Monday, December 1, 2008


Ok..i know this is weird, because i'm the first person to get the monday blues without failure. However, not this week!! :> I'll tell u my secret:

1. I took EL on friday. Partly because of DH close relative is in a critical stage of coma (actually, we've visited the relative the nite before..but that can be a good excuse enuff kan?). Anor part is bc i'm so DESPERATELY and ITCHY-LY in need of an EL (why?...bc i found it hard to take EL in my job). It's a perfect timing for EL-i've no files & with a good excuse.

2. I shopped from friday to sunday!!! What makes a girl happy?? shopping:)))) [eventho i got a braxton hicks on saturday - either kerana am too active/the lil one is soooo active like the mommy/not enuff rest & a temporary almost fainted moment on Sunday due to not enuff rest jugak] am still a happy pregnant lady.

3. Utk lebih happy tahap elated that wud lasts until monday??? when u got loads of stuff for urself and u dont have to pay for it!! DH is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo darlingly wonderfully sweet. I went to this one boutique, and almost tried half of their wardrobe (hasil drpd eager sales girl who maybe cud foresee that she'll benefit fr me & DH). Enuff said, i got everything that i wanted:)))))))))))))

4. The lil one responded to my touch [blissful]. When i bled during my early pregnancy, i'd always softly put/pressed my palms at my womb area [i read somewhere that the lil one cud recognize the touch which cud make it feel at ease and safe]. Since working, i didnt do it anymore [it wud seem weird to my staff if i was caught with my hands in my skirt & besides, i'm always super tired at nite and slept early]. However, last nite i put my palms above my op scar-the lil one kicked softly and then i moved my palms upward and stopped just below my navel and guess what??? the lil one followed. It rolled towards the warmth of my palms. Hey lil one...u really really steal mommy's heart this time. [i guess, my motherly feeling started to kick in]

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