Monday, October 4, 2010

I am extremely tired.

I wish i'm not at the office right now but having a sweet dream in my bed with lil zara.

We finally managed to fulfill invitations of open house and beraya last weekend - aqiqah+open house and meeting dh's best friend.

Ye....dua rumah je pun, but I've 2 energizer bunnies - inside and outside my body. Handling both of them is a handful and tummyful.

I can't imagine handling these two in the near future. I noticed that bun #2 is all excited when zara's at her utmost active behaviour or when she's talking loudly in her i'm-not-a-baby-not-yet-a-toddler language. Bun #2 will be kicking vigorously, rolling and making tsunami inside like nobody business. Sakit ok mcm nk terberanak je.

Oh..minus this week, i hv approximately less than 3 weeks (if bun #2 is like zara who came out 3 weeks earlier) until i met our latest addition of lil energizer bunny.

I gained 2 kilos within 1 & 1/2 week and believe me the gaining process won't stop until delivery day because i'm constantly hungry towards the end of third tri. Err...bukan ke, towards the end u'll filled up quickly because u dont hv much space?. However, not me... i can eat a full course meal during dinner time, and can still stuff my face with roti canai, roti tisu and a glass of teh tarik... or during breakfast, after filling myself with a full plate of nasi kerabu and a glass of hot milo, 15 mins later my stomach is growling for food. I just hope, i won't turn into a BIG BABY WHALE by delivery time.

I've packed our hospital bag!!! it's to prevent myself from getting caught off guard like last time (my thought was to check up saje2 for mc and off to pavillion but instead to the labour room i went).

Our hosp bag refers to me, DH and baby. I almost packed zara's clothing but then i realized, hey..this is not a vacation. I do wish she cud be there with us all the way, but it's impossible. I don't think the Dr will allow a toddler in the delivery room eventho i cud convince her that zara's naughtiness cud speed up the delivery and pushing process.

Few more weeks until delivery but then isn't it wonderful if we cud do this:


Ezany said...

I like the last cartoon..
I wish that taknak la doll..hahahaha.

KbZb said...

Ahahahaha. Kalau la boleh kan? tiap2 thn pregnant pun x kisah, pastu leh siap take turn utk deliver the baby.

Anonymous said...

praying for a smooth delivery babe! lemme know of the good news k so that i can pay a visit!

elin said...

hehe..i think zara should be mia aku time dpt adik...die merajuk w my sil almost 2 weeks...x nk tetek everything la..but now...she's the 1 yg sleep baby sleep...(tepuk adik die suh tdo) then pijak adik die n baling botol susu..haha..but b prepare kb sbb sil aku ckp diff bf baby boy n grl...aniq x pernah puas menetek til kene bg susu botol baru die puas...

KbZb said...

Grenlina: I will. Hehehe/

Elin: tu la, i hope zara can accept a sibling. Hehe. Betul, i heard baby boy n girl ade beza in Bfing. Hopefully everything is ok...huhu.