Sunday, November 16, 2008

I hv rashes over my belly. It started with 4 tiny dots on the left side & 2 dots on the right side mcm lil bugs gigit. Mmg itchy, but i didnt scratch cuma gosok2 lembut dgn kain. After a few days, the dots multipled and it became terribly itchy!!

I met my ob-gyn yday & i was right after all. This type of rashes will only go away after i deliver my lil one. It's a hormonal reaction during pregnancy or known as pupps. Anyway, it won't harm the mommy or the baby cuma..the mommy will itched like crazy. One advise fr my ob-gyn: No matter how itchy the mommy feels, the mommy musnt scratch the poor itchy belly!! bukan sbb takut stretch mark, tp because it might cause a secondary bacterial infection. That wud spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e. So, now i hv to deal with the unattractive looking red rashes [my belly nmpk mcm tgh blushing], and the itchy mitchy till delivery [my ob-gyn provides me with calamine lotion and pirithon if the itchy got worse at nite].

Our lovely lil one is sleeping during ultrasound. Tired kot, bc 2hours b4 my appointment i went shopping for brassiere and bags [..i am officially a bag-aholic ...i just feel like i need everything from clutch to oversized bag including travelling bad is that?]. OK..mari continue b4 i start yapping about bags.

Our lil one is probably sleeping peacefully during ultrasound and in a sujud position [how angelic is that? my ob gyn said our lil one tgh solat sujud. Perhaps our lil one is praying for the mommy&daddy:):):)]. So, we didnt get to see the gender or the face this time. However, the growth & weight is perfect= the lil one is in a good condition. The mommy is in a good condition jugak - the alarming nyeri2 feeling at my stomach: kalau kete lalu bumper or langgar lubang / secara tibe2 masa tgh diri is just my healing nerves due to my operation.

We hv to wait for 4 weeks till our next scan. I thot, it was only me, rase 4 weeks mcm such a long time. Rupenyer DH feels the same way too. DH said kan best kalau ade ultrasound machine at home. Hahaha.

ps: MIL is coming today with my fave asam pedas. Yayy!


Anonymous said...

kb, bestnye asam pedas..hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hehehe:> best best menjilat jari.