Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Timing Contractions

In case u r wondering...i'm still here!
Despite the contractions and all the toilet drama, i'm still baking bun #2.

Went to the hosp yesterday to check on the contractions.
Dr said it might be braxton hicks or pre-term labor. But, since the baby seems active, water bag pun full lagi and everything seems nice except that my tummy is really low and the shooting pains, Dr said it might be braxton hicks la.

OK..kalau braxton hicks kenapa sgt sakit mcm nk bersalin ni?? pls...go away pain! i wanted to enjoy my final weeks.

Dr gave me 3 days mc to time the contraction in order to determine which is which.
Eventho i'm on mc for 3 days, being a workaholic me..kononnyer lah, i am in the office right now and perhaps langkah kanan masuk ct, bc after 2 hours of trial..parties wanted to resolve the matter. GOOD!! I like that.
Now, i need someone to fetch me home.

On Dr's instruction: to time contraction.
I'm a failure lah on timing my own contractions....when the pain comes, if i can bear it, i'll bear it. If i can't..then what choice do i hv? still kene thn jugak la kan? i'll grip on anything that i cud or i just bit my lips till the pain goes away.
I've uploaded contractions timer application yesterday, however, when the pain comes i failed to push the start button because i am too focus on handling the pain.
I'll try my best to time it today or tomorrow.

I need to lie down.
I want to go home now.

Hope that bun #2 cud hold on tight until our anniversary date.

p/s: Betul la org ckp experience pregnantkan anak 1st and 2nd is diff.


elin said...

caiyok kb caiyok....

Mrs Jaja said...

take care ok...

KbZb said...

Elin: hahaha..
Jaja: ok jaja:)