Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Weird thing happened after 4 days of misery.
This morning, i woke up and the contractions were gone! Lalala...
I slept peacefully last nite and woke up this morning feeling energized n painless.
Even thru out the day till now, i only felt contractions thrice, x every hour n mins like the past 4 days.
I guess bun #2 changed his mind;)
Just to scare myself, i read that when u've reached 2cm-4cm dilation, the regular contractions that
u've been hvg for several days will suddenly stop. It's a way for your body to rest, until active labor sets in several
days later. They called it prodromal labor. *gigit jari..
Owh well...whatever it is, i'm relieved that i'm x delivering anytime soon and i'm happy that i'm painless.
I can go to work happily n hv great lunches with my colleagues.
It's time to enjoy my final weeks with lots of food n quality time with zara.

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