Thursday, July 17, 2008

"How much of human life is lost in waiting."

Do u hate waiting? I do. I believe that no one enjoyed waiting, but love being waited for. Right??. Like me, i love when DH patiently wait for me to get ready. But, i lost my cool when waiting for DH. Right now, I'm still waiting for DH to get back from work. While waiting i've done cooking dinner, washing clothes / cleaning the house, watching my fave tv show, YMing / IMing and surfing. But, DH yet to come home.

Ppl who knew me wud asked me these famous question:

Mr A: DH da balik?
Me: Not yet.
Mr A: Pity u, kene tunggu ur DH sorg2 @ home.

Mr. S: Ko sorg ke kat umah?
Me: haah.
Mr. S: Tak balik lagi? da kol bape ni? always like this ke?
Mr: haah.
Mr. S: kesian ko...

Miss D: Dh da balik?
Me: still working
Miss D: cemane ko leh thn?
Me: He's working??

Miss N: Dh da balik ke?
Me: not yet.
Miss N: Hahaha..kene tinggal sesorg.
Me: no choice.

Mr A, Mr S, Miss D & Miss N are the example of ppl who's concerned about me. At least i guess?? hehe. Well, fyi i found it a bit hard the first time waiting @ home alone. But, later i'm enjoying my quiet nice home all to myself. I can hog the tv and watch my fave channel [*if DH is around, ESPN is forced to be my fave channel], I can surf the inet & chat with my angels, close frens, siblings [*if DH is around..i hv to fight for the table cuz both can online @ the same time, we hv router], I can skip washing dishes [*sape lambat dia basuh], and i can be on the phone talking & talking to my close frens.


I do miss DH @ times..& wishing he gets back early. But, i know..he has to work for us...or else i can't enjoy my fave comfy food @ our fave restaurants or holidayin' or shopping for new clothes or receiving surprise gifts. Eheh...for those treats i cud tolerate waiting:) & greet him wiv a sweet smile when he gets back. Err...not all the time tho...most of the time when he gets back i was asleep. Smiling while sleeping perhaps?? ;P No....seriously, i hv to be understanding, cuz this is the only time he has to work hard while he's still young. Saving for our future:) Besides, i believe, if given choice..he wudn't keep me waiting. Who wudn't want to be @ home where everything is comfy???

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