Friday, July 24, 2009

My parents is currently in Singapore. They'll be gone for 2 days & 1 nite to visit our sick relative.
We hv part of the house to ourselves (part=bc my sister's at home too).
Since having a baby...this is the first time, we r at home without Zara's grandparents (i.e without parents guidance).
So, there's no one else to pass lil Zara's around when i've exhausted all ways to calm her down except my sister & DH. Hahahaha.

I'm able to blog bc Zara's asleep. She's 4 months today!!
So..what now?

The most important thing for today is...WHAT'S FOR DINNER?? in between tending to the lil pwincess.
Haven't cooked for such a long time since i got pregnant & living manja2 with my parents (ok..ada lah once or twice je masak).
It's not my fault altogether..everyone enjoyed her cooking rather than mine.
The thought of her masak lemak sardin..asam pedas..terung berlada..ayam sambal..fresh brussels sprout with sos ikan..makes me hungry now.

Now, what's for dinner?

Ok...i think i heard Zara's crying.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When u've dragged ur husband on Sunday Morning (when both of u shd be playing golek2 with ur baby on bed) to watch HP Movie, which u know that it's not his cup of milo and u end up having to explain who is Tom Riddle.

Bile da jadik mcm tu, u just hv to be redha bile dipakse tgk Man U v Malaysia @ Bukit Jalil on Monday nite (lepas balik penat2 dr office) and annoyed him by asking to point out where is Wes Brown (lens-power da naik).

The eager crowd- Shouted for Rooney, Owen & Nani. Me? got amused when i saw a bunch of male fans holding a big manila card saying W.E. LOVE (as in a heart shape) O.W.E.N. Err...i didnt snap their pics tho.

The players lining up for pics

Middle of the game. Blue is Malaysia, Red is the Red Devil of course.

and here's the pic of us both before the game

..and Zara? takde dlm pic pun.
owh..sbb Zara kene tinggal kt rumah with her grandparents. Bad..bad mommy *spank.
How to teach ur baby to stay quietly in his/her stroller while Mommy shops?

I tried several times and end up with failure.
Gantung toys la, letak blanket la, letak pillow la, letak head support la, to make sure she's comfy.
Tp, semua tak berjaya. She'll cried out loud mcm kene kidnap.
Last2 shopping bags and Lil Zara's diaper bag yg dok dlm stroller.

So, stroller is out unless she's asleep, but she seldom sleep when we go out bc she enjoyed having her look see.

Next option: I've tried baby wearing...

She kept quiet for 5 mins n then she cried. I guess she didnt like it because she can't stretch her legs. Lil Zara ni suke stretch her legs.

and now

Anor option: I've tried baby carrier...

Bought one from Mom's care in red. Ok..Lil Zara seems to enjoy it (dia bole stretch2 n look around) and siap leh tertido in that front position. Tp, the carrier mcm leceh giler nk pakai and nk bukak.

So, ade sesape nk hadiahkan BabyBjorn? The carrier seems a lot easier to wear;P

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Da tgk Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince!

Review: Well, tak best mane tp it's a HP muvie. U just gotta see it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Better late than never!! I've watched Transformers! Giler best:)
Next aim: Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I noticed that bile da ade anak, question ni amat popular: "Anak dah pandai ape?"
Truthfully, I'm always..dumbfounded by this question.
Tatau nk ckp dia da pandai my head is "err..dia pandai nangis??"
So, this entry is going to be about Lil Zara's progress:

@ 1 month:

Cube teka hairstyle sape itu? I missed her hair *sob
  • Pandai nangis suara sedih2 pilu gitu.
  • Suke tak tido mlm.
  • Bole tido lena on her Mama's chest. Sib baik ringan Zara ni..kalau tak, tak bernafas haku.
  • Kalau Lil Zara marah, kaki dia lurus2 tegak. She has a very strong legs.
  • Marah & nangis kuat2 bile org bukak baju dia.
  • Tak suke tido siang. Tido pun like 30 mins aje.
  • Noticed moving object. She noticed a moving graphic in my phone to the amazement of my neighbour.
  • 1st injection masa 1 month - Lil Zara cried without a sound masa Dr cucuk jarum. Olololo..cian dia. Her grandma bergenang2 mata tgk Lil Zara nangis sampai takde suara. While Lil Zara's own Mama? sengih2 tgk dramatic la anak haku ni.

@ 2 months:

Playing with Ti Ya.
  • Lil Zara buat mogok kat rumah when her Mama's at work-tanak minum ebm for almost 3 weeks and tanak tido di siang hari. Huhu..ikut perangai sape ni pandai mogok lapar.
  • Lil Zara tak bgn mlm takleh tido alone. Manja mengada si kecik. Sib baik comel.
  • Suke nk bdiri, suke kene dukung, & nangis2 kalau org duduk masa pegang dia.
  • Choosy on bottle teats. Teats terpilih ialah NUK.
  • Tak suke Mr Inch Worm.
  • Can lift her head for several second.
  • Suke main air liur.
  • Can rolled to her side.
  • Pandai tgk 3G and borak2 with her Ti-Ya.
  • 2nd injection: Da cool, nangis sekejap je.

@ 3 months:

Lil Zara with Mr Inch Worm & Bugs.
  • Lil Zara buat attempt nk bgn bile kite baringkan dia.
  • Can lift her head without support.
  • Sgt suke main air liur..meleleh2 sampai kene pakaikan bib.
  • Loves to talk with Spider/Speder & Mr Inch Worm.
  • Refused NUK teats, so da switch lik ke Avent.
  • Suke nk bdiri. Mmg strong legs.
  • Dulu suke nangis bile bukak baju, skang tidak lagi...Lil Zara nangis bile org pakaikan baju pulak.
  • Can roll to her side sampai terlangkup..pastu nangis sbb tak pandai roll-over.
  • Manja with Abah. Recognizes Abah's voice. Baguskan?
  • Suke nk borak2. Grunts outloud when ppl didnt pay attention. Huhu..
  • Pandai tgk tv. She can watch Jungle Book Cartoon quietly.
  • Ticklish Lil Zara.
  • She laughs when someone tickles her. Yes, i said laugh not giggle. [I'm amazed..i thot lil baby dunno how to laugh.]
Ok...that's a looong list of progress. I'm done with Lil Zara's progress:)

Monday, July 13, 2009

I am so so busy.
I hv lots of things in my mind, lots of pics of lil Zara.
But so lil time.
If someone tried to pick a word in my head like now they'll find these words:
Plaintif, Defendants, Forgery, Pump, Picnic, H1N1, Fraud, Kenduri Doa Selamat, and Juruukur owh...and ignorantia juris non excusat.

Ok..i think that sums up my day at work.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

  • I want to see Transformers & Ice Age!! Platinum Suite / Gold Class tp asyik full jek. Kalau tak full pun, rase ciannyer nk tinggal kan Zara at home. Ngeee..mama mengada.
  • I want to see Lil Usop but DH is bz with work.
  • I hate figures. Specifically, i hate stats. Nv fails to give me headache.
  • I can't wait for Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince muvie.
  • I can't wait for Groupie pics with our mini's. Umm... me & my mini. Yg lain sume mini hubby.
  • I want to pack pack and go on holiday without proper planning. Preferably a place yg ade white sandy beach, dekat dgn town, and hotel yg bfast dia best.
  • I want to hv a comfy shoe & sandal. Come Sat cepat2, Megasale is back!!
  • I want to go to Umbai for its seafood. I missed Kelana Jaya Seafood..ape kes la korg g runtuhkan bangunan tu for another project.