Monday, November 24, 2008

This entry is dedicated to ezany whom is constantly worrying for her lil one:

There is no truth in the old saying that pregnancy means eating for two. The extra energy needed is only 200-300 calories a day for nine months. This is equivalent to two slices of bread with margarine or a jacket potato with baked beans or cheese. Some women do feel a lot more hungry than this and if they are gaining weight at the right rate, they should eat according to their appetite.

0-3 Months
Women usually feel different and may experience tiredness as well as a feeling of sickness particularly in the morning (see advice on morning sickness). Calorie needs are only about 100kcal more in the early stages of pregnancy and some women do not experience much increase in appetite until the end of this period.

3-6 Months Appetite usually increases after the first three months and this period requires about 300-400kcal extra calories a day. Extra calorie needs should be met by cereals, pulses, nuts and seeds, dairy products (unless vegan) and starchy vegetables such as potatoes.

Based on my previous 3 months, i lost 2.5kg and didnt hv much appetite. My food preference consists of a half-filled glass of milk, 4 small glasses of water, red apples, white bread, white rice, fried rice with eggs, vege soup [sawi shj], ayam masak kicap, and clear soup. I can even eat white rice shj without any lauk whatsoever [lagi putih lagi better]. Kesian my mom kene masak separate lauk due to my fussiness. Akibatnyer, i lost 2.5kg and imagine my weight prior to pregnancy is 39kg shj(mmg tak pernah reach 40kg pun all my life) and turun sampai 37.5 kg or perhaps 36kg la nk round figurekan penurunan berat. Ringan ek leh kene tiup angin.

I gained my appetite at the end of 2 months yg nk masuk 3 months. My OB-Gyn didnt even fret when she saw that i didnt gain weight at all. She said it's completely normal. Cool Ob-Gyn:> nurse kat situ pulak yg asyik2 sibuk2 tanya apsal berat tak naik? [no wonder la jadik nurse jek..huhuhu;P]. Anyway, lepas je 3 months my appetite dah balik normal. However, i skipped what i labelled as forbidden food [McD burgers, A&W burgers/hotdogs, KFC'c chicken, Maggi and those fast foods - not because i'm health concious but due to intolerance of those foods by my lil one.]

Skang...i started to gain weight and began to eat for two [but, every now and then i watch my food intake la jugak (bile teringat je) sbb takut after delivery, weight susah nk turun?..u never know right?].

So, dear Ezany...don't worry. Awal2 pregnancy u+ur lil one cume perlukan 100kcal aje. Just make sure u dont miss ur acid folic intake, fruits, water and milk for calcium:))) and carbo too for ur energy. By 3 months or if u r lucky, sooner than that u will feel like urself and gain back ur appetite;>

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Anonymous said...

owh ezan dah 9 weeks
ingat bru 5 weeks cm2
dah scan baby?
ade heartbeat dah?
the best part time preg adalah mengintai baby...