Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Middle East Cuisine

I should be studying for final! but i just can't resist cooking a middle east cuisine for dinner tonight. Too much distraction at home. Main attraction is the KITCHEN. Next is the KIDS.

Clockwise: Mendy Rice, Vege Dalcha, Salata Hara and Chicken

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Zara & Malay Telemovie

I believed some of you do watch malay telemovie right? kan? kan?
I do.
I happened to watch this telemovie 'Berpaling dari Jannahmu' at ASTRO, at my parents house.
By the way, my mom's the one switching on to that telemovie because of Ogy Ahmad Daud (Mom), Nasir Bilal Khan (Dad) and Mia Sara (Daughter) is on the screen.
Zara also joined in to watch the movie.

Synopsis:  Mom & Dad were married for 10 yrs without child. One nite mom cried during her prayers begging for a child - she'll do absolute everything and anything to take care of the child. So, eventually, she got pregnant and delivered a baby girl. The girl is mia sara. The telemovie fast forwarded to went the daughter is 4 yo (the ever energized full of curiosity and experimenting age). The mom is a neat freak, so she will lost her temper whenever the daughter messed up the house. So, to cut the story short..her mom really lost her temper one day, grabbed her daughter's head in anger while venting her anger. The daughter was scared..she ran out from the house and got hit by a car in front of the house. The daughter died. Mom went crazy.

I am touched by the story...not really because the girl got hit by a car.
But, i was shocked...when Zara looked at me, with glassy eyes when the girl got hit by a car and the mother cried out loud hugging her daughter's body.
I wonder whether, she understands what had happened? but, i doubt it because she didn't cry.
I waited and checked if she's disturbed by the story, but she continued to watch until advertisement.
So, during advertisement, i got up and went to the room to pray.
Suddenly, i heard her crying aloud. My mom got out from her room and was confused as to why Zara cried.

I guess i knew why she cried, i quickly went to her and asked her, why is she crying? she hugged me while crying and said.."dak tu..jatuh....langgar...kete".
OMG!! it hit me at that time...she could understand!!!
It took me 10 minutes to calm her down.
Eventhough, my  mom's the one switching the programme from DJNR to that telemovie, but ends up Zara & me watching it, because my mom went in to sleep. That's the answer to why my mom was confused.

Perhaps...i shouldn't let her watch that movie.
Pity her having to deal with such emotion at a tender age.
I told her it was just a movie, might happened to anyone..if one ran out from the house without assistance &without looking if there's a car coming before crossing. *i guess...she's touched by the movie because she has the habit of running out from the gate, and i would be screaming like a crazy woman and running after her.
At least, I hope, she knew and remember..why her mom act all crazy shouting after her, when she zoomed out of the gate house like that.

P/S: I am not going to let Zara watch that kind of malay telemovie after this.

Friday, June 1, 2012


Guess where am i on Friday evening and during semester break? 
Yes!!! u r right at campus "dihatiku". LOL
I have a class tonite.
I purposely came early, with a purest, sincerest intention THAT is : 
I wanna go to the library and borrow a book.

See..niat baik kan?
If u guys knew me back then in Uni years during degree, i'm not famous in their library.
I went there by force due to group discussion.
God, i dont even know how to borrow a book and i have never borrowed one during that 4 ke 5 years eh? 
But ppl change, now i'm proud to say i know how to borrow a book using a computerized system. 
All u have to do is just flash the code at the machine and the book is on your borrowed list, then a receipt of your borrowed list will come out. *saya sgt suke* *mmg jakun* LOL

But, niat baik ini crushed infront of the library door.
WHY? yes...u r right again, a big sign 'TUTUP' was hanged.
Awwwhhh, i forgot it's semester break...library pun ikut cuti sama la? Grrr...

So, here i am inside the car blogging my heart out.
Ok..gotta get out from the car, class will resume any minute now.

P/s: Have fun girls at PD!

It's Patent Friday Nite!

I'm borrowing my kids red table to do my work. LOL.
They went to bed early today.
What you see in the picture is my book, notes and statutes for my take home test.
As usual, idea runs best at the very last minute.
The paper is due tomorrow,! it's 1am. LOL.
Now, let's get back to work and hope i answered correctly.