Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hellloooooooowwww anybody home?

Sorry ye peminat2 sekalian i know u've been waiting for my entry patiently;P. It's been a kabut month at work (it's all about figures-i began to feel like i shd take masters in stats) + the streamyx at home gone kuku last week. Fortunately, i've time today to finally blog in an entry.

Anyway, brief updates:

1. My sister got engaged last week. I'm not going to post a pic of her, but me & Zara sbb ini bukan blog dia kan? hahaha

pics taken by the to-be-engagee

anor pic of us with lil Zara looking at the camera.

2. Look at the pics above again. Yes, the hot mama (that's me) sudah slim. I didnt take any jamu, or whatsoever stuff. Vitamins pun bole lupe nk makan. What i did utk slim? Berpuasa ganti sebulan.

3. Look at the pics again..sile2, this time tgk lil Zara pulak. See, her hair started to grow. Tp..cume kat atas and kat blkg..tepi kiri kanan takde rambut. hahahaha.

Ok sekian update. I'll update again after snapping Lil Zara's 3 months old pic (she's 3 mths today!) or maybe after Ezany delivered her son.


Ezany said...

Nape Zara tak pakai baju kaler hijau juga?..barulah matching dgn mummy..hehehe

KbZb said...

Baju hijau zara ialah baju tido. Cam tak kene je nk pakai di kala siang hari. hahaha.