Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The problem with me if i'm x working is...
  • I baked. Iye one cake after anor. I hv 2 more cakes in mind-soft cotton cheese cake and mini cupcakes with purple icing.
  • I can't sleep at nite-i read it sumwhere it's called transient insomnia.
  • I woke up at 10am...hahaha..rasenyer baru update an entry jadik early riser kan. Skang dah jadik temporary insomniac. I shd've seen it coming...i laid wide awake on my bed last few nites, watching lil zara sleeping secara lasak with her right leg on my chin. Suke ati betul dia tido.
  • I became a BW addict again. I hv Hotsling, Snugg MT, SSC, now my eyes in on RS and other snugg buggs. The BW entry from me da long overdue..i'll upload an entry on it thn depan.
  • I love surfing inet during nite time..esp at wee this.
Those r the top 5 problems.
The biggest problem seems to be the insomnia part. Sungguh troublesome having these sleepless nites.

*sigh..the only cure to this temporary insomnia is doing office work 8am-5pm...or perhaps opening my own baking biz or perhaps i shd learn to self-hypnotize.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

As a head start..
I've changed into a new template for 2010 :>
To more blogging next year!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.

- Aristotle

It's a wonderful feeling waking up in the morning
to soft kisses on ur face...
a bright smile that cud lite up the room with a hint of playful look in the eyes...
a warm hug...
cuddling together under the sheets...

Finally, end up in a kitchen preparing a bottle of milk for my baby.

My baby is an early riser
I'm not an early riser nv thot that i'll be one of them, but..
i recently been forced to become one as motherhood sets in.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Yuhoo..i'm back!!
Lama da takde entry.
Lame excuse: i'm so busy sampai tak sempat nk bukak blog.
Tp org lain pun busy jugak, how can they juggle between work-life-parenting-blogging?
I dunno how they did it.


Zara @ 8 months 4 weeks :
  • An active giler, panjat sana sini [katil, cot, sofa, high chair, stroller and even her car seat] sampai semua org mengah nk layan n boleh dpt heart attack selamatkan lil Zara fr falling.
  • Da pandai diri and jalan pegang railing from one end to the other end of the cot/playpen.
  • A strong baby..terhantuk ke, terkepit jari ke..nangis dua saat lepas tu pegi tarik laci again.
  • A cheeky baby..suke senyum/sengih sambil lentok2kan kepala, konon manja la. *ok...mmg nmpk manja pun.
  • Loves her porridge, bread, chicken and whatever kind of foodie that ppl put into her mouth.
  • Dah tumbuh dua gigi atas and dua gigi bawah. We bought a wooden cot for her and...she enjoyed chewing her cot. The cot dah ade new pattern!!- her gnawing marks.
  • When she's sad/wants her milk/wants an attention she'll call mamamamamama, wc melts my heart right there and then.
  • Loves magazines, papers, thick novels...Oh yes!! as i'm typing these..lil Zara baru koyakkan my Anne Rice. *tarik buku Anne Rice perlahan2 n bagi magazine camera DH to her instead.
  • Loves sucking on her toes (both toes ok!). Old myth: nk adik la tu. Betul ke? Perhaps..however, she enjoyed having lil kids and babies around her.

Urs truly:
  • True to the old myth-babies sucking toes=nk adik. As lil Zara turned 7 months, we found out that she's going to be a big sister. It's the best feeling to be pregnant again:>Whatever to those ppl whom questioned Zara kan kecik lagi? I hv my own reason why i'm on a fast track mode.
  • However, at almost 3 months we rcvd a sad news-there was no fetal heartbeat in the gestational sac, it was an empty sac. After seeking second opinion and tests-our final decision is for a D&C rather than waiting for a natural miscarriage to happen.
  • So, on 16th of Dec 09 i hd a D&C [a few days before my birthday..sape tak wish birthday lagi tu?? sile wish cepat;PPP]
  • I'm recovering at home until early next year. The best part is i get to spend time with lil Zara & i dont hv to wake up early morning to go to work;> *blissful...
  • A lil sad tho the lil baby bump is almost gone *rubbing my tummy. Owh well...i can fit into my old pants and jeans and having fun making baby bumps again;>
p/s: I hv loads of lil Zara's pics but our card reader ttinggal kat ofis pulak. Hence no piccas.

