/2 kg within a nite???

GASP!!!! i just did. Amazed giler...

Monday, February 16, 2009

blood last: ko takut tak kb
blood last: tggl lagi sebulan

Tinggal sebulan lagi:) Cepat ek? I've few more weeks to kill until the BIG day. Back to the question..adakah takut? Hmm...more like somewhere in between (Tipu la kalau kata tak takut langsung, takut tu mesti la akan ade).

But, there's no other way out. Both is painful & jugak scary kan? So...i don't want to kill my few weeks with fear, but, fill it with positive thinking instead:)

What i did to prepare myself? (Note: i'm not 100% well-prepared, nothing can prepare u 100% towards delivery) :
  • Read Ina May's guide to natural birth - remember? i feared the idea of natural birth during early mid semester? (ade entry about it). Aqeel's mom been bombarded with lotsa question on this topic.
  • Research on complications during labour.
  • Sign up for ante natal classes- I'll be attending early march. *a Note to lil one: jgn kuar early, We hv yet to go to that class.
  • Stay positive - After all that i've been thru (reminding myself every single day to stay positive)- the mysterious bleeding, mia fr work, mia fr important events (e.g Ezany's wedding), nausea, deprived of Mcd+fave food during 1st trimester,aching body & 1001 complaints lagi...the time will finally come for me to see the fruit of love (kalau bole tanak la da nk last minute, i allowed fear to overcome the positiveness, susah payah nk think positive)
  • I read that u hv to be positive during labour- the baby can feel ur fear. If the mommy takut, the baby will feel it too & last2 dia susah nk kuar.
  • Prayed every single day that the delivery will be smooth & easy. Yg penting, the lil one is healthy & xde ape2 complications.
  • Besides, i wanna see the cute face & the gender - Ikut muke sape? Fair ke? Cute tak? Betul ke it's going to be Kb Jr (i've laid my eyes on that cute lacey baby shoes)
  • I can't wait to see DH handling the lil one. wud be pretty amusing. I wanna hear him sing a lullaby to our lil one. Owh and jugak nk tgk how good is him as a birthing coach & how loud will he be masa dia adzan & iqamatkan the lil one (DH is a shy2 person)

P/S: Sbnrnyer kan, I think the scary part wud be the challenges in nurturing ur children.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Takleh resist dah!! yesterday i bought 12 pink & white washcloths!! Sgt2 cute [Geram..ngap ngap]. Then i bought 2 PINKIE colored receiving blankie. Awww..comelnyer blankie, rase nk balutkan teddy bear kat umah je. Hehehe. Now, i can sleep peacefully - my desire to buy pink blankie & pink colors akhirnyer tercapai.

I hv no issue with the coded color for babies : blue for boys, pink for girls. It's a good idea ape, since newborn pretty much looks the same kan? so, the only way nk differentiatekn ialah melalui colors. But then, it's up to u- u can buy all sorts of colors. I hv green, pink, turquoise, blue, white, orange, brown, even yellow (ade org ckp jgn beli yellow kaler for nb). So...why is it i can still hear mommies to be been complaining kata takde choices of colors? byk giler choices till i hv to resist myself from buying.

P/s: Hari ni da abis cuci semua baby apparels;> except the newly bought pink blankie (takut2 yg kuar nnt boy pulak)


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Below adalah checklist wc i found relevant & my checklist is almost complete EXCEPT on few things wc i didnt comment on. *hint!! hint!! ;>

I start buying baby stuff gradually fr 6months onwards...


