Monday, July 21, 2008

Shocking News

me: ko buat ape tu

princess: duk termenung tgk calender nk pk sape lg yg nk pg MAnjung kalau ltk aku kt ceruk selangor pun tkper melaka or seremban stil bleh tolerate.

princess: b rase nk nangis

jgn weh. jgn nangis. k.mah tak ckp ke ade org lain ke nk pegi ke?

princess: die kt tkder n tmpt tu urgent nk org

princess: b ko pun kene transfer ni jd Mg kt KL

iye ke??? serious???serious?????? ko main2 ke ape ke

princess: serius aku nmpk ni aku br dpt surat

me: nama penuh aku ke

princess: ade nama ko skali. yup

Above is the conversation i just had wiv one of my close friend. I'm on MC today, and the news is shocking! Me..transferred as something that i'm not ready to be??? I'd rather be pregnant and jump into the mommy wagon, at least i hv DH wiv me. I just told DH and SIL that i'm not ready to be a mg, when they suggested the idea.

I'm still absorbing the news. The transfer is effective in the month of august. That's like in 2 weeks time!!! Eeekss...crazy. I shd be thankful, at least my new place is in KL, that's what my close fren + my preggie angel told me.

....i need to calm down & go to the clinic to get my mc.

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