Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baby Zara's first outing

Zara's first outing adalah Mph Warehouse sale. What a bookworm ek? Bersama ulat2 buku yg lain iaitu, my mom, Aqeel's mom & Azali. I can't leave her at home...rase tak lengkap. So, i just carried her along with me. Sampai2 je dpn Mph the littlest book worm [Zara la tu] tertido in my arms saaaampai balik umah. Ulat buku yg paling byk borong ialah Aqeel's mom. Azali rambang mata sampai tak beli buku.

Ini pic taken masa da on the way back. Tgk tu Zara tido, so the mommy terpakse interframe.


Below adalah buku2 Zara. Zara=baby ulat buku.

I didnt buy a book for myself....rambang mata jugak. I think i need to go there again.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nak update tapi malas..tapi nk update jugak in point form je.

Citer yg best dulu:
  • Amusing. Zara tido lasak. We found out that we can't left her alone on our bed or on her bouncing net-she can rolled over [eekss..bukan ke baby shd rolled over by their 4th month??]. Sib baik she can sleep in her playpen during the day..but at nite we co-sleep bc dia suke mengigau lately.
  • Zara manja with her dad, auntie and atuk [papa yg selalunyer kurang sabar boleh bsabar layan Zara? unbelievable!]
  • Zara suke mengada2 with her mommy and grandma. Cerewet extra with us. I wonder why??
  • I went for my post natal check up last week and the Dr gave me a thumbs up & a green light after 6 weeks [muahahaha]. Semua da heal:))))
  • My fave pic..Zara with her Grandma:

Citer yg tak bape best:
  • I lost 11kg out of 16kg in just 2 weeks. However, after 3rd week and so on..weight itu tidak mahu turun2 dah. It just stops at 45kg. GRrrr...
  • Yesterday (ok..pantang lom habis, tp DH ajak teman..i have too! tak ikut kata suami derhaka kan?) we went to Hush Puppies..i tried on this high heel peep toe-asked for size 4: TAK MUAT!!!! my size is either 5 or 6 now. Sib baik DH menenangkan keadaan and told me.."baru one month la yang...u'll get to ur size 4."
  • Altho luka da heal, i still dont feel fit. I can't walk for long...rase mcm nk pengsan and fr waist to feet felt so heavy [it's not bc i hv a bubble butt i think..sbrnyer dalaman belum 100% heal kan sbb tu rase tak fit]. I wish this recovery cud speed up...
  • I can't eat my fave food-too much tomato based takleh, spicy food takleh, anything yg bole produce angin takleh bc Zara sgt sensitive and prone to colic.
  • Zara's a fussy baby-she refused to be bottle-fed at certain times.
  • ...I hv like a few more weeks to work..and i don't feel like working. Cemane?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

"ape makna Zara Khalyssa?"- I get this question a lot especially from the makcik2 + nenek2. Ade makna ke? Ade..ini maknanyer:

Zara = A brighter dawn / Subh yg terang
Khalyssa = pure, clean, sincere
/ Suci, Bersih, Ikhlas

Zara is simply because she was born at the beginning of dawn. It's a coincidence that i read twilight series and i love the last one 'the breaking dawn'. Maka nama ini sgt cocok sekali. I read 'Twilight' to her as a bedtime story(while she's still in my womb) and 'Breaking Dawn' (when she refused to sleep at nite).

As a result..padan muke the mommy, now the baby lives up to her name (I hope during confinement aje). Our house now is brighter during dawn. Why? Iye...tepat sekali sbb Zara akan bgn and menangis during this golden hour. Muahaha. I'm so amused with her name.

Khalyssa is because i need a name with a K, with a good ryhme to tag along behind Zara and with a good+compatible meaning. So, the spelling shd be Khalisah/Khalisa/Khaleesa but instead i gave it a lil bit of a modern twist into Khalyssa. Ngehehe..kekonon cam cantik gitu ejaan and with one look it doesn't seem like Kelisa.