Bottle Feeding

  • Steriliser - Avent: a gift fr Aqeel's Mom
  • Feeding Bottles & Teats - 5: free gifts Avent + Dr Brown bottles & 4 Avent teats. (U can buy the bottle set later2, if u plan to breastfeed)
  • Bottle Brush - U can buy it early or later pun takpe i think. Edited: Mama bought these already
  • Pacifier & Pacifier Attacher - after lil one is delivered
  • Pacifier Holder - after lil one is delivered
  • Bottles Drying Racks - later when Lil one decided to unlatch or i unlatch the lil one ke..vice versa.
  • Formula Milk Dispenser - 1 Free gift


  • Breast Pump - Avent Isis IQ Uno
  • Breast Milk Storage Container - later
  • Bottle & Food Warmer - later
  • Breast Pad - soon i'll buy the washable one as suggested by Aqeel's mom. I hv 2 disposable breast pad- free gifts. Edited: I wanted to buy the washable one, but my mom insists on the disposable one (bile dah basah takde masanyer nk g cuci and ganti, baik beli disposable - she claimed). i bought a box of disposable one.
  • Nursing Pillow - Bumblebee. I bought this...can't help it supaya sama dgn bedsheet playpen
  • Nipple Cream - EMAB (i love EMAB products-seriously berbaloi eventho a small jar costs me RM29.90)


  • Baby Cot / Playpen - We bought Pack & Play Graco
  • Crib Set (Cot Bumpers, Fitted Sheet, Comforter) - I used playpen, so i dont think these are necessary except the Fitted Sheet.
  • Newborn Pillow & Bolster - MIL decided to handmade these for us.
  • Mattress (Latex/Foam) - Bumblebee Latex
  • Waterproof Bed Pads - Bumblebee
  • Blanket - Thermal Blanket, Bumblebee & Pink Blankie, Growing up
  • Night Light - provided by Pack & Play Graco
  • Lullaby Player - provided by Pack & Play Graco
  • Baby Monitor - I hv my mom & dad to monitor our lil one round the clock. hahaha


  • Bodysuits/Rompers/Onesies, Long Sleeve, Long pants - I hv 15 pieces all sorts of colors except PINK...& hv stop buying eversince (sbnrnyer..more like resisting myself fr buying those cute apparels especially pink & purple color). Baby is growing remember? u dont need much newborn apparels. I bought 4 newborn rompers (really tiny...i wonder if the lil one cud fit in) and the rest is either 0-3M or 3-6M. Edited: telah terbeli lagi 5 nb apparels for girls yg sgt comel2.
  • Infant Cap - 3
  • Mittens and Booties - 7 pairs Edited: White baby shoes with lace [*too cute can't resist]
  • Receiving Blankets/Hooded Blankets - 3 (...and i'm resisting from buying 5 pieces PINK colored receiving blankets...huhu..i want..i want...sgt cute) Edited: +2 Pinkie blankie
  • Swaddle - 1 : bought out of curiosity, can it really hold the baby in place?
  • Socks - later
  • Accessories (Headbands, Wrist & Foot Rattles) - later
  • Bibs - 3 Cute bibs fr Mothercare
  • Barut - 3 Edited: +1 DH bought it senyap2 (he said 3 helai x cukup).

Bathing & Grooming

  • Bath Tub with Hammock - I'm not planning to get this, but i just put it in the list. hehe. Edited: Juga terbeli bath tub with hammock, The First years di Sogo..krn murah!!
  • Wash Cloths - Edited: 12 pieces
  • Bath Towels - 2. Edited: As suggested by Aqeel's mom, i bought anor 2 towels for rm9.90 (Anakku)
  • Bath Foam + Shampoo - Edited: I hv 2 strawberry yogurt shampoo free gifts (Pureen) and bath foams.
  • Minyak Yuyi -Edited: small one
  • Bepanthen / EMAB Baby Bottom balm for rashes - i bought both & i used EMAB for my rashes & bug bites.
  • Cotton Bud - Lil one can share it with her daddy's. Am sure daddy wudn't mind. Edit Edited: Dah beli very very very tiny..comelnyer NB has its own cotton bud-by Aqeel's Mom
  • Gripe Water

