Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The problem with me if i'm x working is...
  • I baked. Iye one cake after anor. I hv 2 more cakes in mind-soft cotton cheese cake and mini cupcakes with purple icing.
  • I can't sleep at nite-i read it sumwhere it's called transient insomnia.
  • I woke up at 10am...hahaha..rasenyer baru update an entry jadik early riser kan. Skang dah jadik temporary insomniac. I shd've seen it coming...i laid wide awake on my bed last few nites, watching lil zara sleeping secara lasak with her right leg on my chin. Suke ati betul dia tido.
  • I became a BW addict again. I hv Hotsling, Snugg MT, SSC, now my eyes in on RS and other snugg buggs. The BW entry from me da long overdue..i'll upload an entry on it thn depan.
  • I love surfing inet during nite time..esp at wee this.
Those r the top 5 problems.
The biggest problem seems to be the insomnia part. Sungguh troublesome having these sleepless nites.

*sigh..the only cure to this temporary insomnia is doing office work 8am-5pm...or perhaps opening my own baking biz or perhaps i shd learn to self-hypnotize.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

As a head start..
I've changed into a new template for 2010 :>
To more blogging next year!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.

- Aristotle

It's a wonderful feeling waking up in the morning
to soft kisses on ur face...
a bright smile that cud lite up the room with a hint of playful look in the eyes...
a warm hug...
cuddling together under the sheets...

Finally, end up in a kitchen preparing a bottle of milk for my baby.

My baby is an early riser
I'm not an early riser nv thot that i'll be one of them, but..
i recently been forced to become one as motherhood sets in.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Yuhoo..i'm back!!
Lama da takde entry.
Lame excuse: i'm so busy sampai tak sempat nk bukak blog.
Tp org lain pun busy jugak, how can they juggle between work-life-parenting-blogging?
I dunno how they did it.


Zara @ 8 months 4 weeks :
  • An active giler, panjat sana sini [katil, cot, sofa, high chair, stroller and even her car seat] sampai semua org mengah nk layan n boleh dpt heart attack selamatkan lil Zara fr falling.
  • Da pandai diri and jalan pegang railing from one end to the other end of the cot/playpen.
  • A strong baby..terhantuk ke, terkepit jari ke..nangis dua saat lepas tu pegi tarik laci again.
  • A cheeky baby..suke senyum/sengih sambil lentok2kan kepala, konon manja la. *ok...mmg nmpk manja pun.
  • Loves her porridge, bread, chicken and whatever kind of foodie that ppl put into her mouth.
  • Dah tumbuh dua gigi atas and dua gigi bawah. We bought a wooden cot for her and...she enjoyed chewing her cot. The cot dah ade new pattern!!- her gnawing marks.
  • When she's sad/wants her milk/wants an attention she'll call mamamamamama, wc melts my heart right there and then.
  • Loves magazines, papers, thick novels...Oh yes!! as i'm typing these..lil Zara baru koyakkan my Anne Rice. *tarik buku Anne Rice perlahan2 n bagi magazine camera DH to her instead.
  • Loves sucking on her toes (both toes ok!). Old myth: nk adik la tu. Betul ke? Perhaps..however, she enjoyed having lil kids and babies around her.

Urs truly:
  • True to the old myth-babies sucking toes=nk adik. As lil Zara turned 7 months, we found out that she's going to be a big sister. It's the best feeling to be pregnant again:>Whatever to those ppl whom questioned Zara kan kecik lagi? I hv my own reason why i'm on a fast track mode.
  • However, at almost 3 months we rcvd a sad news-there was no fetal heartbeat in the gestational sac, it was an empty sac. After seeking second opinion and tests-our final decision is for a D&C rather than waiting for a natural miscarriage to happen.
  • So, on 16th of Dec 09 i hd a D&C [a few days before my birthday..sape tak wish birthday lagi tu?? sile wish cepat;PPP]
  • I'm recovering at home until early next year. The best part is i get to spend time with lil Zara & i dont hv to wake up early morning to go to work;> *blissful...
  • A lil sad tho the lil baby bump is almost gone *rubbing my tummy. Owh well...i can fit into my old pants and jeans and having fun making baby bumps again;>
p/s: I hv loads of lil Zara's pics but our card reader ttinggal kat ofis pulak. Hence no piccas.