Saturday, July 19, 2008

"I do not believe in a fate that will fall on us no matter what we do. I do believe in a fate that will fall on us if we do nothing."


"Dah takdir...nak buat macam mane?"

Let's talk about something serious shall we? Did u read the quotes above? The 1st quote is from Ronald Reagan during his 1st inaugural address in 1981, while the 2nd quote is..well..the famous malay quote speaks for itself. I bet, u can see the attitude differences.

Me & DH talk about this looong time ago while we r still courting. One of his allegedly- self-profess - religious friend whom previously studied somewhere in Egypt raised this issue. The conversation might be something like this:-

Mr Self-Profess: So, u r with B now?

DH: Yes

Mr Self-Profess: Both of u looked head over heels. Aren't you afraid if ur fate said u will end up with somebody else?

DH: We thrived our best to end up together.

Mr Self-Profess: But if fate says the other way around. U can't do anything. [*go on to advice not to be so close to me]

DH: *speechless..

So, DH questioned me about it [*perhaps to test me or to see how far the conversation cud go]. I said..dear, it's true that the 6th pillars of iman is believe in qada' & qadar. But, does it mean we hv to just follow the fate and do nothing?? No, we can't do that. We have to do something to get what we want. Just look at the simple stuff u do every single day, in order to eat, u hv to buy food, cook, then eat. If u leave it to fate...will the food falls down on ur table?? No, isn't it? As simple as that. Anor example, jodoh. Most ppl said, jodoh dah ditetapkan. So what? does it mean u just hv to wait at home until jodoh comes knocking at ur door?

We r gifted with brains to think between positive and negative. If we hv to 100% put our faith in fate, then what is the purpose of prayer?? Why do we need to pray for something positive to happen to us??

So, i tell u what..the 2nd quote is a no brainer. It's all in the attitude. If u want something, work for it. If u can't get it, don't blame it on fate, blame it on u.

P/s: Don't use this for something negative tho'. Eg: U can't snagged anor woman's husband or fiance just bc u want ur r/ship to work out and blame it on fate. Think before u act.

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