Monday, November 2, 2009

I've never been apart from my baby even a nite. I believed that she wud not be ok without me or something wud happen if i'm not around. Besides, i'm still BF-ing her and she might need me esp during nite time. Majority of 1st time mommy wud share this feeling.

For the first time on 29th Oct 09, i left her for a nite under her grandparents care.
That very morning the day i'm about to leave for ilkap, i kissed her cheeks with a heavy heart and almost burst out crying in guilt feeling like a selfish mommy.
On the way to ilkap i justified my situation as not abandoning her but i hv to focus on studying for the exam.
Obviously, i can't study at home with my baby zooming around & doing her cirque du soleil acts in her walker.
The day felt like neverending, the nite felt so long.
After the exam, i sped home like crazy. The term Biar Lambat Asal Selamat sounds stupid. If i cud fly, i wud fly straight to my baby.

When i got home..
The heavy feeling lifts up when i saw her waiting for me at the door.
Smiling widely and reaching out both of her hands towards me.
My heart melts and i almost cried..but, everyone including a cousin of mine were there watching us with ooohh and ahhhh pandainye dia.
Sibuk je semua org ni, thus..i hv to stifle a cry and my throat felt lumpy.

Even a nite, almost drove me to insanity the very next day...what more nites and days without her?
I need a stronger mental & heart to leave her if circumstances requires, but I really hope that there will be no more next time.
I'm absolutely amazed and tabik spring to mothers who has the strentgh to overcome the fear of leaving ur baby when circumstances demand.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Tell me, how can u have the heart to go to work early morning, when ur dotter is smiling at you like this???

Pic taken at 7:12am on 15 Oct 2009.

I went to the office with a heavy heart yesterday.
This Morning, my Lil Miss Early Riser woke up with a giggle and all smile. *sigh* I am looking forward to Sat & Sun when we can golek2 together on the bed till noon.
Y'day we went to IJN to visit Abd Shukor.
Ibu Yatt was already there waiting patiently for her only dotter to arrive.
Bile Dotter Zara sampai:

See? Ibu yg tgh excited

Thank You Ibu, for the red packet & waiting for us patiently.
Tahun Depan bagi Blue Green packet yg baru tu tau?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Remember Loqman?
He's big now.
Last time, kitorg dok agah2 dia bc we loved to hear his laughter.
But now, Loqman yg agah2 Zara sbb suke dgr Zara gelak kuat2.
Zara kan mmg suke attention, mmg suke sgt la dia dgn Loqman & dlm suke2 excited tu siap tertarik rambut pjg Sabreena. Cian lil Tabeena, terus majuk ngn Zara.

Funny part:
Loqman mintak ummi dia amik baby kt hospital satu. LOL.
New Toy!!

I love my new toy.
What it is? It's a camera!
It's so small and looks like a digi pet game. Hahaha.

This is the first shot captured randomly (The moustache man suddenly inter frame lak..sbnrnyer nak capture gmbr Kayu Nasi Kandar tuh):

A clear pic despite of its small body.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Nico Digi (VQ1005 Nico Nico Version), Superheadz, Japan

I want.....

I want...

I want..

I WANT!!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dang!! i hv so many things to blog about but so little time btwn juggling jobs, zara and DH i'm handful and legful too. Right now, i'm stealing a lil time because i'm tired of thinking about stats and grounds. Besides, there's no way i can blog at home with zara around.

  • End of August we managed to grab this:

Yes a DSLR! Now i can take lots of Zara's pics. But, every now and then i caught myself using my camera phone to take pics simply because it's within my reach and the most convenient thing around. Kan best kalau ade DSLR mcm pen ke pensil ke.
Bile nk outdoor korg?? hehehehe

  • Update on my lil Diva:

See? she posed like a diva herself. And yes, she's an attention seeker nowadays. My lil social butterfly laughed and smiled when being surrounded by lil kids who ooh-ed and aahh-ed around her. Enjoyed being kissed and tickled. But, she's afraid of men except her Atuk and handsome abah and seriously handsome guys. hahahahaha. Kecik2 da pandai appreciate beauty.

