Friday, October 16, 2009

Tell me, how can u have the heart to go to work early morning, when ur dotter is smiling at you like this???

Pic taken at 7:12am on 15 Oct 2009.

I went to the office with a heavy heart yesterday.
This Morning, my Lil Miss Early Riser woke up with a giggle and all smile. *sigh* I am looking forward to Sat & Sun when we can golek2 together on the bed till noon.
Y'day we went to IJN to visit Abd Shukor.
Ibu Yatt was already there waiting patiently for her only dotter to arrive.
Bile Dotter Zara sampai:

See? Ibu yg tgh excited

Thank You Ibu, for the red packet & waiting for us patiently.
Tahun Depan bagi Blue Green packet yg baru tu tau?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Remember Loqman?
He's big now.
Last time, kitorg dok agah2 dia bc we loved to hear his laughter.
But now, Loqman yg agah2 Zara sbb suke dgr Zara gelak kuat2.
Zara kan mmg suke attention, mmg suke sgt la dia dgn Loqman & dlm suke2 excited tu siap tertarik rambut pjg Sabreena. Cian lil Tabeena, terus majuk ngn Zara.

Funny part:
Loqman mintak ummi dia amik baby kt hospital satu. LOL.
New Toy!!

I love my new toy.
What it is? It's a camera!
It's so small and looks like a digi pet game. Hahaha.

This is the first shot captured randomly (The moustache man suddenly inter frame lak..sbnrnyer nak capture gmbr Kayu Nasi Kandar tuh):

A clear pic despite of its small body.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Nico Digi (VQ1005 Nico Nico Version), Superheadz, Japan

I want.....

I want...

I want..

I WANT!!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dang!! i hv so many things to blog about but so little time btwn juggling jobs, zara and DH i'm handful and legful too. Right now, i'm stealing a lil time because i'm tired of thinking about stats and grounds. Besides, there's no way i can blog at home with zara around.

  • End of August we managed to grab this:

Yes a DSLR! Now i can take lots of Zara's pics. But, every now and then i caught myself using my camera phone to take pics simply because it's within my reach and the most convenient thing around. Kan best kalau ade DSLR mcm pen ke pensil ke.
Bile nk outdoor korg?? hehehehe

  • Update on my lil Diva:

See? she posed like a diva herself. And yes, she's an attention seeker nowadays. My lil social butterfly laughed and smiled when being surrounded by lil kids who ooh-ed and aahh-ed around her. Enjoyed being kissed and tickled. But, she's afraid of men except her Atuk and handsome abah and seriously handsome guys. hahahahaha. Kecik2 da pandai appreciate beauty.

She's an expert on rolling rolling rolling and sondol. Zooming here and there in a walker [walker is the only thing that cud keep her interested and quiet for a good half an hour]. A few times terlepas ckp 'mama' 'ma' when she cried, most of the time 'baba' 'ba' 'bua' ' aya' 'da' 'dada' even..'ek elleh' and 'alah' - i just can't believe my ears. Kelakar giler we laughed our heads off sampai terduduk. She's so active suke jumping up and down..i think it's the result of consuming lots of chocs during pregnant-I hv a super ACTIVE LASAK baby. Other than milk she consumed crushed farley biscuit, mashed apples, mashed potatoes and i'm planning to broiled a beef broth or fish broth for her. OK...i can go on and on and on about her. It's true...when u hv ur own baby u marveled at every single thing even the most yuckiest thing such as their poop or boogey as what happened here. Hahahahahaha..i love picking zara's nose and ears too!! Muahahaha.

  • Raya
It's never too late. Sib baik raya sebulan. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Maaf Zahir Batin. Lots of houses and open houses to attend in order to collect ang pow for Zara.
For the first time, on eve of raya around midnite we went to jalan TAR and i managed to grab 8 brand new baju kurung which fits me nicely at a bargain price, oh..except 1 baju i hv to send it for alteration. Zara- 1 baju kurung and DH- baju melayu. Semuanya at a bargained price. Best!! Can we go again next year DH?? please please..

  • 6 months after delivery
Wow!! 6 months already? mcm tekan fast forward button je da 6 months. At 6 months, i'm supposed to call for an appointment to meet up my gynae. Is it important to meet up on the 6 months after delivery? My MIL asked me whether i hv my menses yet. I said no. She said...bahaya tu, Zara boleh dpt adik. I'm still BF-ing Zara so, i guess that's the reason why i'm still not getting the flow. Tp mmg bahaya pun sbb Zara leh t'jadik big sister. Then again, kalau da rezeki nk buat cemane? hehehe *peace*

Back on work mode. Daa!!