Health Care & Hygiene & Diapering

  • Grooming Set (Comb, Nail Clipper, Scissors) Edited: First years product
  • Medicine Set (Medicine Dropper, Medicine Syringe) - later
  • Nasal Aspirator -Edited: Pigeon
  • Oral Care Kit
  • Thermometer - can she use mine? i hv 3 digital thermometers. Mcm clinic lak.
  • Fabric nappy - MIL bought 3 packs for lil one
  • Disposable Diapers - But, I planned to use these. Edited: Mama dah belikan;>
  • Diaper Wipes - 4 packs - Anakku (Elok ke?)
  • Safety Pin - Courtesy fr MIL
  • Nappy Liner - Edited: Anakku Rm15.90 for 200 pieces. i considered it as cheap (super value)!!
  • Changing mat - 1 fr Anakku sbb colourful & Noel seems to love it so i assume my lil one wud love it too.
  • Baby Detergent - Edited: Dah beli jugak!!


  • Stroller / Travel System - Maclaren (green): A gift fr my Mom. But...actually, i want the Chicco stroller in Red/Blue or Peg Perego Pliko P3 in Red (gatal, as if i'm the one who''ll be using it)
  • Infant Car Seat - Edited: Paling gembire dan puas hati sbb dpt beli Graco with base:)
  • Baby Sling
  • Diapers Bag- Edited: Simple Dimple-light yellow
  • Fold & Go Changing Mat - 1 Free gift
  • Infant Head Support - Bumblebee
  • Cooler Bags & Ice Pack
  • On the Go Bottle Warmer - u can choose to buy it or u can just use hot water straight fr the flask
  • Portable Baby Bed - DH is planning to buy this...and i said what for? mcm bazir je...the baby will outgrow it. Hmm...but the co sleeper seems cute gak.
  • Toys

Confinement (Mommy)

  • Jamu - I'm allergic to jamu, so i'll be using products by DCL. Kite tgk keberkesanannye later ok. I'll do a review on it nnt.
  • Socks - Byk socks kat rumah, can cilok DH socks also.
  • Bengkung - I hv this..but i hv to dig for it. Bought it after my op.
  • Pad - Edited: 1 pax (Last time Pantai dpt 1 pax, adakah akan dapat di Pusrawi?]
  • Makcik urut - MIL & My Mom each found their own tukang urut for me - choices..choices.

Hospital Checklist (Mommy & Baby)

  • Edited: MY ANGELS
  • Buttoned Blouses / Dresses
  • Socks
  • Kain Batik
  • Panties
  • Blanket
  • Bra
  • Towel
  • Pad
  • Face Towel
  • Disposable Baby Diapers
  • Bathing & Grooming kit
  • Plastic Bag
  • Minyak angin
  • Baby apparels
  • Baby wipes
  • Air zam zam
  • Kurma

P/s: Ade ape2 ke lagi yg not included in my checklist?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Last Sunday...

Guess who paid a visit to us?? It's lil Loqman (Ok..tidak lil..he's going to be 5 tis coming April, dah tinggi, kurus & semakin handsome) and his naughty lil sister Sabrina. Their Ummi dropped them by, so we cud babysit them while the Ummi having a meeting with an old fren. It's our pleasure to have these pixies in our home after such a looong time.

It's amusing melayan diorg ni, especially si pembuli kecik-Sabrina whom we called Adik (Sgt suke buli Loqman, Suke nk landing2 kat my tummy, suke duduk atas lap, ckp pun pelat2):

1) Wan, Adik amik buku batman Abang!! - Loqman.
2) Adik, draw la kat sebelah sini, ini abang punya..see the stars is mine, the flowers adik punye - Loqman.
3) Abang geramla Wan..rase nk gigit Sabrina. -Loqman. (Sabrina got a blue mark on both of her cheeks sbb Loqman gigit.)
4) Can i hv more choc chip cookies pls Wan? But, can u told ummi that wan gave me the cookies -Loqman (Dlm erti kata lain...bukan Loqman yg mintak cookies dr Wan).
5) Tilam fighting!! Sampai terpaksa draw border. Tp still gaduh sampai Loqman jatuh tilam.
6) Bestla dok umah wan ni, leh mkn mcm2. Ade ape lagi ye Wan? - Loqman. I was about to serve them choc chip ice cream when my mom stopped me. Sbb they ate too much sweets today. hahahahaha.
8) Kakak, nk g mane? Adik nk ikut..