She's an expert on rolling rolling rolling and sondol. Zooming here and there in a walker [walker is the only thing that cud keep her interested and quiet for a good half an hour]. A few times terlepas ckp 'mama' 'ma' when she cried, most of the time 'baba' 'ba' 'bua' ' aya' 'da' 'dada' even..'ek elleh' and 'alah' - i just can't believe my ears. Kelakar giler we laughed our heads off sampai terduduk. She's so active suke jumping up and down..i think it's the result of consuming lots of chocs during pregnant-I hv a super ACTIVE LASAK baby. Other than milk she consumed crushed farley biscuit, mashed apples, mashed potatoes and i'm planning to broiled a beef broth or fish broth for her. OK...i can go on and on and on about her. It's true...when u hv ur own baby u marveled at every single thing even the most yuckiest thing such as their poop or boogey as what happened here. Hahahahahaha..i love picking zara's nose and ears too!! Muahahaha.

  • Raya
It's never too late. Sib baik raya sebulan. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Maaf Zahir Batin. Lots of houses and open houses to attend in order to collect ang pow for Zara.
For the first time, on eve of raya around midnite we went to jalan TAR and i managed to grab 8 brand new baju kurung which fits me nicely at a bargain price, oh..except 1 baju i hv to send it for alteration. Zara- 1 baju kurung and DH- baju melayu. Semuanya at a bargained price. Best!! Can we go again next year DH?? please please..

  • 6 months after delivery
Wow!! 6 months already? mcm tekan fast forward button je da 6 months. At 6 months, i'm supposed to call for an appointment to meet up my gynae. Is it important to meet up on the 6 months after delivery? My MIL asked me whether i hv my menses yet. I said no. She said...bahaya tu, Zara boleh dpt adik. I'm still BF-ing Zara so, i guess that's the reason why i'm still not getting the flow. Tp mmg bahaya pun sbb Zara leh t'jadik big sister. Then again, kalau da rezeki nk buat cemane? hehehe *peace*

Back on work mode. Daa!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

At 8pm - Zara's asleep.

At 9:30pm - Zara's wide awake.

At 10pm - Mommy is sleepy already. So, Mommy hands Zara over to Abah & hit the sack. Zzzzz..

At 10:30pm - Mommy's asleep. Zara's asleep too.

At 11pm - Zara's awake. Mommy tried to ignore Zara & hope that Abah will attend to Zara. BUT...Zara kept on crying at the top of her lungs. Mommy picked her up..and owh..Zara smiled and looking at Mommy with her big bulat eyes. My heart melts. She wants to play..huhu..

At 11:30pm - Play Play Play tickle tickle Giggle Giggle..ok da happy kan? Mommy placed Zara carefully in her cot. At first, Zara cooed and talked to herself. Mommy tepuk2 Zara with her eyes closed. But, 10 mins later Zara cried again..nk main. Mommy said..Go to sleep Zara..Mommy wants to go to a SOGO MEMBERS SALE tmrw, Mommy have to sleep early. But Zara keeps on crying louder & louder..sampai Mommy rase nk letak baby cot Zara kat luar rumah [sbb kalau kat luar rumah Zara diam].

At 12am- Zara's still mommy brought her to the hall. She's having a blast crying & can i say shouting at the same time? That is when Wan & Atuk came to Zara's rescue. Mommy went to the kitchen for a hot milo.

At 12:30am- Mommy is so sleepy that she decided to switch on her laptop and play sorority life while waiting for Zara to fall asleep.

At 1:45am- Zara's asleep. Mommy's still in the kitchen blogging bc Mommy no longer felt sleepy. While Abah? Abah still sleeping soundly despite the raucous.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lil Zara's 1st baby food prepared with lots of love!

One of the moment that i've been waiting for is to prepare a baby food.
Zara's 1st solid food prepared by me is apple puree.
However, her 1st taste of solid food is nestum cereal prepared by her grandma.
We started giving her solid food when she's at her 4 months as advised by her Paed.
I thot babies shd start solid food at 6 months old, but her Paed assured me that Lil Zara is an active baby she's ready to start on solid food.
At first, DH & me were hesitant to introduced Zara to her solid food until she's 6 months.
But, she looks starving after BF & looks happy during eating time & her bowel movement is not effected., at 5 months i'm introducing her to apple puree;> She loves it.
I can't wait to prepare more baby food. Next will be veges!!

