Monday, November 10, 2008

I got the Monday blues

"Scientists have discovered a cure for the dreaded Monday morning blues - stop sleeping in on weekends."

Really? eventho' i didnt sleep on weekends i still got the Monday blues. Scientists ni salah la.

Masa kecik2: i hate Monday, bc i hv to go to school. I hate going to school (primary+secondary). I'd do whatever i can during primary to skip school antaranyer: sengaja lari2 in my stokings yg licin & jatuh sampai berdarah2 my lips, & pretend2 demam muntah2 ttp my strict mom sent me off to school. Huhu. But, during secondary (boarding school), there's no mom aroundkan??..ngehngeh i attend morning class, and was gone by lunchtime. Hasilnyer, my parents were called by the discipline teacher/HEM and i was sent home to be under my parents supervision. Huwaa...tiap2 pagi kene bgn pagi kol 5:30am kene travelled by commuter from PJ to Klang. Well..i'm relieved my school days were over...Tp, i shd be prepared, mane tau this lil one pun nnt hates school?? I totally will understand u dear, but....u still hv to go to school. Huahaha.

[Sunnguhpun, malas pegi class tp still berjaya gak score spm and study law. Yes, i hate school, but i love reading;> Think again, maybe berjaya sbb berkat doa my parents and grandparents agaknyer.]

Masa uni: i still hate Monday bc i hv to turn up for classes. What i did back then is, jgn fixkan kelas yg WAJIB pegi on Monday, so that i can skip Monday classes and suh sesape yg rajin pegi Monday class to sign up my attendance. Brilliant;)

Masa keje: Bukan shj Monday, i also hate Tues and Wednesday. Hahaha. Especially if u got loads of stuff to do on Monday. Tues & Wednesay toksah ckp la...mmg peak hour utk keje to pile up like mountain. But, i hv no solution in my current situation. No matter how much i hate Monday, i hv no other alternatives to skip Monday except if it's a public holiday. Why...why me??...Friday cepat2la dtg.

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