Below adalah our piccies. Presenting the chubby me and the lil pixies..

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What Babies Do inside?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Last Friday..

I went back early fr work. The work place felt stuffy, Got BH & DH is on leave. Maybe the lil one, decided to give mommy a BH so, mommy & daddy can spent time together. What we did on Friday? ....

We went for dinner at TR & had this sinful dessert:

TR choc avalanche (pic without flash)

DH can't wait any longer to splurge into this dessert

DH ate the dessert before me!!!

Then..we went for a movie treat at the cineleisure [after such a loooong time x ngk movie]. Bought a platinum ticket-Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. Am not going to do a movie review here but the platinum suite review.

Here's the lounge...

At the far corner of the lounge, ade several massage chairs. DH spent most of his time testing every single massage chair in the lounge. I hv to pull him off the chair as the movie is about to start.

I love the seat and it's pink or maybe it looks like pink to me due to the lighting bc we went in 2 seconds before the movie starts!!! The seat is so comfortable & plush that i almost dozed off while watching the movie. Hahaha..either the seat is really comfy or the movie is really boring.

Anyway, preggie mommies..i HIGHLY recommended for u to treat urself or FORCED ur DH to treat u to a platinum movie ticket at Cineleisure, or at the GSC Gold Class. Hehehe..serious selesa. After all comfy is the priority during pregnancy.

Went back at traces of brown blood while wiwi. A bit worried...but went to sleep early because am too tired.

On Saturday...

Called up the Dr assistance and she informed that we can be fit in for the nite's appointment.

The painfully swollen fingers is normal. The whole body ache serious bisa2 is normal as the body is adapting. The traces of brown blood was not normal but not that serious since i'm in my third trimester. However, if there's more blood and real contractions that wud mean something else & hv to SOS the Gynae ASAP. Ape lagi..hmm, Ooo..the Gynae even asked the size of my shoe!! i said 3/4/5 depends on the brand. She laughed and said..i hv to be extra cautious & be prepared, if the lil one is more than 3kg most probably i wud be sent for i hv to set my mind on both natural and c-sec. ready for either one i guess. There's no other way out for the lil one kan...huhu..

So, she scanned my tummy:

The lil one, currently is 1.1kg (no wonder i am breathless)

The mommy's current weight is 50kg. I wonder how berat am i going to be by the end of this pregnancy.

TheGynae can't use the 3D anymore, since my womb is cramped with the lil one [no space left for the camera to squeeze in].

The Water is ok.

The Placenta is ok.

The lil one Bladder looks ok.


The lil one gender...

The Gynae : Did u saw it??
Me: I think..Yes i saw it. In the middle, there's that what it is??
The Gynae: [laughing] Yes it is...Did u saw it? [looking at DH]
DH: [Laughing] Yes!! i saw it [went on laughing] IT'S A GIRL!! I'm confident 90%., smiling from ear to ear. We r going to hv a KB jr!!! Ngehngeh!!No wonder i can't take my eyes off pink & purple colors and this explains why i'm so obsessed with big pink pillows at Plaza Damas and err...lil one mini skirts!!

Truth is, i thot that DH wud be disappointed since it's going to be a girl, but he jovially told me while driving on our way back home that he actually secretly wishing for us to hv a baby girl like me....Huh?? hahahaha...having someone like me?? seriously?? That's the sweetest thing i've heard. But, i wud be pening myself....having anor miniature of me who looks like me, act like me & think like me!!. Actually, i secretly wished to have a boy who'll look like DH and possessed DH's characteristics. So, we r secretly wishing for each other mini's la ni. Hahahahaha.

I can foresee that we wud be fully occupied by this lil princess.