Friday, September 12, 2008

Just..when i thot i wanted to delete this blog for the 4th time kot, i saw my blog name at one of my angel's blog. Huhuhu...x jadik nk delete. Maybe later, when i developed extreme boredom towards my own blog.

Ok, let's catch up:

My last post is on baby Aqeel. He's 1 mth++ i think. The mommy & baby is doing great. As for me, i hv my own BIG surprise of my own not long after Aqeel's birth and when i'm all ready to go to my angel's wedding reception in Muar (konon as a surprise for her), it turns out to be i'm the one yg surprised & the surprise for the bride tidak menjadik at all. Sorry dear.

It turns out to be urs truly is pregnant [just when she decided to conceive after 1 year]. So, we cancelled every single plan and headed straight to my gynae. She was so so extremely happy and did not expect me to conceive this early (5mths after the major op). Neither do i & dh. Apart fr being happy, i was in shocked (btw, dh is happy & cool with the news). huhu.

A few days later, i was bleeding while at work and admitted to the hospital for 4 days (itu pun, after i begged to be discharged). Sib baik, the gynae understand, and she ordered me to bedrest & put me on MC for about a month already. I'm still on MC now. hehe.

By the way, right now everything seems ok. Let's hope that everything is getting better. I just cant go thru the same ordeal again.

* at 5 weeks : we saw the lil sac.

* at 6 weeks: we saw the tiny lil one inside.

*at 7 weeks: we heard for the first time our lil one's heartbeat.

*at 8 weeks: we saw our lil one make his/her lil jump while being scan.

Can't wait for my next check up. If everything is fine, our lil one will be actively moving by then. By the way i'm at my 9 weeks now.

Ok, i'm done here. Feel tired & uncomfortable sitting on the sofa this long. I'll update again when i feel up to it.

P/s: Happy Ramadhan everyone, eventho' i'm not fasting. thehehe...