Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lama da tak update.
That's bc my mind when blank everytime i signed in.
In fact, i don't hv much to update about except on my fave topic: Zara.

She's 5 months yday.

Looking at this pic, i realised that she's a carbon copy of me.
When i showed this pic to my mom and asked her "Muke sape ni?". My mom laughed aloud and said "pegi tgk lik UR baby pics. Same pose..same eyes..exactly the same."
Perhaps i shd dig out old baby photos of me and compare it with her pickan?.

P/S: BTW, Happy Sahur, Happy Fasting & Happy Breaking Fast with ur loved ones everyone.


Anonymous said...

as agreed by everyone, she is totally a clone of urs dear... hehehe...

Ezany said...

agaknya sampai Zara setahun pun aku tak dapat jumpa dia..huk huk..jauhnya kita kb..last kita jumpa adalah masa wedding ko..how long is that?? sob sob

HipHopLess said...

Setuju! Memang rupa ko KB.