Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm so happy for you too!!!

Happy Morning Sickness my fren;P

Happy constantly worrying about ur lil one.

Happy gemuks & can no longer fit into ur fave jeans or blouse or ur sexy

Happy excited when u hear the 1st heartbeat & when u see the lil one moving in u

Happy enjoying the moment u experience the lil one first movement/quickening/rolling/butterfly/kick.

Happy enjoying the moment u started to show

p/s: However, i reserved for Happy during delivery..huhu..


KbZb said...

belum lagi. Muahahaha. be prepared. Especially if ur mother ade morning sickness. If ur mother takde, ko probably selamat.

Anonymous said...

happy happy
meh aku wish
happy delivery!!!

Anonymous said...

haha..siot je ezan...bru skang ek..x per la..nyway..congrats..bertambah lg la ank buah aku..hehe

Anonymous said...

Elin: "baru skang ek" refer pada?? ..boobs ezanykah?? hehehe.

Ezany: Ko baru awal2 babe, of course u can still fit. Hahaha. Lepas2 tu u hv to wrap ur lingerie nicely dlm drawer until ur pantang ends.

Anonymous said...

haha..yo ezany la..saper lg