Friday, December 19, 2008

Today is Friday!!!

I got the book that i wanted yesterday;P After searching for it via online, physically and at the info counter at Borders, Kinokuniya, Times and finally found it at MPH, The Curve - the only one left menggigil2 on the bookshelf waiting for me to rescue. Hehehe. I'm contented! (sorry Aqeel's mommy, tershopping awal smlm)

My spacious black bag (for future use) is on the wayyyyy. I can't wait!

I bought 2 Venti Choc Cream Chip Starbucks yday (1 for me & 1 for my brother) & their delicious English Fruitcake!!! I'm in Cloud 9:))))

I bought 1 black cardigan wiv ribbon & button at MNG yday & almost memborong the bags ( brother stops me) - Well, I hv Aqeel's Mom today with me..hahahaha..and we r heading towards The Curve. Wait for me MNG or maybe LC. Nothing stops me today!!!

P/s: Read the baby quotation's above:
I'm getting my cute baby fat. I guess Mommy's finally decided to share the wealth

I hate to admit it, but...i think i hv to admit that i'm getting .... huwaaaa...chubby.....isk..isk: I planned to wear my fave skirt today and bile pakai pagi td, getah kat pinggang skirt ni terus terputus (ini tidak menyebabkan kb rase sedih, hanya terkejut and dlm hati...alamak..i hv to find a new skirt sah2 longgar kat pinggang ni, terlondeh nnt)...ttp, ape yg menyedihkan hati ialah apabile...skirt ini tidak longgar LANGSUNG altho getah dah terputus tapi FIT COMFORTABLY at my thick waist. *speechless* i need a shopping therapy [a good excuse isn't it?]


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday dear kb..jgnla boros sgt wei..takut aku dgr ko spend bebyk gitu..and no wonder you getting chubby-tapi chubby kan cute(~_^)..with all the nice foods you having.hehehehe..enjoy ur day!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...aku takut jugak sbb spend terbyk2. Cemane? Kene ikat aku kat umah. Smlm baru pegi KLCC dr ujung sini saaaaaaaaampai ujung sana. Mule2 tak bile ape2 pun, tibe2 nk balik...aku tak sedar cemane aku leh terbeli satu clutch. hahahahhahahaaha.