Monday, December 6, 2010

November Entry


It's been a month since i last updated. Sorry for the lack of updates.

Below are what u missed in Nov 2010 particularly on:


Our 3rd wedding anniversary.
No flowers, No chocs or candies, x romantic candle lite dinner...we celebrated the day in a different way this time around, in a labour room waiting for the arrival of our pressie.

@2:20am i've delivered our pressie with DH by my side.
The rest of the day n nite we spent by sleeping in btwn bfing n eating.
Alhamdulillah, the labor process was smooth, fast & easy.
I cud do it again & again;P...really, giving birth is one of those beautiful moment.

Introducing, Zara's baby brother: Khaleef Zaqwan

Selebihnye, gmbr Khaleef's hobby, iaitu TIDO. I called him my peaceful baby bc he loves to sleep.

I'm counting anor 14 days till my confinement ends.
  • Confinement is b-o-r-i-n-g.
  • I can't carry zara and i can't walk around so much or else, everyone will freak out reminded me to slow down.
  • I know most of u love the post natal massages. Well..i DON'T!! SAKIT LA!! But the aftermath is refreshing..itupun after 3 days. I've suffered from body ache for 2 days. Ouchh!!
  • Stitches - I hate them. Thank you to jeli gamat. After 10 days i feel 100% healed.
  • Confinement fud- Yummeh. I love them-fishes, soup, veges! But i do crave for A&W float, butterscotch, abc & Baskin Robbins. Huhu..
  • Zara Khalyssa - my poor baby, she was hospitalised for 3 days due to high fever, flu & cough. Her paed suspected her for pneumonia, but actually it's just a normal flu, cough and phlegm.

So that's it for now.
Will update more on Zara & Khaleef.

P/s: Hey!! i'm a mother of two now;>>>>


k. julie said...

congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby boy :) I'm so happy for u!

KbZb said...

K.Julie: thanx K.Julie:) Waiting for ur beautiful baby pulak lepas ni:)

elin said...

walaupun sakit zara ttp comel..ngee...geram nye ngan zara...

KbZb said...

elin: hahaha