Apple Puree Recipe:

1. Apple
2. Lots of Love

How to:
1. Wash, peel and sliced an apple into small thin pieces (Easier to mash it later on)
2. Place in a small saucepan filled with water. Bring to boil and simmer until tender.
3. Tossed the tender apple and then mashed it.
4. Cool it and ready to serve.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lama da tak update.
That's bc my mind when blank everytime i signed in.
In fact, i don't hv much to update about except on my fave topic: Zara.

She's 5 months yday.

Looking at this pic, i realised that she's a carbon copy of me.
When i showed this pic to my mom and asked her "Muke sape ni?". My mom laughed aloud and said "pegi tgk lik UR baby pics. Same pose..same eyes..exactly the same."
Perhaps i shd dig out old baby photos of me and compare it with her pickan?.

P/S: BTW, Happy Sahur, Happy Fasting & Happy Breaking Fast with ur loved ones everyone.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Lil Zara suke baca buku . Shares the same hobby as mommy dia:)

Tgk tu...Lil Zara baca sampai terbalik-balik buku tu atas dia..

What's on my mind dr pagi sampai ptg kat office?
. lil cuddly bear yg sooo soft & best nk peluk+gomol2.

Masa kwn dulu, it nv crossed my mind dat someday..
we will hv a pic with our kids together.

To many more kids birthday parties, aqiqah, kenduri, buka puasa,
kids grad parties, & picnics!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

My parents is currently in Singapore. They'll be gone for 2 days & 1 nite to visit our sick relative.
We hv part of the house to ourselves (part=bc my sister's at home too).
Since having a baby...this is the first time, we r at home without Zara's grandparents (i.e without parents guidance).
So, there's no one else to pass lil Zara's around when i've exhausted all ways to calm her down except my sister & DH. Hahahaha.

I'm able to blog bc Zara's asleep. She's 4 months today!!
So..what now?

The most important thing for today is...WHAT'S FOR DINNER?? in between tending to the lil pwincess.
Haven't cooked for such a long time since i got pregnant & living manja2 with my parents (ok..ada lah once or twice je masak).
It's not my fault altogether..everyone enjoyed her cooking rather than mine.
The thought of her masak lemak sardin..asam pedas..terung berlada..ayam sambal..fresh brussels sprout with sos ikan..makes me hungry now.

Now, what's for dinner?

Ok...i think i heard Zara's crying.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When u've dragged ur husband on Sunday Morning (when both of u shd be playing golek2 with ur baby on bed) to watch HP Movie, which u know that it's not his cup of milo and u end up having to explain who is Tom Riddle.

Bile da jadik mcm tu, u just hv to be redha bile dipakse tgk Man U v Malaysia @ Bukit Jalil on Monday nite (lepas balik penat2 dr office) and annoyed him by asking to point out where is Wes Brown (lens-power da naik).

The eager crowd- Shouted for Rooney, Owen & Nani. Me? got amused when i saw a bunch of male fans holding a big manila card saying W.E. LOVE (as in a heart shape) O.W.E.N. Err...i didnt snap their pics tho.

The players lining up for pics

Middle of the game. Blue is Malaysia, Red is the Red Devil of course.

and here's the pic of us both before the game

..and Zara? takde dlm pic pun.
owh..sbb Zara kene tinggal kt rumah with her grandparents. Bad..bad mommy *spank.
How to teach ur baby to stay quietly in his/her stroller while Mommy shops?

I tried several times and end up with failure.
Gantung toys la, letak blanket la, letak pillow la, letak head support la, to make sure she's comfy.
Tp, semua tak berjaya. She'll cried out loud mcm kene kidnap.
Last2 shopping bags and Lil Zara's diaper bag yg dok dlm stroller.

So, stroller is out unless she's asleep, but she seldom sleep when we go out bc she enjoyed having her look see.

Next option: I've tried baby wearing...

She kept quiet for 5 mins n then she cried. I guess she didnt like it because she can't stretch her legs. Lil Zara ni suke stretch her legs.

and now

Anor option: I've tried baby carrier...

Bought one from Mom's care in red. Ok..Lil Zara seems to enjoy it (dia bole stretch2 n look around) and siap leh tertido in that front position. Tp, the carrier mcm leceh giler nk pakai and nk bukak.

So, ade sesape nk hadiahkan BabyBjorn? The carrier seems a lot easier to wear;P

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Da tgk Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince!

