Monday, December 21, 2009

Yuhoo..i'm back!!
Lama da takde entry.
Lame excuse: i'm so busy sampai tak sempat nk bukak blog.
Tp org lain pun busy jugak, how can they juggle between work-life-parenting-blogging?
I dunno how they did it.


Zara @ 8 months 4 weeks :
  • An active giler, panjat sana sini [katil, cot, sofa, high chair, stroller and even her car seat] sampai semua org mengah nk layan n boleh dpt heart attack selamatkan lil Zara fr falling.
  • Da pandai diri and jalan pegang railing from one end to the other end of the cot/playpen.
  • A strong baby..terhantuk ke, terkepit jari ke..nangis dua saat lepas tu pegi tarik laci again.
  • A cheeky baby..suke senyum/sengih sambil lentok2kan kepala, konon manja la. *ok...mmg nmpk manja pun.
  • Loves her porridge, bread, chicken and whatever kind of foodie that ppl put into her mouth.
  • Dah tumbuh dua gigi atas and dua gigi bawah. We bought a wooden cot for her and...she enjoyed chewing her cot. The cot dah ade new pattern!!- her gnawing marks.
  • When she's sad/wants her milk/wants an attention she'll call mamamamamama, wc melts my heart right there and then.
  • Loves magazines, papers, thick novels...Oh yes!! as i'm typing these..lil Zara baru koyakkan my Anne Rice. *tarik buku Anne Rice perlahan2 n bagi magazine camera DH to her instead.
  • Loves sucking on her toes (both toes ok!). Old myth: nk adik la tu. Betul ke? Perhaps..however, she enjoyed having lil kids and babies around her.

Urs truly:
  • True to the old myth-babies sucking toes=nk adik. As lil Zara turned 7 months, we found out that she's going to be a big sister. It's the best feeling to be pregnant again:>Whatever to those ppl whom questioned Zara kan kecik lagi? I hv my own reason why i'm on a fast track mode.
  • However, at almost 3 months we rcvd a sad news-there was no fetal heartbeat in the gestational sac, it was an empty sac. After seeking second opinion and tests-our final decision is for a D&C rather than waiting for a natural miscarriage to happen.
  • So, on 16th of Dec 09 i hd a D&C [a few days before my birthday..sape tak wish birthday lagi tu?? sile wish cepat;PPP]
  • I'm recovering at home until early next year. The best part is i get to spend time with lil Zara & i dont hv to wake up early morning to go to work;> *blissful...
  • A lil sad tho the lil baby bump is almost gone *rubbing my tummy. Owh well...i can fit into my old pants and jeans and having fun making baby bumps again;>
p/s: I hv loads of lil Zara's pics but our card reader ttinggal kat ofis pulak. Hence no piccas.


elin said...

hoit..sory babe..x tau pun...btw ader hikmah diesebalk tuh kan kan kan..take care urself kay

Ezany said...

D&C tu ape kb..aku tak paham..
Klw ada baby lagi satu skrg pun best gak kan....hahahhahaha..

KbZb said...

Ezany d&c tu cuci rahim..buang the pregnancy due to certain reasons.

Anonymous said...

happy belated bday dear and sorry for the sad news, tp u can always try again. hik3x!

KbZb said...

Grenlina: true;> ahaha

pitt said...

nak cuti gak
huk huk huk

dam said...

its ok strong k..

KbZb said...

Pit: Baru lepas urut. body feels better. Best giler. Ade 2 hari lagi utk diurut. Best! Best!

Dam: Thanx Dam :>>