Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Msia and its political chaos. Got fed up of reading newspapers. I don't know about u but, i found that the same issue being raised again & again with a different twist. Until when? tatau. I stopped buying the newspaper for about a month already. Until they bring up an interesting, more important issue then i'll start buying 'em.

About the much talk about debate. I was between watching my fave Gossip Girl online - chatting with my one preggie angel - talking to my DH - watching the debate. Guess which one attract my attention the most? Yes..Ed Westwick sexy voice caught my 99% attention, not the Info Minister or the ex-dpm. But, since i'm also on YM chatting with my intelligent preggie angel + talking to my DH at the same time [talk about multi-tasking] so..of course both were so into the debate which caused me to glance once in a while at the tv.

My comment on the debate is simple : 0-0. No satisfied answer given from both. However, credit shd be given to the Info Minister cuz i thot he won't be able to stand up to the much experienced ex-dpm.

My comment on the Gossip Girl: I Lurrve GG. I need to buy the vcd [Penang, wait for me..i'll be coming soon to borong vcds]. I told my preggie angel & my Bride-to-be angel, i hate OC & One Tree Hill, but i can accept Gossip Girl. Watching it just makes me feel younger [reminds me of my younger years particularly during my primary school]. My Bride-to be angel agreed wiv me but not my preggie angel who deceived the idea of watching those series [i think it's bc of pembwkan budak- she's carrying a boy, kene la macho].

Well, i'm happy cuz i hv something to look forward to when i got home - watch GG & online with preggie angel who just subscribed to streamyx. Am waiting for my Bride-to-be angel turning into Mrs and subscribe to streamyx at home, so we can chat & chat every nite while waiting for DH to come home.

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