Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No..it's not Blood!!

Girls will always be girls..

I was folding linens..while zara is playing behind me with something (i didnt bother looking) while talking in her own language.
Suddenly all was quiet..i turned to look at her wondering 'apsal baik sgt ni'...I was shocked looking at her face at first, then i looked at her hands n screamed ' Zara!! NO!!! Stila mama!!!'
My lip stila pallette is ruined bc of this girl's artwork. 

tgk..budak calit lipstick kat muke

ade hati tgk cermin, admiring her artwork..a narcissist?

She giggled after being scolded

I just hv to capture zara's first lipstick moment. 
*sigh..i hv to be more careful next time..how on earth did she get her hands on my make up bag? I guess..i under estimate her height. Huhu


Ezany said...

hai zara, looking pretty with that lipstick la you..hehehehe..
tapi tesasar jauh lips haa..

Anonymous said...

hahahah...comelnyer siap tgk cermin...huhuhu...pasni ni tgk betul2 mama sapu lipstick kt bagian mane ek, then nx time leh try, maybe kurang tersasar nx time...hehhehe

KbZb said...

Ezany & Yanti: hahaha..zara perlukan lebih latihan penggunaan lipstick. Hehe.

elin said...

hahaha..meh mummy ajar zara pakai lipstick..so mama x der la marah zara nnt..hahaha...she;s very cute...cheeky...