Thursday, May 27, 2010


Preparing for the event was tiring, but the fun part was getting ready before dinner starts with the girls. Owh...and not forgetting another fun part by our great entertainer of the nite by Dee & the Paperdoll alongside 2 adorable lil singers with a platinum voice: Putri & Ikhwal. Never heard of them? Neither do i before they impressed me with their voice during the event. U can google them in YOU TUBE if u have nothing to do and prepare urself to be awed by their voices.

Pics of the nite:

Can u see the shadow there? That was ikhwal.. singing.

Pics below: Me & the beautiful ladies + 2 mysterious guys

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jalan Malinja

I've never set foot in Gombak territory ever since i graduated.
Tp..dekat di hati especially last nite.
Ever tried the famous Char Kuey Teow Mali & Nasi Lemak+ayam goreng at Jalan Malinja?
Trust me, they're the best!
Of course the food is YUMMIEST when u eat it there while it's still piping hot from the wok over a glass of teh o ais, under the bright moon & starry nite with angin sepoi2 bhs while chatting with ur close frens (*down memory lane with Ezan, Yat, Azreen & fath & kalau ade etc sorry if i left ur this moment i can remember those faces je. My memory kind of blurry today)
Despite my current condition - fever, bad headache+body's such a mystery how i can still crave for a good warung food?
Hence, a wonderful DH went all the way after his late nite work fr Bangi to Gombak & tapau these 2 delicious food for me! Never thot that with Bun #2 he'd be willing to go miles for me especially when he's tired.
DH's effort made the Char Kuey Teow & Nasi Lemak tastes delicious than ever;> [nk lagi nnt...]

PS: Da mkn abis baru teringat x amik pics

Monday, May 17, 2010

Masquerade Tasks

I hv a masquerade dinner to attend on Friday nite. The theme sounds funkan..MASQUERADE? Imagine the music vid of One Republic-All the Right Moves. Menarikkan? But, i don't think this dinner wud turn out to be like the one in the vid.
This is the 1st time i'm attending a masquerade party if u don't count a birthday party with the party mask as adik-beradik masquerade.
At first, the theme mmg sound fun...BUT..the task of finding a matching dress, hijab, shoe and mask at the very last minute is no fun. Susah rupenyer..especially in this condition-ade dress yg too tight at the upper body sampai takleh zip, ade yg nmpkkan the bulging tummy [A BIG NO NO la kan], ade yg da ok nmpk frumpy or dull pulak..

At last..the task of:

Finding a dress & cardigan? accomplished..with the help of a sales assistant and DH.

Finding a pair of matching heels? accomplished...i just grab a pair of wedges at vincci [as if i'm gonna wear it all thru the nite]

Finding a matching hijab? accomplished...i bought a simple one yg senang nk pakai at one of the stall at giant hypermarket.

Finding a mask? ughh...who thot that finding a perfect mask cud be a difficult task. Maybe i'm too specific in choosing one. Lastly, thanx to one of my colleague..we just ordered online from BUGSPARTY.COM. I settled with a simple mask. Malas dah nk choosy2. Hopefully the masks arrived before this coming Friday.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

That's the reason why i've been sooooo quiet. Some of u guessed it right;> Pandai teka.
I'm expecting.
We knew about it three weeks b4 zara's 1st bday party.
The best part is my lil sister is pregnant too..we r one week apart.
Imagine the hectic it's gonna be at our parents house. I just can't wait. *ngee*

Some of u might ask, how's zara coping?
1st two weeks - zara merajuk, she didnt want to sleep with us.
We kept it a secret for the 1st two weeks not telling anyone even my parents.
Surprisingly, after telling my mom that i'm pregnant zara's no longer merajuk.
Zara loves to sleep on my tummy and patting my tummy as if she knew!
All in we r bonding greater than ever. I'm grateful that she didnt throw tantrums yet.

Some of u might ask, how is it with the 2nd pregnancy?
Here we go again - sleepless nites, ticklish feeling in the tummy, tummy cramps and...yes the unwelcome morning sickness, i hv nausea from evening till nite time.
I love eggs, spicy food, seafood, fast food, chocolates and lychee.
I'm driving to the office. Definitely more independent with this one.
I'm craving for GLEE Season 2 & Gossip Girl Season 3.

So that's it, i'm enjoying every moment of it;>

P/S: Congrats Yanti!!! We r EXCITED & HAPPY for u.
Happy belated Mother's day to all mommies and mommies to be.

Zara's 1st birthday party

Event: Zara's 1st Birthday Party
Theme: Pink & White
Location: KJ
Date: 27th March 2010

Siapa bday girl angkat tangan??

Here are the long awaited pics on zara's bday party...

Presenting the co-star of the day..the pwetty Ms Ladybird

With Mommies & big bro Aqeel [not in the pic: yanti, darm & ezany]

Group pics with the bday cake i realized Ms Ladybird cake's position x pandang camera

Abah, can i cut the cake like this?

The cake cutter tastes yummy too..

Yatt, nape tak tgk camera??

Kamie & 2 ladybirds

Mommies & babies

2 ladybirds

Satu ladybird da kuar dr sarung sbb kene mandi

Ade yang cuba tunjuk skill kebapaan

I was so exhausted preparing for the bday party.
Only god knows how happy am i after everything was over and the party was a success!
I love the 3d ladybird cake from Secret Recipe.
Thanx for the pressies mummies, aunties & uncles! Zara loves it.