Review: Well, tak best mane tp it's a HP muvie. U just gotta see it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Better late than never!! I've watched Transformers! Giler best:)
Next aim: Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I noticed that bile da ade anak, question ni amat popular: "Anak dah pandai ape?"
Truthfully, I'm always..dumbfounded by this question.
Tatau nk ckp dia da pandai my head is "err..dia pandai nangis??"
So, this entry is going to be about Lil Zara's progress:

@ 1 month:

Cube teka hairstyle sape itu? I missed her hair *sob
  • Pandai nangis suara sedih2 pilu gitu.
  • Suke tak tido mlm.
  • Bole tido lena on her Mama's chest. Sib baik ringan Zara ni..kalau tak, tak bernafas haku.
  • Kalau Lil Zara marah, kaki dia lurus2 tegak. She has a very strong legs.
  • Marah & nangis kuat2 bile org bukak baju dia.
  • Tak suke tido siang. Tido pun like 30 mins aje.
  • Noticed moving object. She noticed a moving graphic in my phone to the amazement of my neighbour.
  • 1st injection masa 1 month - Lil Zara cried without a sound masa Dr cucuk jarum. Olololo..cian dia. Her grandma bergenang2 mata tgk Lil Zara nangis sampai takde suara. While Lil Zara's own Mama? sengih2 tgk dramatic la anak haku ni.

@ 2 months:

Playing with Ti Ya.
  • Lil Zara buat mogok kat rumah when her Mama's at work-tanak minum ebm for almost 3 weeks and tanak tido di siang hari. Huhu..ikut perangai sape ni pandai mogok lapar.
  • Lil Zara tak bgn mlm takleh tido alone. Manja mengada si kecik. Sib baik comel.
  • Suke nk bdiri, suke kene dukung, & nangis2 kalau org duduk masa pegang dia.
  • Choosy on bottle teats. Teats terpilih ialah NUK.
  • Tak suke Mr Inch Worm.
  • Can lift her head for several second.
  • Suke main air liur.
  • Can rolled to her side.
  • Pandai tgk 3G and borak2 with her Ti-Ya.
  • 2nd injection: Da cool, nangis sekejap je.

@ 3 months:

Lil Zara with Mr Inch Worm & Bugs.
  • Lil Zara buat attempt nk bgn bile kite baringkan dia.
  • Can lift her head without support.
  • Sgt suke main air liur..meleleh2 sampai kene pakaikan bib.
  • Loves to talk with Spider/Speder & Mr Inch Worm.
  • Refused NUK teats, so da switch lik ke Avent.
  • Suke nk bdiri. Mmg strong legs.
  • Dulu suke nangis bile bukak baju, skang tidak lagi...Lil Zara nangis bile org pakaikan baju pulak.
  • Can roll to her side sampai terlangkup..pastu nangis sbb tak pandai roll-over.
  • Manja with Abah. Recognizes Abah's voice. Baguskan?
  • Suke nk borak2. Grunts outloud when ppl didnt pay attention. Huhu..
  • Pandai tgk tv. She can watch Jungle Book Cartoon quietly.
  • Ticklish Lil Zara.
  • She laughs when someone tickles her. Yes, i said laugh not giggle. [I'm amazed..i thot lil baby dunno how to laugh.]
Ok...that's a looong list of progress. I'm done with Lil Zara's progress:)

Monday, July 13, 2009

I am so so busy.
I hv lots of things in my mind, lots of pics of lil Zara.
But so lil time.
If someone tried to pick a word in my head like now they'll find these words:
Plaintif, Defendants, Forgery, Pump, Picnic, H1N1, Fraud, Kenduri Doa Selamat, and Juruukur owh...and ignorantia juris non excusat.

Ok..i think that sums up my day at work.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

  • I want to see Transformers & Ice Age!! Platinum Suite / Gold Class tp asyik full jek. Kalau tak full pun, rase ciannyer nk tinggal kan Zara at home. Ngeee..mama mengada.
  • I want to see Lil Usop but DH is bz with work.
  • I hate figures. Specifically, i hate stats. Nv fails to give me headache.
  • I can't wait for Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince muvie.
  • I can't wait for Groupie pics with our mini's. Umm... me & my mini. Yg lain sume mini hubby.
  • I want to pack pack and go on holiday without proper planning. Preferably a place yg ade white sandy beach, dekat dgn town, and hotel yg bfast dia best.
  • I want to hv a comfy shoe & sandal. Come Sat cepat2, Megasale is back!!
  • I want to go to Umbai for its seafood. I missed Kelana Jaya Seafood..ape kes la korg g runtuhkan bangunan tu for another project.