U can call my daughter Zara/Lyssa. Her great grandma and my SIL called her Lyssa. The rest of us called her Zara. Well, I love both nicks;>
My comels so angelic while sleeping. I enjoyed watching her sleeps with those peaceful looks, tiny groaning sounds she made [and..ade time2 dia kentut jugak], and those cute expressions [mulut mcm tgh menyoyot-perhaps mimpi tgh bf]. However, once she wakes up..all hell break loose. There goes my sleep, there goes DH sleep and there goes her grandma sleep. All bleary eyed trying to console her. Ish..ish Zara, u practically wakes up half of the household..including our fishes.

Zara various sleeping poses:

The Kung Fu pose

The "It Wasn't me" pose [this one was taken after she passed gas=kentut]

The pengsan pose after bf [on my shoulder, tunggu2 dia burp rupenyer da tido]

The almost Yoga pose [duduk pun bole tido ok]

The damsel in distress pose [U can see in the pic that DH tgh amused with his daughter]

The froggie pose

The riding on a blue ziraffe pose [Zirafah itu adalah pressie fr Nora]

Thursday, April 16, 2009

In my diary, a cake is a MUST HAVE for birthdays. It can be just a slice/a whole long as there is a cake. Oleh itu...sile droool over this birthday cake;>

For DH's 30th bday, i ordered this homemade yummy sinful choc moist cake [since, i got tired with Secret Recipe cakes+i can't bake in my current condition].

Very chocolatey. This cake did a damage to my current weight.

Ok..tinggal byk ni da. Sape nak?? ;PPP

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! & to more KB jr+ZB jr;>

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A newborn baby has only three demands. They are warmth in the arms of its mother, food from her breasts, and security in the knowledge of her presence. Breastfeeding satisfies all three. ~Grantly Dick

The first item i bought as a preparation for my baby is actually a breastpump. Some ppl said-beli later, takut susu takde. Some ppl said-why not buy it? mane tau if u delivered soon-preemie lak tu, u need a breast pump to express milk for ur preemie baby. Some ppl said-beli je la kalau nak beli. Some ppl lak kasik questioning look- nape nk beli breastpump?

No matter what ppl said, i said: Go grab it if the price is on discount! hehe. I bought Avent ISIS IQ UNO as my first item bc it's on discount at BBstore during that time [P/s: Sekarang lom start discount lagi, tp baby stuff kat Singapore murah2].


Easy to use
Easy to assemble/reassemble
Did not hurt (Ini paling penting)

The petal massager-menyebabkan susu tsekat/tselit (i dunno the correct word) sikit. (But, i love the massager-i get better results with the soft shield)
Not 200% air tight, bile t'baringkan bottle+pump da tumpah susu (terbaring=letak atas tilam sbb baby nangis and pump+bottlenyer tergolek tepi bantal)

I'm loving it! Tho i know, out there..ade byk reviews about breastpump: the fantastic Medela/ the magical Spectra. But, as a beginner i'm pleased with Avent Isis (battery/electric/manual). Currently, i'm using electric. Manual pernah malas..ngehehe. Electric lagi cepat;>

Mommies to be, rest assured that if u plan to buy an Avent ISIS IQ Uno..serious berbaloi.

P/s: The more Oz. u managed to express, the more obsessed u'll be with pumping.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Haluu..i'm so immersed into stephenie meyer's book for the past 2 weeks, which i bought at a very reasonable price during MPH's clearance sale.

These books were the reason why i didnt bother to update my blog, having sleepless nites, sleeping during daylights and the reason to be blamed when Shukor came to visit but poor Shukor has to turn back home after waiting like 1/2 hour infront of my house. Thehehe..salahkan buku last iaitu the Breaking Dawn. I just can't put it down. I put it down only when Zara is crying;P

I bought these books out of curiosity because one of my fren is so crazy mrazy over twilight which led the cat out of the bag. Well, book 1 is ok, book 2 is quite sad, book 3 is not bad, book 4 is the best. I always love vampire stories (My fave dr kecik, especially when it involves religion). Anyways, these books r fun to read but, not the film. The film did not do justice to the book. Sorry, i just can't accept the idea that Robert Pattison as Edward Cullen is to die for. He looked awkward in several scene.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Meet our Zara Khalyssa

Last entry, i was about to update a review on my pregnancy and perhaps post a pic of me looking like a lil bear (Serious chubby ok). But, all was put on hold due to Kb Jr's arrival., takyah la post gambar chubby;>

Instead let's talk about the arrival of our Zara at 37weeks:

Sunday 22/3/09

I had a clear mucus mixed with blood in the evening with a mild period pain. I refused to believe that this is the first sign bc i had this during my 34th weeks of pregnancy.

