Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lil Zara's 1st baby food prepared with lots of love!

One of the moment that i've been waiting for is to prepare a baby food.
Zara's 1st solid food prepared by me is apple puree.
However, her 1st taste of solid food is nestum cereal prepared by her grandma.
We started giving her solid food when she's at her 4 months as advised by her Paed.
I thot babies shd start solid food at 6 months old, but her Paed assured me that Lil Zara is an active baby she's ready to start on solid food.
At first, DH & me were hesitant to introduced Zara to her solid food until she's 6 months.
But, she looks starving after BF & looks happy during eating time & her bowel movement is not effected., at 5 months i'm introducing her to apple puree;> She loves it.
I can't wait to prepare more baby food. Next will be veges!!

Apple Puree Recipe:

1. Apple
2. Lots of Love

How to:
1. Wash, peel and sliced an apple into small thin pieces (Easier to mash it later on)
2. Place in a small saucepan filled with water. Bring to boil and simmer until tender.
3. Tossed the tender apple and then mashed it.
4. Cool it and ready to serve.


Ezany said...

Finally Puan Kb update blog..ngee
Should try this one.Iman Yusuf is a sweet-tooth.Tak sabo nak makan sama dgn dia..huhuhu

KbZb said...

Hehe..busy sampai tak sempat nk update blog. Sile buat nnt k:) mesti yusuf suke.

Anonymous said...

aku pun nk try wat utk Fitrah, tunggu dlm sebulan dua lagi la kot. skrg br nk masuk tiga bulan... cant wait! cant wait!

KbZb said...

Tu la kan lina;> i'm sure ko tak sabar. Ko sempat jahitkan baju ur dotter? aku lgsg tak sempat. huhu