Friday, October 8, 2010


Yesterday evening, i had a mild contraction.
Around 3am onwards, i woke up thrice due to diarrhea.
I am not sure whether it's food poisoning or if it's the onset of labour?
However...the weird and funny thing is..all i cud think of before entering the toilet on the 3rd time was "I am FAMISHED!! What shd i eat ek.. after i'm done with tis??"
Err...correct me if i'm wrong, in a normal diarrhea situation...u wouldn't be thinking of food what more having an appetite kan??? Plus, no one who had lunch n dinner with me yesterday seems to be complaining of diarrhea.
I googled about my situation and found that some women goes into labour 2-3 days after experiencing diarrhea. Some women pulak 1-2 weeks after that.

Well...the conclusion is, if it's gone within 24 hrs then perhaps it's just a stomach bug, but if it persists with contractions...then i hv to be prepared...uhuh.
Bun#2 we r just 34 weeks 5 days dear, 37 weeks is in 2 weeks time la!! Sabar la...

The most common signs that labor may soon begin include:

  • The baby "drops" or engages into the pelvis, which is called lightening. Lightening may occur two to four weeks prior to labor in first-time mothers and often not until labor begins if you have previously had children. - Checked
  • Your abdomen usually appears lower and more protruding - Checked n even more obvious this morning.
  • You may experience a greater ease in breathing, relief from heartburn and an ability to eat larger portions. - Checked
  • Frequent bowel movements may be experienced within 48 hours of labor, cleansing the lower bowel in preparation for birth. - Was it??
  • Diarrhea or flu like symptoms without fever. Indigestion, nausea, or vomiting are common a day or so before labor begins. - Hmm...
  • Increased vaginal discharge during the last few weeks of pregnancy as the body prepares for the passage of the baby through the birth canal. - Checked
  • Increased Braxton-Hicks contractions during the last weeks of pregnancy, which are "practice" contractions that prepare the uterus for labor and may cause some effacement and dilation (thinning and opening) of the cervix. These contractions do not ordinarily cause pain but may be sufficiently strong and regular to be confused with true labor. This is referred to as false labor. - Checked, been having this since 1st trimester bc i hv an irritable uterus..i can't differentiate the two anymore.
  • Possible "bloody show" or the release of slightly brown, pink or blood-tinged mucus from effacement and dilation (the thinning and opening) of the cervix, causing the mucus plug to be released from the cervix. - Not yet
  • Some women notice a sudden burst of energy, sometimes called a "nesting instinct" approximately 24-48 hours before the start of labor. You may feel a strong desire to clean the house and prepare for the baby. Try not to tire yourself as nature gives you this extra energy to help you during labor. If you must be active, be careful not to overexert yourself! - OK..we've cleared our room since last week n i've packed our hospital bag.
  • A loss or leveling off in weight may be noticed in the last few days before labor begins. It is common to lose 1-3 pounds of fluid before labor begins as a result of hormonal shifts. - I lost half a kg. Does it count? hehe
  • Mother just feels "different," not quite herself. - I feel different today...i just wanted to sleep. Eh..wait, bukan everyday ke mcm ni? but i do feel a lil bit different headache and feels seram sejuk perhaps from lack of sleep.
  • The bag of water may break. Depending on the location of the break in the amniotic sac, the break can feel like a gush, or an uncontrolled trickle of fluid coming from the vagina. - Unchecked
10 out of twelve were checked.
Adakah bun #2 has its own plan??? nk keluar on 10.10.10??? or deciding to hv his own birth date tanak share with grandma & mama pit? or tanak kuar on our anniversary date which falls on 2.11?
We'll just wait n i'm typing this i felt so sleepy and still having a mild contraction n mcm ade bowling bowl nk terjatuh down there.

P/s: I didnt experience this with my 1st child...uh..i need to go to the toilet again..


Ezany said...

pergi la balik skrg, kang terberanak dalam ofis kang, ada jadik front page cover newspaper..:P

KbZb said...

Ezany: hahahaha. Aku malas nk drive balik and cube nk settlekan keje2 kat ofis dulu. Spt: menyiapkan grounds yg lom pending (Wah giler rajin n aku kagum dgn diri sendiri) dan mengemas2 bilik yg bersepah simpan semua unwanted documents in the drawer.

elin said...

wah..aku kagum ngan ko kb...ko setlekan kerje2 di ofis...hehe...ok...for me...check my hp supaya on 24'7 supaya bile ko dh deliver nnt aku dpt sms..n on my 2 hospital 2 meet bun #2..

KbZb said...

Elin: hahaha..kene la settle keje cecepat supaya x yah teringat masa on leave. Don't worry, aku akan inform pas da deliver. for now, aku dah pujuk2 baby kalau x sabar sgt kuar je lah 27.10(birthday mak aku n pit), tp kalau leh sabar lebih baik lg kuar masa 2.11 (anniversary kitorg). Hehehe

Y- A-T-T said...

elin, saing pegi spital! hehehe :D tak sabar!