Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Latest news:

My staff [the one that i always complained about] is being transferred out effectively ASAP / serta-merta, as i'm blogging inside (mcm aku da takde keje) dia tgh packing her stuff outside.

Am i happy? I dunno. Am i relieved? i got mixed feelings- sad, relieved, scared, happy, etc. I do sympathize her for all the fuss that i made over her. She didnt know that she was transferred out bc of me. According to her, someone up there told her that her mission for this ct has accomplished and she claimed that her countless previous transfer was due to her ability to settle any problem that the ct or the registry is facing. Now, she is needed elsewhere for a new task.

Hmm...sounds like Mission Impossible cross James Bond pulak.

Well, what am i to say? except just try my best not to give her my questionable look & politely say thank you for everything.

p/s: i am hungry...pit let's lunch!

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