Sunday, May 31, 2009

No pic pls!! malu ok..pale da botak!

Pada pukul 8:30am, DH woke me up while smiling brightly saying today is the day!! Lil Zara tgh tido tanpa ada keraguan yg DH+me got a big plan for her. So, we prepared what shd be prepared and mengerjakan pale lil Zara yg tgh tido...

tgh2 trim rambut, lil Zara t'bgn n nangis...terpakse stop.

Nyang dukung, pujuk2 lil Zara

Pastu, atuk lak pujuk sampai lil Zara tertido. DH tgh admiring his half done job.

Tibe2 Wan lak dtg, and continue shave rambut lil Zara

Finally, lil Zara is left with a bald and shiny head.

p/s: Kb adalah pen'trimmer' rambut (not in the picture, sbb takde org nk amikkan pic).

Friday, May 29, 2009

Lil Zara went for her checkup on Friday...

Sementara tunggu tgk2 org..

sementara tunggu, mommy & daughter mesti posing dulu

Senangnyer hati dia..little did she knows that she's getting a jab today

timbang berat & ukur pjg lepas tu nangis sbb tak suke baring lama2

Gmbr masa injection tak amik..sbb Zara nangis kuat2, mane hp pun da tatau.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I reached home safe & sound:> 40-60km per hour. Teruk betul, mcm nenek tua bwk kete. (tunggula da ingat jalan, drive tutup mata).
Anyway, bile balik...Zara tgh tido, mcm tau2 je she wakes up and buat muke nk nangis. I picked her up and dia mengomel2 (cube complaint on what happened while i'm at work kot) hehe. Cute.
First day at work

Kb tlh drive kete almost a year! Okla, ape dramatic almost a year, sbnrnyer 9 months tak drive kete-pegi balik my mom/sister/DH fetched. Tgh pregnant kan, takmo stress2. So, today dgn sejuk2 tgn tlh drive follow my DH drive depan (since i've no sense of direction, takut kalau sorg2 kang patah balik umah sbb tension kene drive) dan selamat sampai office awal before 7:30am.

First person met: Azali baru sampai tempat parking nk reverse2 kete ke belakang.

Second person met on my way down lupe nk tukar slipper: Pit baru sampai basement parking.

I felt Lucky:
  1. Tibe2 ade mkn2 (save duit for lunch). Owh not makan2 for me tp makan2 tanpa tujuan oleh org lain for their office.
  2. Tibe2 Yat dtg lepak. Bukan senang nk lepak with Yat eventho she's technically work here too. Dan Yat!! Hahahahaha(golek2 gelak)..aku selitkan CD Dog itu. Silelah tgk yek. Muahahahahaha
  3. Hari ni keje tak sakit pale...tho' at first hati rase sedih pun still rase sedih tapi nk balik da!!! yippie!! can't wait2.
Anyway, wish me luck...semoga tidak sesat jalan balik rumah. Huhu..DH br called pesan suh drive carefully, hari ujan lebat.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Some individuals do not cope really well with staying at home all day. They need the stimulation and distraction the work brings, otherwise the frustration gets the better of them. And I belong to this category. ~Anonymous~

I don't belong to that category. I think i can cope well by staying at home all day. I don't need the stimulation at work and i won't feel frustrated without the distraction that office work brings (just thinking about it makes me stressful already). At home, there's a lot of chores to be done as well. Not to mention the distraction when ur lil one is crying for ur attention. I'm not going 'kuku' yet while staying at home for 60 days tending to my daughter's need.

The thing is I don't really like the idea of being far from my daughter. She's still 2 months..i can really get used to the idea of working perhaps after she's 1 year. Why do we get only 60 days? It's not enuff!! At least 90 days with gaji seems ok.

I'm not allowed to bf my daughter during the day, bc we want her to get used to bottle. Altho we've trained her with bottle since Day 3, she still refused it unless she's really really hungry. She wud cry for 1 or 2 hours-stop for 15 mins-continue crying for anor 1 hour-stop-continue until she gets her milk bar. Just like what happened just now. It's just so heart wrenching to hear her cries knowing that she wants to get her hands on milkbar when she has every rights to it.