Monday, June 29, 2009

I Love nbies:)

Latest pic of Ezany's son - Muhammad Iman Yusoff

Lil Usop shares the same birthday as Ibu Yati-26/6. Pandai pilih date nk kuar ek?

By the way Yat,

It's nv to late kan? HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGEL!! Ko leh la join 1st birthday party Lil Usop nntkan? Hehehe.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hellloooooooowwww anybody home?

Sorry ye peminat2 sekalian i know u've been waiting for my entry patiently;P. It's been a kabut month at work (it's all about figures-i began to feel like i shd take masters in stats) + the streamyx at home gone kuku last week. Fortunately, i've time today to finally blog in an entry.

Anyway, brief updates:

1. My sister got engaged last week. I'm not going to post a pic of her, but me & Zara sbb ini bukan blog dia kan? hahaha

pics taken by the to-be-engagee

anor pic of us with lil Zara looking at the camera.

2. Look at the pics above again. Yes, the hot mama (that's me) sudah slim. I didnt take any jamu, or whatsoever stuff. Vitamins pun bole lupe nk makan. What i did utk slim? Berpuasa ganti sebulan.

3. Look at the pics again..sile2, this time tgk lil Zara pulak. See, her hair started to grow. Tp..cume kat atas and kat blkg..tepi kiri kanan takde rambut. hahahaha.

Ok sekian update. I'll update again after snapping Lil Zara's 3 months old pic (she's 3 mths today!) or maybe after Ezany delivered her son.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Last Sunday bwk Zara jln2 pegi Melaka (to my unc's house).

On the way to Malacca for about 1 hr...

Zara tido...maka sempat posing bsama.

upclose Zara yg sleeping soundly.

However, after that she woke up crying cari milk bar. Takdela snap gmbr.

Ini da sampai n Zara da kenyang. She wanted to sleep like this..Sile takyah kesian..her fave position to sleep or to be soothed mmg pelik2. If she didnt get her way she'll cry.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

No pic pls!! malu ok..pale da botak!

Pada pukul 8:30am, DH woke me up while smiling brightly saying today is the day!! Lil Zara tgh tido tanpa ada keraguan yg DH+me got a big plan for her. So, we prepared what shd be prepared and mengerjakan pale lil Zara yg tgh tido...

tgh2 trim rambut, lil Zara t'bgn n nangis...terpakse stop.

Nyang dukung, pujuk2 lil Zara

Pastu, atuk lak pujuk sampai lil Zara tertido. DH tgh admiring his half done job.

Tibe2 Wan lak dtg, and continue shave rambut lil Zara

Finally, lil Zara is left with a bald and shiny head.

p/s: Kb adalah pen'trimmer' rambut (not in the picture, sbb takde org nk amikkan pic).

Friday, May 29, 2009

Lil Zara went for her checkup on Friday...

Sementara tunggu tgk2 org..

sementara tunggu, mommy & daughter mesti posing dulu

Senangnyer hati dia..little did she knows that she's getting a jab today

timbang berat & ukur pjg lepas tu nangis sbb tak suke baring lama2

Gmbr masa injection tak amik..sbb Zara nangis kuat2, mane hp pun da tatau.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I reached home safe & sound:> 40-60km per hour. Teruk betul, mcm nenek tua bwk kete. (tunggula da ingat jalan, drive tutup mata).
Anyway, bile balik...Zara tgh tido, mcm tau2 je she wakes up and buat muke nk nangis. I picked her up and dia mengomel2 (cube complaint on what happened while i'm at work kot) hehe. Cute.
First day at work

Kb tlh drive kete almost a year! Okla, ape dramatic almost a year, sbnrnyer 9 months tak drive kete-pegi balik my mom/sister/DH fetched. Tgh pregnant kan, takmo stress2. So, today dgn sejuk2 tgn tlh drive follow my DH drive depan (since i've no sense of direction, takut kalau sorg2 kang patah balik umah sbb tension kene drive) dan selamat sampai office awal before 7:30am.

