Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Due to my delightness in having to blog again..while surfing thru widgets stuff, i realized something. I forgot to cook dinner for DH!! It was 8:30pm when i realized nothing was on the table. Owh seperti ribut di dapur, me trying to whip up dinner. He's gonna be back any minute.

I think i lost my touch in cooking..bleurrghh, i can no longer eat my own cooking, eventho DH said it was delicious [perhaps..nk jaga hati kot].

This is the result of being a working wife and being spoilt when Mil's visits us-she did all the cooking. And when she's not around... i went back to my parents home to eat or sweet talk DH out to our fave place, whenever i don't feel like cooking.

Ahh....me an attempt to be Bree the perfect housewife meets dead end.

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