Thursday, October 9, 2008

I am so free & energetic la kan that i posted this 2nd entry!

Every blog i surfed, all talks about raya celebration but my blog. Hence, the need to talk about raya here so as not to feel left out sgt. Huhu..tah hape2.

Anyway, am the grinch of raya this year. I didnt celebrate it like i shd, but i do give out packets of raya to my nieces, nephews & lil babies [am not so grinch after all]. No, i didnt balik kg to DH hometown [as i am adviced not to travel far]. I didnt go to open houses or visit my relatives or DH relatives [am afraid if i puke infront of the lovely dishes]. I didnt make any cakes or even cookies [i'm weak & easily tired to even flip the recipe book]. I didnt wear bj kurung or even kebaya during raya [i dont feel comfortable wearing one]. I even feel scared if ppl call me and tanya "nk dtg raya rumah boleh?" [because i dont feel fit to entertain ppl..nnt disangka rude pulak].

Cian my DH, supposedly this raya shd be our first raya together as a married couple [shd wear same bj colour, shd pay a visit to old relatives, shd balik kg sama2, shd prepare raya dishes and cookies, shd perhaps host an open house for our friends & relatives]. it did not happened that way [a bit amused here, sbb one can plan lots of things but one just never know what GOD had in store for u]. My first raya, MIL & SIL yg kene dtg dr kg to visit me. It's funny, bercanggah dr adat beraya yg normal, but it's wonderful because i got to celebrate my first raya with the ppl i love. Just my dh, parents, siblings, MIL & SIL -one big happy family under one roof. Cool what? takyah beraya asing2:) It shd be like this every raya, barula jimat costs ;P Anyway, next raya abis la kene pusing semua rumah relatives to make up for my MIA this raya.

As of today, i got 3 open house invitations. Am contemplating whether to go or not to go. Physically, am getting better and alhamdullilah semakin energetic these few days, not sure if i feel like going. We'll see how..perhaps by the end of this week my hormone becomes better, more mentally stable [i'm actually super garang, bitchy & bossy with this pregnancy & senang menangis jugak. Owh dont fret, i know it's not good for the baby...but, its not me!! it's the hormones..huhu. I'm a sweet person before this pregnancy tau] & behave like a good mommy.

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