Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When u've dragged ur husband on Sunday Morning (when both of u shd be playing golek2 with ur baby on bed) to watch HP Movie, which u know that it's not his cup of milo and u end up having to explain who is Tom Riddle.

Bile da jadik mcm tu, u just hv to be redha bile dipakse tgk Man U v Malaysia @ Bukit Jalil on Monday nite (lepas balik penat2 dr office) and annoyed him by asking to point out where is Wes Brown (lens-power da naik).

The eager crowd- Shouted for Rooney, Owen & Nani. Me? got amused when i saw a bunch of male fans holding a big manila card saying W.E. LOVE (as in a heart shape) O.W.E.N. Err...i didnt snap their pics tho.

The players lining up for pics

Middle of the game. Blue is Malaysia, Red is the Red Devil of course.

and here's the pic of us both before the game

..and Zara? takde dlm pic pun.
owh..sbb Zara kene tinggal kt rumah with her grandparents. Bad..bad mommy *spank.

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