Sunday, November 9, 2008

What a tiring weekend. Rase mcm cuti sehari je: Sunday. Because i hv a ct duty on Saturday which i dragged DH along and in return i was dragged to his office pulak until evening. I sat at the office sofa, dan ade colleague2 DH yg kepochi cube utk bermesra & melihat the wifey. Sorry babe, am not in the mood to ramah tamah with ppl. U can labelled me "sombong", "stuck up" or whatever. Saya seorg yg sgt berat mulut dan kelihatan sombong serta susah untuk tsenyum pd org2 yg tidak dikenali atau especially yg dirasakan mempunyai aura kepochi yg kuat & tau the person (except ME) sgt suke menyusahkan DH. Bukankah kepochi namanyer, kalau tibe2 nk menyibuk baca suratkhabar (when u have loads of work) which i took fr the office pantry yg dated like jumaat dua minggu lepas?? Dan kepochi itu terserlah [my instinct was right after all] slps soalan "u ni wife zb ye?" i look like his mother in a tube top with this pregnant belly??

Hish...when i read back what i typed, teruknyer haku, sounds judgmental & langsung langsung tak peramah. Ngee...membetulkan keadaan [eventho i know, i dont hv to justified what i feel nk jugak justified] : i'm judgmental mengikut instinct. Rarely my instinct went wrong. Most of the time..i'm ok with lots of ppl and my staff loves me..even, the OYDS pun likes me i think, krn diorg boleh tersengih2 (sampai kene tengking la dgn the IO's) when i gave them long detention order. Huahahaha ;P

My lil one progress news:

Our lil one wakes up when i wake up in the morning, sleeping while the mommy is browsing thru files after files, ttp kicking2 ketika the mommy on the bench dan tido balik after the mommy moving around signing files after files and selalunyer akan wake up in the evening sbb tau it's his/her tea time if lucky enuff it cud be dinner time.

The lil one peak hour is when the mommy tried to sleep with lights on [as the daddy got office work to do], the lil one will start rolling from left to right, right to left, left to halfway mid and then rolled back to the left. Amboi2....happynyer main pusing kat dalam..luas ek?? Until the mommy insists the daddy to turn off the light baru la the lil one will sleep peacefully dgn the mommy. Heheh..Sekian shj progress minggu ini. i'm relieved, eventho a lot of things happened last week..the lil one is actively rolling and kicking inside.

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