Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hands off my belly please...

I know people are fascinated by a pregnant woman's stomach... but WHY do they feel that they need to touch? I feel it's a complete violation of privacy, not to mention the fact that if it wasn't acceptable before pregnancy, what makes people think that it's ok to do that when one is pregnant?

I found this perfect questions in one of yahoo! answers. Iye!! sgt bersetuju sbb i am wondering the exact same thing. Wait a second...before i got pregnant..did i touch any pregnant woman's stomach?....lemme think a second....Nope. I never touch any preggers belly...owh, except this one time..when aqeel's mommy asked me to feel lil aqeel's rolling in her stomach.

Back to the questions. I never understand myself, why ppl especially makcik2 sgt la suke nk raba2 perut. Imagine, skang ni raya season right? So, almost EVERY SINGLE MAKCIK2 (yg baru kenal ke or tak kenal ke; kalau yg close relative tu still leh dimaafkan) yg dtg beraya at my house..will use the opportunity to touch my belly!! (my belly dah la rase tegang and i feel very uncomfortable..lagi nk pegang2), *sigh!! it wud be too rude kan to snap at them or slapped away their itchy hands? It's incredibly annoying , cuz u can't do anything and lebih annoying i'm not even showing yet!! cemane la nnt when i started to show?

I think, next time..when someone touch my belly, I touch theirs back - whether they are pregnant or not! and hopefully they'll get the hint and at least ask the next time they want to touch it.

This entry is for strangers dan relatives yg tidak close sama sekali. I love it, when DH touched my belly secara tibe2(i know that it's his attempt bonding with our lil one) but other ppl???? even my own mother or sister did not touch my belly without asking..inikan org lain yg suke2 nk touch without asking first kan? So, time pls ask nicely before u touch a pregger belly. Am sure if u ask, the pregger lady will think twice to say no.

P/s: btw, it's never too late kan, sbb i am yet to wish : SELAMAT HARI RAYA & MAAF ZAHIR BATIN ;)

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