Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mode: Nangis sampai bengkak mata

I miss my baby daughter...
Everyone's gone to Putrajaya bc my sister's at the hospital n gonna deliver her 1st baby anytime.
Everyone's camping at my MIL's house, except me & dh bc we hv to work tmrrw.
My parents decided to bring zara along as nobody going to look after her after we r off to work.
This is my 2nd time being far fr zara:(
I hate this feeling.
I went bawling after seeing her curly hair bobbing out from the car window while waving gbye at us..
....i cried looking at her pampers..
....i cried looking at her playpen..
....i cried looking at her favourite toys..
....i cried looking at vitagen bottles..that's her favourite drink..
....ok, i think i shd stop crying. I don't need a puffy face n eyes tmrrw.
DH been sweet, trying to console me..sorry dear, i don't know why am i so emotional.

Zara..mama miss u so bad;,,(

p/s: perhaps i shd blame my pregnancy hormone for this outbreak.

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