Sunday, October 5, 2008

WARNING ALERT : am about to talk mainly about pregnancy for the time being.


1. My hormone goes upside down. Basically, i dislike everything that i love to do before pregnancy. Example: u won't see me online everyday, i dislike Mcdonalds, KFC, no magazines, books or even a newspaper, I chucked away all choc bars, i didnt pick up most phone calls anymore, and etc. I am just not being myself.

2. I became anti-social. Hmm..perhaps it's because of the morning sickness or perhaps it's because i just got tired of explaining things to ppl. Eg: Why are u on MC? Pity u la..blablablabla. Eh perut tak besar pun? *sambil cube nk raba my perut (hello makcik!! if by 2nd months am already showing, i wud not be able to walk by 9 months ok! yg bertanya ni mostly mokcik2 yg da pregnant. Tanya mcm tak pernah pregnant). Sometimes, the question is so annoying and pointless menyebbkan this pregnant lady GRrr... Well, i think it's the hormone.

3. Being pregnant is SCARY. Why did i say so? Ur responsibility begins early in pregnancy not when the baby is delivered [when the baby is delivered there goes ur nite out with DH]. U have to take care of the lil one inside you (make sure u eat on time, make sure u eat healthy foods [no junk food/fast food], i hv to chucked away all my lovely high heels, get a lot of rest, i can't wear my fave jeans, u hv to be extra careful because the lil one is still fragile inside u especially in the 1st trimester, make sure u eat ur vitamins, and etc. Things might look or sound easy, but it's not especially when one has a morning sickness. So, my point is...make sure u r fully prepared if u really want to get pregnant. If the annoying makcik2 keep on asking "bile lagi?" "da ade isi ke"..ignore kan aje ok. They won't stop yapping those questions eventho when u r already pregnant. Believe me, there will be MORE annoying questions from them.

4. I became fussy..err..ok..ok..EXTRA FUSSY. i am extra extra choosy when it comes to food. Blame me not. I tried eating apa2 aje food yg ade depan mata, ttp direject oleh my lil one. Hasilnye, i will be hungry and hv to wait for a few hours until my appetite came back. Due to that, i hv to eat things that i feel like eating. uhh..ok ade this one nite during fasting month pukul 2 pagi, i waked DH sbb nk nasi ayam. Huhuhu.. it's not's the only food that i can hold down.

5. Since i mentioned about craving. Did i hv one ek? OOOoo..yes..yes. I hv cravings too: Mangga mude infront of my house [mangga kt tmpt lain or kedai tanak!] and cupcakes!! The craving is not that hard to find, since the mangga mude cume petik je depan umah and i bought cupcakes from cupcake chic to ease my craving.

6. As the uterus is expanding, every morning i'd wake up with the tegang feeling at my lower abdomen. It's quite painful & uncomfortable kerana rase tegang and i hv to get up on my side. My boobs jugak tersgtla sakit [No touchy2, it's a restricted area].

Uh..all the above sounds negative ek, let me talk about my positive discovery pulak.

7. DH become so loving and extra affectionate. I LIKE IT of course...ttp ade la jugak rimas sikit. I think DH is trying to manja2 before our lil one conquer the mommy. Muahaha. Owh, DH is extra frisky too..i think he found me sexy agaknyer. Tp ade org ckp, if the husb is frisky itu bermakna the baby is a boy. Iye ke?

8. I get MOST of the things that i want!! Seperti princess (krn itu, i bought myself a princess headband utk meng annoyedkan the ppl around me) ;P ngehngeh. Mama, papa, MIL, bro & sis especially tidak dapat hesitate or ignore this pregnant lady wishes dan sedia membantu apa shj dgn begitu cepat sekali. Sounds great right??? I tell u, the reality is even better!! Hahahaha. Oleh itu...ambil la kesempatan secara berpada2 ok;P

9. Undeniably, my FAVE moment is the scanning part;> I just cant wait to see what our lil one has in store for us. At 9wks, our lil one even waved its hand at us during scan [maybe dia dgr bising2 and tau all of us were looking]. Sungguh cute. Even my gynae got extra excited and recorded the moment.

10. Am at the end of my 1st trimester now:), so...all the emotionally disturbed stuff as stated above almost came to an end. I began to feel like myself and enjoying myself more. The morning sickness has almost gone. I am not so choosy anymore [a lil bit choosy shj], i can eat at least a sundae or fries at Mcdonalds, i can drink a rootbeer float at A&W again and i can eat my fave lauk asam pedas again without being rejected:) and most important, i feel like blogging and surfing again.


Ezany said...

ehehehehehehe..tanakla pregnant dulu..nak manjat puas-puas dulu..hikhik..
silala post lebey banyak lepas ni..;)

KbZb said...

ehehe..tujuan post itu bukan utk menakutkan la. hahahaha, cume nk share mende2 yg aku discover during my pregnancy, ade org lain pregnant cool jek takde ape2 hormone terbalik pun. Ade byk lagi facts tp da penat nk pk. hehe.