Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The problem with me if i'm x working is...
  • I baked. Iye one cake after anor. I hv 2 more cakes in mind-soft cotton cheese cake and mini cupcakes with purple icing.
  • I can't sleep at nite-i read it sumwhere it's called transient insomnia.
  • I woke up at 10am...hahaha..rasenyer baru update an entry jadik early riser kan. Skang dah jadik temporary insomniac. I shd've seen it coming...i laid wide awake on my bed last few nites, watching lil zara sleeping secara lasak with her right leg on my chin. Suke ati betul dia tido.
  • I became a BW addict again. I hv Hotsling, Snugg MT, SSC, now my eyes in on RS and other snugg buggs. The BW entry from me da long overdue..i'll upload an entry on it thn depan.
  • I love surfing inet during nite time..esp at wee this.
Those r the top 5 problems.
The biggest problem seems to be the insomnia part. Sungguh troublesome having these sleepless nites.

*sigh..the only cure to this temporary insomnia is doing office work 8am-5pm...or perhaps opening my own baking biz or perhaps i shd learn to self-hypnotize.

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