First person met: Azali baru sampai tempat parking nk reverse2 kete ke belakang.

Second person met on my way down lupe nk tukar slipper: Pit baru sampai basement parking.

I felt Lucky:
  1. Tibe2 ade mkn2 (save duit for lunch). Owh not makan2 for me tp makan2 tanpa tujuan oleh org lain for their office.
  2. Tibe2 Yat dtg lepak. Bukan senang nk lepak with Yat eventho she's technically work here too. Dan Yat!! Hahahahaha(golek2 gelak)..aku selitkan CD Dog itu. Silelah tgk yek. Muahahahahaha
  3. Hari ni keje tak sakit pale...tho' at first hati rase sedih pun still rase sedih tapi nk balik da!!! yippie!! can't wait2.
Anyway, wish me luck...semoga tidak sesat jalan balik rumah. Huhu..DH br called pesan suh drive carefully, hari ujan lebat.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Some individuals do not cope really well with staying at home all day. They need the stimulation and distraction the work brings, otherwise the frustration gets the better of them. And I belong to this category. ~Anonymous~

I don't belong to that category. I think i can cope well by staying at home all day. I don't need the stimulation at work and i won't feel frustrated without the distraction that office work brings (just thinking about it makes me stressful already). At home, there's a lot of chores to be done as well. Not to mention the distraction when ur lil one is crying for ur attention. I'm not going 'kuku' yet while staying at home for 60 days tending to my daughter's need.

The thing is I don't really like the idea of being far from my daughter. She's still 2 months..i can really get used to the idea of working perhaps after she's 1 year. Why do we get only 60 days? It's not enuff!! At least 90 days with gaji seems ok.

I'm not allowed to bf my daughter during the day, bc we want her to get used to bottle. Altho we've trained her with bottle since Day 3, she still refused it unless she's really really hungry. She wud cry for 1 or 2 hours-stop for 15 mins-continue crying for anor 1 hour-stop-continue until she gets her milk bar. Just like what happened just now. It's just so heart wrenching to hear her cries knowing that she wants to get her hands on milkbar when she has every rights to it.

My other concerns are the 'what if' s...

  • I'm not the first person to see her crawl/stand/walk?
  • I'm not the first person to hear her call mama/abah?
  • She is confused that my mom & dad is her mama/abah and called them mama/papa instead?
  • She don't want to cling to her milk bar anymore as she got confused with the bottle?
  • She gets more affectionate with my mom/dad? and she don't want us anymore?
OK..giler negative thinking kan?
I shd be thankful that my mom & dad is around to take a good care of my daughter. One way or another..i still need to work as i'm a woman with lost of needs and Malaysia got so many warehouse sales (especially books & baby stuff) that i hv the urge to splurge on. Alright...I hv to work tomorrow. Nk pegi gosok baju keje..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

This is Kamie & Apek's bundle of joy:)
It's a boy!!


Lil Zara is 2 months today!!

Mostly, Lil Zara's playmate is a boy..bile nk dpt kawan girl ni?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Lil Zara sgt manja with her Atuk. One makcik (neighbour) said to me : "Abis la ko, bagi kat mama papa ko jaga, budak ni nanti manja ngn diorg. Bile dia tak dpt barang yg dia nak dr mama ngn abah dia, dia mintak kat Wan /Atuk dia. Atuk la yg akan paling senang nk cair dgn cucu perempuan.". Hmm..mmg Lil Zara manja ngn Atuk dia pun da...
  • Bile nangis..bagi la kat Atuk terus diam.

  • Bile Atuk lalu tak angkat Zara, she will tegur Atuk as if saying "Atuk, tanak amik Zara ke?"

  • Lil Zara pun senang sgt di tidokan Atuk as compared to other ppl in this house.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

" I have little tiny fingers and little tiny toes.... I'm just sooooooo cute!"

I trimmed my baby's nails on my own;>

My mom thought that i wudnt dare to do it. Well, she's wrong..I'm not afraid to cut her teeny weeny halus malus finger nails.

I did it while she's asleep after her bath and 10 min feed.

The utensils are:

Baby clippers and an emery board

and the results are..

Cute trimmed teeny weeny nails;)

Baby Pedicure anyone? I think i can fit the job perfectly.