My other concerns are the 'what if' s...

  • I'm not the first person to see her crawl/stand/walk?
  • I'm not the first person to hear her call mama/abah?
  • She is confused that my mom & dad is her mama/abah and called them mama/papa instead?
  • She don't want to cling to her milk bar anymore as she got confused with the bottle?
  • She gets more affectionate with my mom/dad? and she don't want us anymore?
OK..giler negative thinking kan?
I shd be thankful that my mom & dad is around to take a good care of my daughter. One way or another..i still need to work as i'm a woman with lost of needs and Malaysia got so many warehouse sales (especially books & baby stuff) that i hv the urge to splurge on. Alright...I hv to work tomorrow. Nk pegi gosok baju keje..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

This is Kamie & Apek's bundle of joy:)
It's a boy!!


Lil Zara is 2 months today!!

Mostly, Lil Zara's playmate is a boy..bile nk dpt kawan girl ni?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Lil Zara sgt manja with her Atuk. One makcik (neighbour) said to me : "Abis la ko, bagi kat mama papa ko jaga, budak ni nanti manja ngn diorg. Bile dia tak dpt barang yg dia nak dr mama ngn abah dia, dia mintak kat Wan /Atuk dia. Atuk la yg akan paling senang nk cair dgn cucu perempuan.". Hmm..mmg Lil Zara manja ngn Atuk dia pun da...
  • Bile nangis..bagi la kat Atuk terus diam.

  • Bile Atuk lalu tak angkat Zara, she will tegur Atuk as if saying "Atuk, tanak amik Zara ke?"

  • Lil Zara pun senang sgt di tidokan Atuk as compared to other ppl in this house.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

" I have little tiny fingers and little tiny toes.... I'm just sooooooo cute!"

I trimmed my baby's nails on my own;>

My mom thought that i wudnt dare to do it. Well, she's wrong..I'm not afraid to cut her teeny weeny halus malus finger nails.

I did it while she's asleep after her bath and 10 min feed.

The utensils are:

Baby clippers and an emery board

and the results are..

Cute trimmed teeny weeny nails;)

Baby Pedicure anyone? I think i can fit the job perfectly.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

This time i'm blogging for real in front of my sister's laptop. Just got back from the clinic. I hv to see a doctor due to my wrist pain or pregnancy-related carpal tunnel syndrome. I thot it wud poofed away after delivering my baby as claimed by my OB. But, became worse. I can't lift a pot of water or even a mug what more drivingkan?. That bad. The shooting pain usually occurred in the morning. Time Zara tgh nangis2 la dia nk sakit. Most of the time i ignored the pain and this caused more strain to the pain area sbb angkat2 Zara. So, the concerned DH brought me to see a doctor today.

The doctor gave me an injection at the pain area. Sib baik jarum halus..jarum itu telah masuk sampai ke surface tulang. Sakit kah? Nope. Not during the injection. But probably at nite the shooting pain will occurred to some ppl, warned the doctor. *lol* just like epidural..most ppl will feel nothing but some will. I discovered that most of the time, i'm among the "some ppl" tu. So, i'll brace myself for any possible wrist pain tonite and avoid lifting Zara.

Happy Mommie's Day!

I'm blogging fr my mobile phone, in the car while waiting 4 DH. Coolnye SE ni..leh la tukar Blackberry pasni (hint hint;) to DH). My confinement ended last Friday. I celebrated it with 3 gulps of chilled coke (I hate gassy drinks..but i'm tempted). Anyway, to all super mommies out there (esp: my mom, mil & aqeel's mom) & mommies to be (esp: ezany & twiggy) HAPPY MOMMIE'S DAY. I'm truly amazed with my mom more than ever. Now i know, it's tough being a mommy. Well, I'm still learning + enjoying every moment of it:)