Monday, December 8, 2008

Wooden Cot vs Playpen

DH adored wooden cot, while i'm always interested in Playpen. So, wc one shd we buy? Can we just buy both? white wooden cot seems adorable too. Besides i found several that can be turned into bed. It's cute!! Well no matter how adorable it is..i still prefer a playpen. At my mom's house..she has both wooden cot & playpen [tp wooden cot itu telah patah after my cuz climbed in it]. I dont remember my tolerance towards wooden cot..but i think i remembered the uneasy feeling whenever i looked a my own wooden cot. However, for the playpen [sememangnyer 80's baby tak sempat nk rase] but i tell do wonders to Loqman and currently Noel- they love it. Both these lil tykes are quite active and baran. Bile marah, or nangis..suke nk menggeliat2 and hempas2 bdn kat lantai. Wudn't it be dangerous...if these tykes did that in a wooden cot?? mau tak terbalik the cot or maybe patah or they wud injure themselves. Safety is important..i wudnt want our son/daughter gets hurt.

Lets see...the dilemma & comments i found:

I recently began putting my 7 month old daughter in her playpen in her room for naps and nighttime sleep, just to try to train her to sleep in it. This is because she refused to sleep in it before and wouldn't nap at my mom's when being babysat or when my husband and I would take her places. After the first day she caught on quick and has been sleeping in it for a whole week. She actually seems to sleep better in it than in her crib! With her crib she had been trying to yank the bumper off, and if I take the bumper off she smacks her head on the rails and gets her legs and arms stuck in the rails. Plus, she loses her pacificer through the rails and screams bloody murder until I come back in the room and give it to her. Having her in the playpen has eliminated these problems of the crib. Has anyone else had their baby sleep in a playpen? I worry that it may not be very comfy for her, but she seems to be sleeping great in it this past week. What do you think? -posted by Supermom

My daughters baby is due in Feb., should I get a baby bed or playpen for my house. I will keep the baby some when she works? -posted by Granny

Public Comments:

as long as the baby is safe and comforted it is fine. i have twins and there were times they slept on the floor, couch, in a chair, playpen, crib, carrier, and even a box with a pillow in it. my daughter was a very finicky sleeper and there were times she would fall asleep in her car seat and we would leave her in the seat and carry her in the house in it and sit the whole contraption in the crib and leave her sleep. most playpens i have seen/used have a small pad that fits in the bottom of it. trust me the baby is fine. she is safe and no hazard of falling or hitting anything. my advice is pick your battles, sleeping in a crib vs. a playpen is not a big deal. there are much more important things to really worry about. your baby will be fine no matter where she sleeps (as long as it is safe). good luck and congrats~~

my son slept in his play pen for a long time, he seemed to sleep better in it than in his crib. But, now that he tries to climb out of it, he is back in his crib. So, I think that if your daughter sleeps better, you should let her and then later on she shouldn,t have a problem with sleeping in her crib.~~

Playpen. I'm due in Jan. and my mother has a playpen for the baby, she says its easy to work with. Because when the baby leaves she can fold playpen and place to side and still have plenty of room to due her everyday activities. God bless~~

You will likely get more use out of a pack and play and they take up less space than a playpen. Many of them have bassinet and changing table attachments that come with them, as well. These are very handy. It is nice not to have to change them on the couch or bed, as they are bound to pee while you are changing them more than once! ~~

:) See..playpen wins!!! ok..ok. I admit i might've searched the positive side of playpen shj;P I think DH wud agree with me bc the most important aspect besides safety is we need a portable cot. U can't travel with a wooden cot right? So, the best choice for us is a pack & play!!! we hv our eyes set on Graco Pack & Play.

PS: Eventho' my mom has a playpen at home & currently we r staying with her. We still need a playpen bc Noel conquered the big playpen to himself and besides we need one that can travel with us when we go back to DH's hometown and Putrajaya or anywhere we go;>


Anonymous said...

my vote goes to playpen...

Anonymous said... both la..

Anonymous said...

pit: playpen it is!!

elin: u just gave me an idea. ape kata ko belikan wooden cot as a gift? *batting eyelashes*

Anonymous said...

hi kb. am resting at home now. let's doa tak my baby stays in for longer in my tummy!insyaAllah..bagi dia besar sikit before keluar..

Anonymous said...

eh typo..let's doa THAT my baby stays in for longer in my tummy..heheh..buat masa ni i'll be monitored closely

KbZb said...

yay!! u r resting at home. Been thinking about k.sab & ur baby. Don't worry i'll pray that the baby stays longer until the right time to come out. Sile jgn stress2/tension2/risau2 ok. Just relax & enjoy ur pregnancy at home:)

Anonymous said...

hi kaybee!alhamdulillah after we went to see the gynae yesterday, the amount of amniotic fluid stays the same. so the gynae's advise now is to rest at home and let the baby grow. my next appointment would be in 10 days time. alhamdulillahh..please pray for the baby ok.

i just called kaybee tadi to ask about MC procedure at the workplace sebab you've been thru the private hosp MC days dulu kan. takpe la..malam nanti i call u..

till then..