Monday 23/3/09

I was in the car with DH on our way to work when i had a really strong contraction, which made me hard to breath. DH had to turn back the car and we took the day off. DH decided for an early checkup as he's worried if actually Zara is on her way. While i stubbornly said it's just anor BH. However, everyone (including Aqeel's mom) insisted on me to go for a check up. So, with a confident feeling that i am not going to deliver so soon, we went for a check up at Pusrawi without carrying my hospital bag;PP

I remembered looking at my Ob Gyn, chuckled and said "Dr, i think it's just a false alarm". My Ob Gyn said "Well, dear let's hv a look". I was like confidently gembire2 almost jumping on the bed, so i cud end this check up early while picturing Pavillion in my head. But, tibe2 the Ob Gyn said "awak da 4cm ni..relax je? i''m admitting u to the labour room now". I was like.."huh???" with a mixed feeling including rase nk nangis [half bc of i'm not ready to deliver tonite and the rest is sedey tak dpt pegi Pavillion].

So..pendek cerita: I was induced - i agreed on epidural - Vacuumed - and finally episiotomy.

On the part of induced. Let me tell u something. I refused to be induced as soon after my Ob Gyn broke my water bag at 4cm (isnt't it too early?). After my Ob Gyn has left, the midwife came in and asked whether i want to be induced? i said "No!". 4 hours later, anor midwife came in and psychoed me on my refusal to be induced. I said my Dr didnt mentioned about it. She said the Ob Gyn ordered for them to induce me after she left. I refused to believe her, so i called my Ob Gyn and guess what? the midwife was right. As i was psychoed to induce plus afraid that my baby will be in trouble as i read that she may got an infection since my waterbag has been broken. With a heavy heart i am forced to agree on being induce. (I am angry at the thot of being cornered into induce).

Tuesday 24/3/09

On epidural. Simple ok, once ur Ob Gyn/Dr mentioned on ur likely to be induced silelah request for epidural. The pain is giler sakit sampai menggigil. I can only handle the pain for 2 and a 1/2 hour only or perhaps 3 (while waiting for the anaesthetic to come). One of the nurse told me that my induce was in a large amount (5 units) while she experienced 1/2 units, she cant imagined if i didnt request for epidural. Neither am i..i think i probably passed out. Hahahaha. The epidural was such a big relief. One advise from the anaesthetician during my ante natal class on epidural (don't flinch when the needle is inserted, u do not want the needle to enter deep into your back bone as it may cause a probing headache once the effect has gone).

On vacuum. I was so in La La land due to the epi. I can still feel the strong contraction on my right side (as the anaesthetic said, he prefered that i felt a bit pain rather than no pain so i can push my baby out). Well, eventho i can feel the pain on my right side...i can't push my baby out perhaps because i lost my energy and focus on being induced. So my baby was helped by vacuum with one mighty push from me.

On episiotomy. I got 3 stitches only:) Well, actually i believed that if i was given the chance to go for a natural labor i know deep down that i dont need the episiotomy bc my baby is only 2.2kg.

So..there u go on my delivery experience. I am angry that i was not able to undergo natural labor. Almost feel like being tricked into induce, perhaps that's the way nowadays..bc when i entered the nursing room almost everyone there was induced [the dif is only on their choice of pain relief]. So, my conclusion is most Ob Gyn nowadays like to induce ppl. One preggie friend of mine told me, that next time when im pregnant go for a male doctor as they have a high level of patience as compared to female doctor (they love to induce).

[i know this may sound cliche] but, seriously...when u look at ur lil one crying, sleeping, smiling or during thot is she's worth it, i wud go at full length tak kisah kene epi ke, induce ke, vacuum, forcep, csec or whatever way to get her out and i'm thankful that she's healthy and looked real content after being feed.

P/S: If u asked me whether i want to be pregnant again and do it all over again? I wud say yes;> ngehehe..That's enuff to summarize that delivery is not scary eventho it might sounds scary.